Our anthem is under attack! Help us Save O Canada!

David MenziesMission Specialist

UPDATE: Gender-neutral changes coming to "O Canada"

Published on Feb 1, 2018: The Senate has approved of the gender-neutral changes to the Canadian national anthem. Liberal elites may like the changes, but what does the average Canadian think? We wanted to find out so we've commissioned a public opinion poll to find out. 


Liberal MP Mauril Belanger is taking umbrage to some of the lyrics found in O Canada.

It’s the inherent sexism of “all thy sons’ command” that apparently makes our national anthem the most offensive tune this side of Mr. Roboto.

Belanger intends to table a private members bill to rework the anthem’s lyrics.

I think Belanger’s on to something here, folks. And it’s not merely the male pronoun thingy. There’s tons of questionable language lurking in our anthem. 

Here just watch:

As you can tell, if Canadians concede to this outrageous attempt to change the anthem, then we would have to change all the "offensive" content in the anthem.

All that would leave us with would be meaningless dribble like my PC version "Eh Canada" the lyrics which would be as follows: 

Eh, Canada…
Our Home Depot and Native Pride Clothing kinda place
True pastry love
The sun shines on your face
Hey-hey, ho-ho, the industrial military complex has got to go!
You just can’t lose when you do the cruise
Be you small, medium or large; enjoy your stay, ’cause nobody’s in charge
Stand, sit or slither, Canada shall not wither
You just can’t lose when you do the cruise
Eh, Canada

It would be incredibly foolish to change our national anthem. It's perfect the way it is. 

If you think our anthem should stay the same, and you don't want to see "Eh, Canada" become the new anthem, then please sign the petition by clicking below. 

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O Canada, the Canadian national anthem, should not under any circumstances be changed.

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