February 11, 2016

"Senator Crazy Pants" wants all guns stored on ranges. Why this gun expert says that’s a REALLY bad idea

Brian LilleyArchive

Federal Liberals have yet to say specifically what they have planned for gun control in Canada but we do know one thing - they plan to have much more.

I turn to Tony Bernardo, Executive Director of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association to see what he makes of some of the troubling op-eds and commentary we’ve been hearing from politicians and political cops lately.


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commented 2016-02-12 15:46:33 -0500
Talk about a party of wing nuts. Is there one lick of common sense in this whole bunch? If there is their hiding it well!
commented 2016-02-12 00:13:12 -0500
To all commie liberals out there, and I mean this with all sincerity…………… GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!!!!!
commented 2016-02-11 23:02:16 -0500
time to redefine just who the enemy really is.
commented 2016-02-11 22:43:40 -0500
For all the talk about gun control I was shocked to find that city police or the rcmp do not inform gun shops of stolen firearms and there is no place for me to find out if a firearm I might buy privately is stolen.
20 years ago 7 c7 and 3 c9s were found in a highway ditch between Wainwright and Edmonton. Fell off a truck and turned in by honest people.
commented 2016-02-11 22:05:44 -0500
Awesome headline Brian. Keep up the good work.
commented 2016-02-11 22:01:10 -0500
Store your guns at the club. First of all, many clubs are not taking any more members, their memberships are all filled. Also how many clubs have the size of facility large enough and secure enough to store possibly thousands of firearms and if there is some kind of break in. Who is at fault ? I think it’s a con to have all a communities firearms stored in one location so that on the first rainfall the Blue Uniformed Looters will arrive, gain illegal entry and remove what they came for, your legally owned sporting arms. When a government starts a strong campaign to disarm its citizens, it is a clear message that their intentions are to inflict harm on its population, certainly in the way of control. Leaving that population with no means to combat an oppressive brutal dictatorship like the developing Liberal regime we are about to be ruled by. They certainly don’t want any true patriots having the ability to fight back. Make no mistake about it, once we get to that point those thieving cops, like the ones at High River, will no longer be the so called good guys but merely Government Goons enforcing a dictators will. They will relish the " answer to no one power " but like every other dictators army, when a revolution starts they also are in the line of fire, which is something that they repeatedly demonstrate that they are fearful of. But really think about it, when you betray the people that gave you their trust and pay you to protect them from harm and now they have nothing left to lose but their life, which has been made a hell. What would you expect from those whose rights you have violated ? When they robbed those people at High River the same will hold true in the future, the police will lose their credibility as a public service and respect for them disappears, because once The Police Break The Law, There Is No Law, that’s something they don’t teach them in any training because if they were trained to be aware of that, it would make them responsible for their actions.
commented 2016-02-11 21:26:48 -0500
I really wish the rebel would stop using awful headlines like this one.
commented 2016-02-11 20:25:09 -0500
It deeply irritates me that my tax dollars support people like the lunatic Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette in her quest to make my life more difficult. It should be Senator Céline Hervieux-Peyote as she acts like she’s on cheap drugs. Sez the Senator: “Every time I enter the Senate Chamber, I see two armed police officers at the door, one with a handgun and one with an automatic firearm. I must admit that this does not make me feel safe. On the contrary, I am frightened by the thought that a police officer armed with an automatic weapon could shoot it on the Hill.” Atta girl, you tell ’em…
commented 2016-02-11 19:22:53 -0500
Justin said, “Ban idiots, not guns!!, there problem solved”

That would effectively ban all lefties … if only!
commented 2016-02-11 19:11:34 -0500
Commish Ryan: I am still waiting for you to release the report on the High River gun grab fiasco. To paraphrase the motto on Quebec’ vehicle license plates, I will not forget!
commented 2016-02-11 18:57:01 -0500
It is pretty bad when our so-called— Prime Minister, has the God Damned gaul — to move our Military BOYS out of their abode , to that they can make room for the ENEMY. Justin better hope that our MEN don’t gain some balls real soon.
commented 2016-02-11 18:44:15 -0500
if anyone has any extra money to spend on guns and ammo do it now and hide them while you can. we cant trust the tyrants running the show. we are starting to inch closer and closer to a civil war here in Canada as we speak. the next thing that this government is going to do is give police a shoot to kill order. you have a god given right to self defense and if they follow through with this there will be 60.000 cops die in very short order all around this pansy ass fucking country.
commented 2016-02-11 18:43:32 -0500
I LOVE this fucking song—— It should be the Canadian National Antham—— https://youtu.be/lTs6a0ORdQU
commented 2016-02-11 18:41:34 -0500
Ban idiots, not guns!!, there problem solved
commented 2016-02-11 18:31:38 -0500
What choo mean by ‘ordinary’ people ? ’ Muther fucka, Jesus H Highland Fuck——
commented 2016-02-11 18:23:27 -0500
Deborah, GPS tracking is good point often ignored by ordinary people (incidentally I work in automotive industry & have been warning people about them being tracked by govt. agencies). Apart from GPS tracking new smart phones can also be used to track people’s movement. Now, in my city they’ve made ‘Compass’ compulsory that’s another way to track the everyday movements of ordinary citizens.
commented 2016-02-11 18:21:15 -0500
Can you just begin to imagine in your worst fucking night mare————— " I jist gotts me a 9 mill killing machine——- see you Mom- It is a 2 hour drive fo me go register it . " Thank you Justin— You are so cleaver and understanding .
commented 2016-02-11 18:16:56 -0500
Robert Hewgill – they certainly seem to think people are stupid, but then I would have to give them that, because look at how many voted for this chip off the old block. Though I suspect that the gun ranges will go underground, because they will be put out of business with this stupid idea. Our Nazi government is moving at lighting speed to take away everything that they have had there eyes on.
commented 2016-02-11 18:08:29 -0500
That way they know where they are, and will confiscate them from there.
commented 2016-02-11 17:59:18 -0500
In addition to stealing our firearms, I think the long arm of the law is going to use the GPS system to track people who don’t comply with their confiscation plan. I’m glad my vehicle is older. I don’t want any kind of tracking device, and hopefully those that have it, get rid of it now. The GPS system will be a tool used to control us.
commented 2016-02-11 17:55:13 -0500
“Senator crazy pants” LMAO – good luck giving evidence at the SCC hearing on that constitutional breech from your padded cell. LOL
commented 2016-02-11 17:54:27 -0500
You never know when there will be a revolution and when there is, you’ll want to be able to accidentally shoot your dog in the excitement!
commented 2016-02-11 17:52:43 -0500
all the guns stored in 1 place just makes it easier to confiscate all guns
commented 2016-02-11 17:28:14 -0500
Well as I’ve been telling these libtards will take our guns one at a time & that too in small steps, exactly like I said first further restrict the use/ownership of restricted firearms with disallowing storage at home, once that’s done 50% of restricted firearms owner would simply find the process too cumbersome & get rid of their restricted firearms, then they’re are left with just half the people to deal with and they are not stop at this brace yourself for further restriction every few months/years until we are completely disarm.
commented 2016-02-11 17:06:23 -0500
Sorry typo, I meant a Abnormal Deaths of Beluga Whales!
commented 2016-02-11 17:05:06 -0500
Sorry to be off topic here!
French Media in Quebec just reported that a than normal deaths of young Beluga Whales in the Saint-Lawrence in 2015!
They should ask Montreal Major Denis Coderre if he had anything to do with it?
commented 2016-02-11 17:00:46 -0500
Rae Fraser commented 6 mins ago
Long guns or hand guns ? There is a really big difference, I can tell you with reasonable security——- that as far as hand guns go—- I will never own one again. What I will own— to make up for the lack of fire power – and to save ME and YOU from becoming permanent residents of the Kingston Pen —— is own something as simple as a CO2 powered Beretta. It looks Real . Feels Real. And if you empty it some muther fucker’s face—— He will wish he was dead.
And once you are done being sued he will own your house

All because he is alive
commented 2016-02-11 16:59:39 -0500
Rambling lunacy by uninformed anti gun nut jobs. Unfortunately these folks have been given the keys to our country. Whatever damage they create will be undone once the federal Liberals are wiped out in the next election. Don’t blame me I voted PC.
commented 2016-02-11 16:53:33 -0500
Long guns or hand guns ? There is a really big difference, I can tell you with reasonable security——- that as far as hand guns go—- I will never own one again. What I will own— to make up for the lack of fire power - and to save ME and YOU from becoming permanent residents of the Kingston Pen -——- is own something as simple as a CO2 powered Beretta. It looks Real . Feels Real. And if you empty it some muther fucker’s face—— He will wish he was dead.