February 28, 2016

Sharia law in Europe. No courts needed

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

A couple of current examples of how the implementation of sharia law in Western nations actually takes place.

One suspects that many Canadians, and perhaps Westerners in general, think that sharia law is something like an analogue to what those of us in nations like Canada, Australia, India, Nigeria, or the US and others inherited from English common law.

In fact its much closer to something an organized crime mob would put in place with its own paid enforcers in a neighborhood they have taken over control. 

Some readers may be familiar with a case that managed to break out of the blogosphere a few years ago and make it to some legacy media outlets about sharia 'police' within Great Britain, telling women how to dress, threatening or beating up homosexuals etc. within a Muslim area and near certain mosques.

The story dropped out of sight but the facts not only remain but may well be increasing.

Here are two examples in the past few days from European media:

1. Italy: Imam murders two people for wearing bathing suits at Italian beach

(Link is to original story in Italian)


An imam and Al-Qaeda cell-member in Italy, Muhammad Zulkifal, is on trial for the murder and dismemberment of two Pakistanis who apparently wore swim suits to a beach. Full English translation of the article can be seen here

2. Austria: Four Chechens beat Viennese men for non-sharia compliance. 

(Link is to original German language news site)

Summary: Chechen "Religious zealots" harassed a Viennese woman and her daughters for being out late. When the husband of the mother of the girls was called over and objected, they beat him quite badly. The article avoids saying sharia or Muslim but its quite clear that this was not a case of a public aggravated beating for failure to order fish on Friday, or driving a car on the Sabbath.

A full English translation can be seen here. 

It needs to be understood that enforcing sharia is something any religious Muslim can do, and may feel obliged to do in any jurisdiction whatsoever.

It is not a system which we will get to vote on. Like prohibition of printing cartoons of the founder of Islam, Mohamed, or saying something critical of Islam, it will just suddenly happen that we cannot do these things.

And the consequences of breaking these laws may have nothing to do with our genuine legal systems.

It will just be that we know that any given Muslim who may hear or see us, may take sharia into his own hands, (exactly how it was designed to operate) and act against you, independent of any official legal authority as we understand it. 

Add to this the Islamic concept of 'Hijra'

This is one of the central dogmas of Islamic observance.

It means two things.

The migration of Muslims to non-Islamic lands to make those lands Islamic, one of only two ways that Islam guarantees its faithful a pass to a salacious afterlife, and also to bring to pass, an increased degree of Islamic adherence in a given area.

In fact, both aspects are obligations of the observant Muslim.

Here is a 2010 interview with Sam Solomon, a former Islamic scholar at the highest levels within Sunni Islam before his conversion to Christianity, discussing the nature of mosques, which gives some insight into this notion of the organizational and doctrinal basis for sharia enforcement by the faithful wherever the Muslim population is sufficient to begin this process.

Sam Solomon's books on The Mosque and on the Al Hijra, on Islamic immigration, offer a lot of detail and tremendous insight into this process. 

Below, a video translated from Arabic TV, where one religious Muslim explains his personal motives for making the hijra into Europe.

Once the language of the legacy media has been learned, it becomes easier to recognize these events as they are reported. It is important that we break that code, and start explaining these events for what they are. 

Failure to describe a problem is no different than failure to diagnose a disease. One cannot treat it, if one cannot know what it is. 

The results of that should be obvious to everyone. 




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commented 2016-02-29 14:19:29 -0500
It is much better to die believing in the one true God of Israel, than to bow down to this evil. God will exact vengeance on those who will attack you for his name sake.
commented 2016-02-29 01:30:18 -0500
It will be a cold day in hell before i submit to this garbage.
commented 2016-02-28 20:24:30 -0500
Well written piece. I hope you will consider making videos.
commented 2016-02-28 18:51:08 -0500
I have noticed in my WALLMART where there was hi spirited banter at the bakery part by the veggie isles,there is no more ,since they hired a Muslim women,every body sort of tiptoes around, customers too,—there she is in full head gear, and she was probably assigned that task of getting the foot in the door . This is a small town,there’s not even a mosque here yet.