March 23, 2018

Scott Uehlinger: Putin's UK assassinations reflect Soviet-Russian playbook

John CardilloRebel Host | Off The Cuff

On last night's episode of Off The Cuff Declassified, former CIA station chief Scott Uehlinger joined me to discuss Vladimir Putin ordering the assassination of Russian dissidents in the UK.

Putin's career began during the Cold War when he worked as a KGB operative, first in East Germany and later in Leningrad. Once in Leningrad, Putin was able to align himself with local power brokers including the Mayor.

The recent assassinations are reflective not only of Putin's KGB background but of standard Soviet-Russian operation procedure.

WATCH my interview with Scott to see how the assassination of Russian dissidents abroad has been going on for 75 years.

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commented 2018-03-26 19:00:05 -0400
Ron Joseph… Putin being ex-KGB is only following his old playbook that the KGB (now FSB) has a “long memory” and will “retire” old dissenters now and then to keep the present ranks motivated to toe the line… That’s why the appointment of John Bolton to be Trump’s security advisor is so critical – Bolton knows Putin like few other people in the West and is has not forgotten Russian history, as opposed to too many in Obama’s ranks who deliberately had…
commented 2018-03-25 00:54:42 -0400
You guys are so wrong, Putin has so many big items on the front burner, why would he care about a retired spy that hasn’t worked for 10 years? Where is the MOTIVE ?
There is an obvious clue that you should have picked up on; that is if Theresa May says something is correct, do the opposite and you will be correct.
She is the 2nd most useless leader in the G-20.