PETITION: Stop the political persecution of Tommy Robinson!

Rebel Staff

Just last week the Court of Appeal confirmed that Tommy was improperly tried, improperly convicted, improperly sentenced, and improperly imprisoned. That’s why they set him free. It was a total vindication of everything Tommy had said.

But now the UK government wants to do it all over again. They’re not done with Tommy. 

They want to put him through a second trial — on September 4th — for the exact same thing, his Facebook livestream that day back in May, in Leeds.

They want to put him in prison again. That will probably kill him.

You saw him after two months in solitary confinement. Now imagine him after 13 months. 

Tommy is in jeopardy.

The British government has unlimited funds. I think they’re trying to break Tommy — physically, psychologically and now financially.

There’s no way he can do this by himself. But if enough of us stand together with him, we’ve got a chance. 

Please sign this petition below that we will personally deliver to the new Attorney General, demanding that they suspend their persecution of Tommy.

Tommy’s already served two months in prison improperly — it’s astounding that the UK government wants him to serve more time.

Sign the petition!

To: Geoffrey Cox, Attorney General

The United Kingdom must stop the political persecution of Tommy Robinson.

Will you sign?