BLOODBATH: Alberta budget kills 3,000 oil & gas jobs in first 48 hours

Rebel Staff

It’s a bloodbath. Rachel Notley’s extremist budget killed more than 3,000 oil and gas jobs in the first 48 hours. 

Literally within hours of the budget, Shell cancelled its Carmon Creek oilsands project, killing 1,450 jobs. Watch our video report here.

Then MEG Energy announced it had laid off almost a third of its staff. Here’s our video about that.

And mighty Cenovus announced 700 more layoffs. See the video here

And then Devon Energy announced 200 layoffs. If you’re not sick of bad news, watch the video here.

These are just the big companies, that make the news. When a small company has to lay off five people, it doesn’t make headlines. 

And it’s about to get worse. Notley hasn’t even announced her royalty tax increases yet. That tax hike committee is being chaired by a radical environmentalist who actually flew down to Tennessee to attend a global warming training camp run by Al Gore. Seriously — see the video here

And then there’s Notley’s global warming tax hikes. That’s another scam. See the video proof of it here.

Notley’s not fooling anybody. Moody’s has already called the province “credit negative”, and says Notley is fudging her numbers. It’s going to be a lot worse than she claims. See the video on that here.

It’s as bad as Pierre Trudeau’s National Energy Program. Except it’s worse in one way: Trudeau’s NEP was made in Quebec, and implemented by Ottawa. Notley’s NEP was made in Alberta.

Then again, speaking of Pierre Trudeau, we haven’t even seen what Justin Trudeau is going to do to Alberta.

We’ve got to fight back. Will you help?

Step one: share this information with everyone you know. Friends, family, co-workers. Show them what’s really going on. If the only news they get is from the CBC or the Globe and Mail, they just won’t know the facts about the war against Alberta jobs. Post as your Facebook status update.

Step two: sign our petition below. We’ve got to show Notley that hundreds of thousands of Albertans disagree with her — and will fight to stop her destruction of our province’s prosperity.

Step three: help us fund our independent journalism. In Alberta, that includes the fearless Sheila Gunn Reid. Click here to see a shocking report from Sheila, about how Notley's attack budget was actually hatched by Alberta’s union bosses. If you think we need more investigative reports like that please click below to donate. 

It’s a terrible fact that the NDP will be in power until 2019. But we can fight back — we can tell our friends and neighbours the awful truth, and mobilize Alberta to push back every way we can. I’m afraid our very livelihoods depend on it.

Sign the petition!

We demand Rachel Notley stop her war on oil and gas jobs in Alberta. 

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