May 04, 2017

Sexual Harassment At Fox News: My First Hand Experience

Gavin McInnesArchive

Bill O'Reilly is out at Fox News after sexual harassment allegations, and supposedly the whole network is rife with it. 


I think most "sexual harassment" allegations are fake, and the women who get these million-dollar settlements are high end prostitutes.

PLUS: I was sexually harassed too, and so were lots of men I know.

WATCH and see what I mean...

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commented 2017-05-06 22:04:39 -0400
Sexual harassment has two forms under the law…..take this from a MGTOW paralegal advisor and a union shop steward.

The first is “quid pro quo” Latin for “this for that” …the legal implication being offer with implied penalty for refusal of acceptance….in this case the harasser is abusing power.

The second is “hostile environment” wherein by virtue of your gender people are letting you know that you are not welcome or that you do not belong in that working environment……feminism is one big chronic exercise in hostile environment sexual harassment but because of feminist abuse of power that just doesn’t count….it is just payback.

I am now retired and my advice to young men is to seek a livlihood so dirty and dangerous that no woman would ever covet that job…or….ceiling glazer….you are going to be accused of it anyway…. and if you don’t mind working on ladders and scaffolding or on bucket crane lifts your job security is garaunteed by the career investment feminists have made in their chronic state of dissatisfaction.
commented 2017-05-06 16:18:19 -0400
So the broad at work who always (ALWAYS) says hello to me and gives me the fuck me eyes, would, if I were a woman, be sexual harassment. Wait, that would make her a lesbian, so it wouldn’t be harassment. Ok if our genders were reversed, that would make it harassment. But i’m happily married to a very horny wife. Wait, if I constantly gave her the fuck me eyes when saying hello it would be considered harassment. But what if I wanted a threesome? Wouldn’t that bring in the alternative sex clause, or some such thing? But then If it was my wife that gave her the fuck me eyes…Oh no, i’ve gone cross eyed…
commented 2017-05-04 22:20:19 -0400
Wow, gotta go to FOX to get some. Sexual harassment is one thing, using foul language in front of women you don’t know is not only immature and disrespectful (nawwww it’s really not hip), these days it’s just stupid. You did a stupid thing Gavin, suck it up, move on and put some speed bumps in your mouth before some gal’s husband or boyfriend does.