Save Derek Fildebrandt and demand he be readmitted to the Wildrose Party.

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator
VICTORY! Derek Fildebrandt returned to caucus BUT not before SJWs extracted their pound of flesh

I’m glad to see the Wildrose Party leadership has listened to the outcry of thousands of Albertans like those who signed our petition and the party’s own grassroots. Wildrose has done the right thing, the best thing, for Alberta. But they had to be dragged there by Albertans. The Wildrose Party brass was just given a reality check by the people they work for, you and me.

Now that our long provincial nightmare is over, let’s talk about what happens when conservatives start apologizing for being right...

UPDATE: Before demanding apologies from Wildrose, NDP has plenty to be sorry about

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Late Friday night, Wildrose finance critic Derek Fildebrandt was kicked out of his party’s caucus.

The reason Derek was removed just doesn’t make any sense.

It started in Question Period, where Fildebrandt asked Rachel Notley tough questions about Kathleen Wynne, who was visiting from Toronto. Naheed Nenshi and some left-wing journalists whined about that, and said his questions were “rude" — as if it’s rude to point out that Wynne’s Liberals have turned Ontario into a have-not province, with the largest debt of any jurisdiction in the world that’s not its own independent country.

But the Wildrose Party actually apologized for him.

Kathleen Wynne is an anti-oilsands, anti-pipeline extremist, who wants to carbon tax Alberta back to the stone age and block the Energy East pipeline.

But then came the part that’s even more weird. A constituent criticized Wynne on Fildebrandt’s Facebook page, but called her “Mr. Wynne” — a poke at Wynne being a lesbian. Fildebrandt wrote a quick, friendly public reply. When the constituent’s insult was brought to Fildebrandt’s attention, he said he didn’t read it carefully — a credible explanation — and he immediately apologized.

That apology was accepted by everyone including left-wing NDP environment minister Shannon Phillips. But it wasn’t good enough for the Wildrose Party, that booted him out!

That’s nuts.

This just doesn’t make any sense. It’s political correctness gone mad.

If there are other issues behind the scenes, let’s hear them. But the public record is clear — Fildebrandt stood up to Kathleen Wynne, like any proud Albertan would. And he made a quick, trivial error on social media that he immediately corrected.

Neither is a firing offence. That’s how left-wing extremists act — not conservative parties.

We need Fildebrandt back in the Wildrose Party.

If you agree, then please sign our petition below to Brian Jean, the Wildrose leader.

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Brian Jean must immediately welcome Derek Fildebrandt back into the Wildrose caucus.

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