January 19, 2018

Sex and Saran Wrap: James Franco, SAG Awards & Hollywood hypocrisy

Ben DaviesRebel Host | Rebel Reel Reviews

As I predicted, the Golden Globe Awards were an insane leftwing spectacle.

Now, the much more prestigious Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards are about to air, and they're vowing to take the #MeToo meme to the next level: Only women presenters will appear on stage!

But there's one problem:

Actor James Franco has been getting praise for his latest movie, The Disaster Artist — but criticism as well, thanks to allegations that he's yet another Hollywood sex harasser. 

So will he dare to show his face? I may have to watch the SAG Awards just to see what happens!

PS: I'll give you some insider info about what really goes on in some of the most important "acting classes" in L.A...

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commented 2018-01-19 21:57:14 -0500
Hollywood is eating itself up. What a perfect outcome!
commented 2018-01-19 21:27:00 -0500
I am enjoying seeing Hollywood run smack into Karma
commented 2018-01-19 18:20:20 -0500
The “H” in Hollywood stands for hypocrisy. These are the degenerates who feel the need to lecture others about morality.