Please donate to our "safety fund" to help protect Rebel reporters

Journalists being attacked in the streets is something that’s only supposed to happen in places like Russia or Turkey — authoritarian places, with no civil liberties, no rule of law.

It’s not supposed to happen in Canada. But it is.

Our Alberta bureau chief, Sheila Gunn Reid, was attacked by a “male feminist”, at a women’s march.

A mob of black bloc fascists — who ironically call themselves anti-fascists — tried to storm a speech by Ezra Levant at the University of Toronto.

They shouted at one of our reporters, a 21-year-old named Jay Fayza. They called Jay a white supremacist. He’s black. They called Ezra a Nazi. He's Jewish.

Lauren Southern was attacked on the University of Toronto campus, even though police were standing nearby. Again, by left-wing extremists.

Gavin McInnes, in New York City, was invited to give a speech at NYU, by a student group. A mob of leftists waited for him at the front door, and one of them reached over, and sprayed pepper spray right into his eyes.

The Liberals, the liberal media, the leftist media unions, leftist street activists, Soros-backed professional protesters, mask-wearing would-be rioters — they are threatening violence against Rebel reporters, and doing it.

We don’t want our staff to be hurt, especially the women.

We’re going to take all reasonable steps to protect our people going forward, especially our women reporters. So we’re hiring bodyguards.

It’s insane; this is Canada, not Russia or Venezuela. No reporter should have to have a bodyguard before going out to cover a story.

But that’s what life is like under Justin Trudeau and Rachel Notley and Kathleen Wynne. Their street thugs want to hurt us.

Bodyguards can cost up to $65 dollars an hour, and usually, you have to pay for a four-hour minimum. So it’s actually just doubled the cost of our journalism, to cover public events. And we're also putting in a high tech security system at our office.

Can you please help cover our cost?

If you believe in a free press, the rule of law, and agree with The Rebel on the paramount importance of protecting our staff, especially our female reporters, please help out, whether it’s $65 dollars or $650 dollars.

We will not let the fascists win.

Thank you.