February 03, 2016

If Defence Minister Sajjan sounds confused, blame his "effete metrosexual" boss

Rebel Staff

When Harjit Sajjan was appointed as Canada’s new defence minister, a lot of people were excited.

Here was a real live warrior: first a police officer, then a combat soldier who served in Afghanistan.

But since then, it’s been an anticlimax.

Justin Trudeau told Barack Obama that Canada was going to pull out of our military contribution to the mission against the Islamic State terrorists, but three months later, our CF-18s are still there. What's going on?

It was also humiliating that Canada was left out of the meeting of allied defence ministers held in Paris last month.

Harjit Sajjan now works for a leader and a party that mocks strength and service and sacrifice and loyalty.

He can’t even talk to journalists and make any sense. Sajjan knows the right answers, but he also knows what his boss tells him to say, and it’s the opposite, so he comes across as nonsensical.

The other day he actually said we have to understand the underlying grievances of the Islamic State terrorists!

But now Harjit Sajjan has hired a new policy advisor. Not some think tank scholar or diplomat, either.

He hired Kevin Torvik. A cop from Vancouver. His old partner.

It sounds crazy, but think about it:

In the Liberal government Kevin Torvik is the only real man around Harjit Sajjan for a hundred yards.

He’s there to be the only one Sajjan can trust.

To stop him from becoming what the Liberals want him to become.


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