May 14, 2017

Sam Westrop on Trevor Noah fundraising with Islamist Nouman Ali Khan

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On Friday's show I interviewed Sam Westrop, from the Middle East Forum, we discussed Trevor Noah's plans speak at a fundraiser in Toronto with an Islamist linked group and Nouman Ali Khan, an American Muslim speaker who's well known for supporting a sexist, homophobic, and racist Salafi ideology. 

Trevor Noah is well known for taking over as the host of The Daily Show and plunging its ratings into the toilet. Raising money with a radical Islamist doesn't exactly fit with the progressive agenda he pretends to care so much about.

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commented 2017-05-14 22:28:18 -0400
There are very few comedians hired by the networks that make me laugh…they all end up saying the same thing on a different day….I watched Noah a on a couple of occasions for a few minutes and quickly found something else to watch – Meet the Sloths is very interesting! Seriously.
commented 2017-05-14 19:24:56 -0400
Islamic Relief is “financially linked with a number of terrorist groups, and regularly gives platforms to preachers who incite hatred against women, Jews, homosexuals and Muslim minorities.”
“Noah is slated to speak with Nouman Ali Khan, whom the news release for the event describes as a “noted theologian.” He is also described in the Post article as as someone who expresses “repugnant views about homosexuals and abusing women” as he meets with Islamic extremists like Zakinthos Naik, who has suggested that “every Muslim should be a terrorist. The Canadian government banned Naik from entering the country in 2010.”
Is he stupid or evil?
commented 2017-05-14 19:04:57 -0400
Just another lunatic Libtard! The libtard crew is getting more un-funny with every stupid word they spout!
commented 2017-05-14 17:38:59 -0400
Eventually the far right fundamentalist Islamics and the far left SJWs, who are now joined at the hip, are going to clash bigly.
commented 2017-05-14 17:23:41 -0400
Radical Islamism is incompatible with secular liberal democratic society – much the same as any theocratic system which preaches defiance of secular rule of law. We will soon have blasphemy laws enforced and Canadians will be jailed for offending religious zealots and/or religious dogma – pretty much the antithesis of the freedom our ancestors fought and died to defend.

M-103 is a line in the sand, a demarcation point between the civilly free secular state and theocratic despotism. If the government crosses this line it has declared war on secular egalitarianism, the foundation of the modern free state. Essentially putting some religious zealot as head of state deciding who shall be free or imprisoned according to some religious mumbo jumbo.
commented 2017-05-14 16:36:21 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,296 Attacks, 214,285 Killed, 295,449 Injured that we know of
commented 2017-05-14 16:27:42 -0400
O PLEASE LORD, let this go viral in U.S.A
commented 2017-05-14 16:13:47 -0400
I used to watch Jon Stewart because he was funny, albeit with a liberal bias.
I used to watch and enjoyed Stephen Colbert in his old Late Late show when he was playing a conservative comedic host, but no more.
Trevor Noah, Colbert, SNL, and Seth Meyers take liberal bias to an extreme in their shows and I no longer watch them. They’ve done what movies so often do to my chagrin: take a story/sketch and turn it into a preachy social justice, alt-left lesson. Not funny or entertaining.
Advertisers/sponsors take note.
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