Shaban Sherif Mady

Rebel Staff



"If so, I'm an operative of the Muslim Brotherhood; I'm a terrorist." - Shaban Sherif Mady

Mosque: Imam of a Muslim community that meets at Glengarry Hall in Edmonton

Born in: Giza, Egypt

Lives in: Edmonton, Alberta

What he's preaching:

Excerpts from Shaban Sherif Mady's Friday sermons in Edmonton:

O the courageous Palestinian people! Al-Quds [Jerusalem] will become the capital of the Islamic State, not of Palestine.

Had it not been betrayal, all the territory of Europe was almost conquered from Andalus (Spain). This is the promise of the Prophet Mohammad. The victory will come.

Then the Rightly-Guided Caliphate (Islamic State) will be established and it will follow the path of the Prophet (Mohammad). We will welcome it.

Why [was the Muslim Brotherhood movement designated as] a terrorist organization? Because it calls for the return of the Caliphate [Islamic State]. If so, I'm an operative of the Muslim Brotherhood; I'm a terrorist.

(O Allah) to those who want to harm Islam and the Muslims, make their animosity annihilate themselves, make them kill themselves, destroy them completely, annihilate them all, like you did to the peoples of A'd and Thamoud.

O Allah, support all mujahideen [jihad fighters] in any place around the globe.

O Allah, support any mujaheed [jihad fighter] who raises the flag of Islam.

The adulterer and the adulteress will be flogged 100 times and their testimony will never be accepted by court.

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commented 2016-03-14 19:57:37 -0400
Many Syrian &Iraqi christian refugees have reported to the officials that they are positive seeing isis trained militants among them but no one cares including The German Chancellor mikel.Canadian P.M Justin us President obama they continue to bring in thousands go muslim refugees who will be a threat to our society (rape is so common on white women in the E.U nowadays)Among them will Fanatic and jihadii muslim mullas who are going preach hatred towards non-muslims and we will be not safe anymore .Why can’t thee politicians allow more non-muslims as refugees why only muslims the non-muslims were also affected by war intact they were the targets by the same muslims nionmuslims are more reliable ,hard working,patriotic but not these radical muslims Shame Mikel.obama& Justin for using our hard earned Tax money on these traitors and remember this country belongs to us too?