Donate to help Save the Christians of Iraq

Christians are being ethnically cleansed throughout the Muslim world.

So, a few months ago The Rebel team travelled to northern Iraq to document the persecution of the ancient Christians who still pray in the ancient language of Aramaic — Jesus’s language.

What was found was shocking — Iraqi Christians under death threat of ISIS were forced to flee their ancestral homes, and yet the mainstream media only seems focused on Muslim refugees.

But now we're able to raise the alarm — and to raise much-needed charitable funds — for these forgotten refugees through our new documentary titled Save the Christians: The Forgotten Refugees.

But we also want to help those communities through a more tangible means. That's why we are raising money two outstanding initiatives: Samaritan's Purse, and St. Joseph's Clinic and Pharmacy.

We've already raised over $215,000 for the charities, but we want to raise a million dollars! 

Please help us hit our goal by making a donation below.