June 29, 2017

SAD: Halton Police provide “pronoun guide” in case someone prefers to go by “ze” or “ey”

StaffRebel Columnist

You can't make this nonsense up.

Halton Police actually posted a “pronoun guide” on their official Twitter account. The text states, “DYK If you're not sure what pronoun somebody uses, just ask. What are your preferred pronouns?”

One of the examples given in the guide is, “Ze went to the store to buy zirself a hat. I saw zim wearing zir hat today.”

Many of the comments condemn the guide as absurd nonsense with some even thinking the account had been hacked.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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commented 2017-06-30 16:28:53 -0400
This is truly astounding. I had sort of come to the conclusion the college kids have for the most part become completely detached from reality but it’s beginning to look like the libtard way of thinking is the new reality. God help us.
commented 2017-06-30 16:19:15 -0400
Political Corrections Canada is not going to stop at vocabulary….grammar and syntax are next.
commented 2017-06-30 11:09:00 -0400
I wish the people who cook this s*hit up would just stick up their…
commented 2017-06-29 22:36:11 -0400
Liza Rosie..“Smuggler Bill’s Canada Blues”..Wow!!!..trudeau’s goof goons are getting warmed up..and testing their intimidation tactics. Another WHAT DA MOMENT FOR CANADA!!!?? Still on going full steam ahead..You liberal voting idiot’s..Take a good look at Venezuela if you got the guts to see what you voted for.
commented 2017-06-29 22:03:51 -0400
Share this one, we are going to get the same tactics used on us.
commented 2017-06-29 22:01:17 -0400
The opposite of compelling you to speak made up words is forbidding you to speak certain real ones by calling them hate speech.
Smuggler Bill’s Canada Blues
American retired law enforcement officer arrested and held for 7.5 hours at the Canadian border for ‘smuggling’ hate speech on his iPad.
commented 2017-06-29 20:18:08 -0400
Hence why the PM of Canada is trudeau..this is his core base voter..lol..ha..haa.oh….holy F@c…ha..blahh ..hahhaaaa…..The Leader of Hungary is a true Leader of his People..This is another What da? moment for Canada…
commented 2017-06-29 17:09:08 -0400
Carole Masse, good luck explaining all this to your elderly parents! I’m not sure what the french translation would be, maybe call everyone zut!

No one will compel me to speak this nonsense.
commented 2017-06-29 15:00:06 -0400
What is it in French? Do they also have a translation dictionnary somewhere? Will they now announce in airports for example all the different ze, zir, ye, abracadabra pronouns? It gets very confusing. Wait until I explain that to my old parents. LOL. This is so ridiculous, and by the police, that’s the top.
commented 2017-06-29 14:43:03 -0400
I have nothing to say. There simply are no words……
commented 2017-06-29 14:41:28 -0400
Handy guide to pronouns:
(1) forget about it
(2) not bloody likely
(3) I will never accept compelled speech, it is the first step to compelled thought.

Some of these rainbow people may not be aware that they are being used and some know damn well what is going on. It is not about building an inclusive society, it is about controlling narrative. Totalitarian group think and speech.
Justin Trudeau has killed real diversity in this country by forcing lies about genders on our children (as well as the mass importation of people who do not and will never love Canada.) and promoting globalism instead of patriotism.
Having things shoved down our throats is not conducive to warm and fuzzy feelings about those who may be different from us, no matter how many ‘hug clubs’ Justine joins and puppets he ‘hugs’ on kids tv shows. Justine has killed Canadians usual good nature by pushing nonsense.
We are grown ups and we know this is stupid.
commented 2017-06-29 14:30:47 -0400
I think ze should all fik off. Especially JT the zit.
commented 2017-06-29 14:23:51 -0400
I should say Oakville Ontario
commented 2017-06-29 14:23:05 -0400
Hamilton Ontario
commented 2017-06-29 14:12:13 -0400
Where is Halton??
commented 2017-06-29 14:10:37 -0400
More Libtarded Lunatic Speak!!
commented 2017-06-29 12:44:58 -0400
LMAO. Made my day.
commented 2017-06-29 12:40:30 -0400
This is so ridiculous. I immediately considered it “fake news”, so I checked the Halton Police twitter page myself. It’s true. Actual “thought” Police. I’m dumbfounded.
My God, what’s happening to this country?
commented 2017-06-29 12:32:15 -0400
Canada, Like the rest of the World is going Bat Sht Crazy.
commented 2017-06-29 12:20:44 -0400
Did someone drop some LSD in my coffee a few months back!?
I can’t tell anymore if you guys are making this shyte up or if I’m losing my mind at the unreality of it all!
As the world descends into complete insanity…
commented 2017-06-29 11:55:14 -0400
Are we sure this isn’t A CNN story? I was about to laugh until I found my self sighing.
commented 2017-06-29 11:54:38 -0400
Wow, how ridiculous!
commented 2017-06-29 11:53:09 -0400