August 04, 2015

Scandal! Harper calls Justin Trudeau... "Justin"

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

It's the first scandal of the Canadian election: PM Stephen Harper called Justin Trudeau... "Justin."

He did it on Twitter, and in this speech in Montreal we posted yesterday.

The CBC and the rest of the Media Party are appalled (even though they call Trudeau "Justin" all the time.)

See, it's because Harper calls the leader of the NDP by the the more respectful "Mulcair."

But the "man child" Liberal leader campaigns primarily on his looks and charm, since he doesn't have much of a resume.

In fact, his website is He's marketed himself all this time as this approachable, "fun" guy.

Harper's doing this on purpose of course. And clearly, it's working.

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commented 2015-08-06 10:51:21 -0400
With so many other appropriate names available to use, I’d say he got off lucky.
commented 2015-08-05 23:05:06 -0400
Why not call it Justin? That, after all, is it’s name is it not?
commented 2015-08-05 22:51:10 -0400
Wasn’t it Pierre Trudeau who referred to Joe Clark as “Joe who”"? It seems no one got bent out of joint or rose to defend his honour.
commented 2015-08-05 19:12:03 -0400
I think its important for the shiny pony demographic and the smiling Tom demographic to remain balanced. As well as, for them to fight amongst themselves, so a grown up can win.
commented 2015-08-05 18:31:46 -0400
Marty said: “Who other than the MSM cares. Even their do not rally care, they just use this to write about something otherwise their news would be full of blanks.” Hmm, blank, just like their so called “journalists”. Being a Socialist IS soooo tough!
commented 2015-08-05 17:32:36 -0400
Grieg Mckinnon said, “Astonishingly it is this very Government that since getting elected has supported the rabid anti-Conservative agenda of the biased, lying, smarmy liberal machine, the state broadcaster to the tune of over 10 billion of our dollars.”

Grieg, what do you think would happen if the Conservatives stopped all funding to the CBC?

When the Conservatives cut about 150 million from the CBC budget a couple of years ago, all hell broke loose as the CBC, “Friends of the Canadian Broadcaster”, the opposition parties, and the leftist “pundits” hammered on Harper relentlessly for months.

You blame Harper for funding the CBC 1 billion per year over 10 years as if they really had a choice.

If they cut the CBC funding, they would get pushed out of office by the rabid left.
commented 2015-08-05 16:18:37 -0400
I just received a letter from John Walsh, President of the CPC asking for my continued support, and at the same time, complaining about the “main broadcasters trying to filter the news (we) receive”. Astonishingly it is this very Government that since getting elected has supported the rabid anti-Conservative agenda of the biased, lying, smarmy liberal machine, the state broadcaster to the tune of over 10 billion of our dollars. WTF.
commented 2015-08-05 15:45:40 -0400
The scandal! Wow I never thought that Mr. Harper could be so rude.
I have also called Just-in a lot worse. Who other than the MSM cares. Even their do not rally care, they just use this to write about something otherwise their news would be full of blanks.
commented 2015-08-05 15:41:55 -0400
Joan, good post. I finally read something from you that I fully agree with and find interesting.
What you say is absolutely true, ‘they underestimate Mr. Harper at their peril’.
I hope they continue to underestimate him to their end.
commented 2015-08-05 15:28:50 -0400
Prime Minister Harper soon realized this strategy had backfired as scores of young liberals were phoning in trying to confirm the rumour that Justin Bieber was running for President.
commented 2015-08-05 15:10:05 -0400
This just in. Harper gives new meaning to being a name dropper but can you blame him after the way the media shamelessly tried to hype the whole Trudeaumania.
commented 2015-08-05 14:33:48 -0400
Rae Fraser said: “Maybe everybody should just call Justin – “Son of Pierre”. How about, wait for it…….”Mini Me". Yeah!
commented 2015-08-05 14:29:10 -0400
“Pet a unicorn” Haha. Too Funny! For Gawd’s sake, Trudope markets himself as JUSTIN.CA! What is the issue here? Oh yes, the Socialist Media looking to smear Harper with something!
commented 2015-08-05 11:36:50 -0400
Richard Brinkman said: I learned from a business school crash coarse last year, paid for by Alberta Works that was managed by the old Conservative guard that if you want to learn what the future winning trends might be one needs to poll 18 to 30 young Canadians the question of what sort of a leader for Canada they want to see.

Interesting you bring that up. While watching the video, I got to thinking… If I went downtown and started polling that exact age demographic on what platform they approve of when it comes to Justin Trudeau, what interesting answers I could come up with… And given that Justin Trudeau, is supposedly SO popular with the young crowd, I’ll bet they have great insight indeed.
commented 2015-08-05 11:04:58 -0400
Ezra, love the satire! As you stated, there are many names we can attribute to Mr. Trudeau. “Justin” is by far the tamest.
commented 2015-08-05 08:31:50 -0400
PM Harper is doing him a favour by not reminding voters of “daddy” who destroyed our Canada with his multicrap policy
commented 2015-08-05 08:29:33 -0400
And by the way, what scandal?
commented 2015-08-05 08:28:52 -0400
Richard said, “Trudeau not only has the smarts to lead our country efficiently according to young people”. That is one of the problems with todays youth, they are groomed through school to have liberal values and to mock anything conservative, you see that in Universities where they try to shut up conservative views by shouting them down and to some extent even in the public schools. Todays youth for the most part do not follow politics and therefore have no clue what problems exist in todays society. It would be interesting to gather a large group of youths and ask them about politics and see what answers come up, I bet there would be a lot of misinformation given by this group. That misinformation is given by school teachers and the school board themselves. Without you thinking I am attacking the youth I bet there are just as many adults that have no clue, and that misinformation is given by the MSM. So again, the problem is about the uninformed public about politics, instead of researching what they hear so they can get the true answer. If I hear something I will research it because there are too many organizations that like to slant and alter stories to suit their agenda, like unions for one. I will keep saying this, get out and vote October 19, 2015 so we can take back this country and put it down the right path of prosperity instead of living off of someone else’s bank account.
commented 2015-08-05 08:24:00 -0400
MSM sucks bad.
MSM is more fun to laugh at than to be informed by.

It’s better that PM Harper called troodo by his name justin – as in “just in over his head” instead of “fkg stupid” or “blithering idiot” – which are far more accurate.
commented 2015-08-05 08:08:11 -0400
Richard said, " Trudeau not only has the smarts to lead our country efficiently according to young people "

That says more about the maturity of young people than about Trudeau.
commented 2015-08-05 07:57:52 -0400 not it was pretty funny having this blow up in their faces, don’t call me Shirley. Amanda Alavaro blew a gasket but I don’t think she knew why? and how come nobody is asking how this Calgary guy named Matt had knocked on 30,000 homes in about 14 hours if the election was only called Sunday morning?
Over to you Mr. Milewski?
commented 2015-08-05 06:35:48 -0400
Richard, that may be so however the impact of the 18 – 30 demographic has consistently been underwhelming at the polls because many of them simply don’t bother voting. Some don’t even know there’s an election on or who the candidates are. There are many reasons for this but it’s reality. Ironically it’s also this demographic that helps skew polling results by responding eagerly to online and phone polls but not turning up at the real polls. The other thing to consider is that this demographic, even if they were to vote in larger numbers, is vastly outnumbered by the aging boomers, many of whom don’t respond to polling firms, aren’t always vocal about their voting intentions but who show up in large numbers on election day. I doubt that Justin is going to get past 3rd position in this race. He’s too old for the 20-something’s (even if they voted) and there’s no common ground there anyway and bimbos who vote based on hair tend not to come out to vote either.
commented 2015-08-05 02:09:10 -0400
Just saying…
commented 2015-08-05 02:08:17 -0400
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~ If muzlums cannot assimilate to our culture why are they coming here?????
commented 2015-08-05 01:59:57 -0400
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commented 2015-08-05 01:51:12 -0400
PHUCK “الإسلامي الوهاب ISM
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commented 2015-08-05 01:32:40 -0400
Richard Brinkman when are those age groups not allowed to vote?
commented 2015-08-05 01:31:40 -0400
I stopped at a nearby Macs store tonite and they had CBC on their TV, i saw them put Harper down twice in the span of 3 minutes that i was in line. Harper and even Mulcair are wise to want other debates as they both know the media party is in love with the empty headed trust fund baby
commented 2015-08-05 01:28:14 -0400
CBC is campaigning, every news broadcast will include negative comments about Stephen and conservatives, they still consider liberals to be the natural ruling party but don’t know how to deal with Tom ! They ignore the fact that Tom is far more popular than JT but they are still kind to him and don’t mention his socialist agenda. Poor Terry Melewski I think his head will explode soon, whenever he mentions Steph…. Harpers name it gets closer to popping.
commented 2015-08-05 01:12:51 -0400
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