UPDATE: Removing Queen's portrait is just the beginning of Liberals' plan

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November 10 UPDATE -- If you think the removal of the Queen’s portrait from the Foreign Affairs (now called "Global Affairs") headquarters is a one time thing, then think again.

Justin Trudeau, just like his father Pierre, wants to remake Canada in the Liberal image. He's joined by the new Minister of Canadian Heritage, Melanie Joly.

Joly just told the Globe and Mail that she thinks of her Ministry as "the ministry of symbols," then added:

“It’s very interesting to be in charge of symbols of progressiveness. That was the soul of our platform.

"The past government didn’t have the same vision and values as Canadians, and to that extent some symbols were changed.”

It's obvious:

Removing the Queen’s portrait is only the first step in remaking Canada in the image of the Liberal Party.

If you want Canada to retain her symbols, her history and her heritage, then please, SIGN THE PETITION today to put the Queen’s portrait back up.

Send the petition to your family and friends.

Spread the word and stop the insanity before it is too late.


The supposedly non-partisan civil servants at the Department of Foreign Affairs are quickly undoing any changes brought in by the Conservatives and former Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird.

They want to make sure there is no trace of Conservatives, so much so that they even took down a portrait of the Queen that was in the lobby of the building.

The good folks at Global Affairs would rather walk into work looking at the brightly coloured paintings of Alfred Pellan than the portrait of our head of state.

They are wrong and this decision needs to be reversed.

This is an attack on Canada’s heritage, an attack on Canada’s present, and an attack on our head of state.

There is nothing wrong with the paintings by Pellan that were put up instead, but don’t you think there is room for both in the rather large Pearson building that houses the Global Affairs department?

It was a big scandal among the elites when the Queen’s portrait replaced the Pellan paintings. The Pellan paintings had been hanging there since 1973 and apparently, then minister Baird didn’t know there was an edict from the Gods of the Pearson building that those paintings should never, ever move.

But just in time for the arrival of Prince William and Princess Kate in June of 2011, the portrait of the Queen replaced the paintings.  

Baird also ordered our embassies and missions around the world to display a portrait of the Queen who is, I need remind you, our sovereign and our head of state. Those will likely come down now and be replaced by another Quebec artists you have never heard of, or maybe a portrait of their hero, Justin Trudeau.

The Global Affairs department is a big place, the lobby is huge. There is no reason that the new Liberal government and the bureaucrats that work at the building cannot respect our monarch with a place of honour as soon as you walk in the main doors, and also hang the paintings so long associated with the place.

Please sign our petition to save the Queen.

Sign the petition!

We demand that the picture of the Queen be put back up and given a place of honour in the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development building. 

Will you sign?