Help fund our journalism in northern Iraq

We're going to Iraq for one week to produce a documentary about the suffering of Christian refugees who are being ignored by the world. 

We need to pay for our plane tickets, accommodation, our camera equipment, and our own meals on the ground. Plane tickets are about $1,800 each and there’s five of us. Our video equipment is about $6,000. There’s hotel, meals, the internet, and phone calls.

The total cost to produce the documentary is about $25,000.

That’s not humanitarian aid — that’s to make the journalism, to make the documentary. I think it’s very important — because it will help tell the story. But it’s not charity — it’s journalism.

Please help fund our journalism by making a donation below. 

If you can, please contribute both to our journalism fund, and to the humanitarian fund. We need money for both. But if you can only donate to one, please give to the humanitarian fund. We want to raise a million dollars for Christians.