May 19, 2018

SCTV reunion: Classic sketches sure to trigger outrage today

David MenziesMission Specialist


A triumphant homecoming occurred last Sunday when seven cast members of the dearly departed SCTV took to the stage at Toronto’s Elgin Theatre, and even better, a comedy special featuring these giants of sketch comedy will air on Netflix next year.

SCTV was blessed with great writing and top notch actors, but what made it so funny and delightfully daring was that this show would take on any target.

They didn’t go out of their way to be offensive, but rather, back then people just weren’t so easily offended by comedians who pushed the envelope.

When SCTV debuted in 1976, I don’t even think the word “political correctness” was in the lexicon, but today, a sour punchline can lead to a social media lynching.

Watch as I make my case with a few excerpts from the allowable humour of yester-decade, and make a prediction about how the 2019 Netflix SCTV special will be received!

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Just think…the tune below was banned in the USA and maybe Canada..probably was…can’t recall when I heard it…yet we hear horse shit music and words that is full of hate and violence…F… you trudeau …you have no idea of what life is about…
commented 2018-05-20 16:58:46 -0400
Sad and alarming
commented 2018-05-20 11:39:45 -0400
I absolutely loved SCTV. I watched it right from the beginning. None of it would be allowed in our post-humor world.
commented 2018-05-19 22:57:28 -0400
Okay, now a racist joke.
Q: What are Michael Jackson’s and Richard Pryor’s favorite charity?
A: The Ignited Negro College Fund
commented 2018-05-19 22:56:03 -0400
Another Challenger joke.
Q: What does NASA stand for?
A: Need Another Seven Astronauts
commented 2018-05-19 21:32:34 -0400
Another sick Challenger joke, that I just love:
Q: What color were Christa Mchaliffe’s eyes? (She was the school teacher on the Challenger crew, for you snowflakes)
A: BLUE! One blew this way & one blew that way!!! LOL!
commented 2018-05-19 18:51:59 -0400
K Martinson, here you go:
Q: What was the last words heard in the Challenger before it exploded?
A: “Let her pilot the Challenger for a while……”
commented 2018-05-19 15:38:51 -0400
Who has some good sexist, racist or homophobic jokes to share? There must be some good ones from the 80s.
commented 2018-05-19 15:29:49 -0400
Those were the days David, when we could laugh at ourselves and others. Now if you look at someone the wrong way, you have to bring out the smelling salts, or hire a good lawyer!