Help fund security for Sheila Gunn Reid!

I thought Alberta was safe for journalists.

That was until Sheila Gunn Reid was assaulted by one of Rachel Notley's thugs.

Remember, Notley herself set the tone last year, by sending an armed sheriff to block Sheila from the Legislature. And she ordered the NDP’s Justice Department to send Sheila a letter, banning her from all government premises.

Then, at the left-wing "Women's March" in Edmonton, one of Notley’s thugs simply followed the message from the top: silence Sheila at any cost.

There is no way I’m letting Notley’s thugs intimidate Sheila. So from now on, Sheila will travel to all public events with a professional security guard.

Those cost up to $40/hour, including travel time.

But we’re simply not going to let Notley’s street gangs stop us.

If you can help, please chip in below to a special security fund to keep Sheila safe.

Thank you, 

Ezra Levant