February 22, 2019

SHEILA and THE MENZOID take your comments and questions LIVE!

Rebel Staff

Ezra Levant is currently in the United Kingdom, helping Tommy Robinson expose BBC bias in a blockbuster report, coming out this Saturday. David Menzies and Sheila Gunn Reid are guest hosting Battleground today, taking your comments and questions LIVE via SuperChat:

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commented 2019-02-22 23:06:10 -0500
It was REBELATION that said he was going to the United We Roll Convey area on the Hill, and check out on the RCMP being charged (Complaint) for lack of duty.

I imagine that it would be difficult for Keean to stand up in the middle of 100’s of people and ask with a straight face, IS REBELATION HERE ? ?
commented 2019-02-22 19:28:10 -0500
Imam Mohamad Tawhidi says in a tweet, that there are no ISIS brides, only ISIS members. He says no sympathy should be shown them.
commented 2019-02-22 19:25:06 -0500
Re: ISIS brides,
Whether brought up in western homes or not, the unborn of these brides will be claimed by the ideology under which they were conceived. Like it or not, try as the well meaning westerner might, once these children learn under what circumstances they were conceived, all bets will be off.

Many of the children born abroad that the ISIS mothers want to bring with them, have been forced to watch and in some cases participate in violence and murder.
Playmates for your children?
commented 2019-02-22 14:16:59 -0500
Isn’t the AG’s client the people of Canada and not just our idiot PM Baby Doc Trudeau? Isn’t it her responsibility to report to us? Smells like buy-off negotiations going on behind closed doors with keeping her closed lips as the carrot.

Scheer: there is just enough time for Scheer to step down and let someone else become party leader before the election. There are many Conservative MPs who have a backbone unlike Scheer, and don’t spend their time in Parliament trying to make a clever turn of phrase so he can beam and blush. I would easily vote for the the shadow finance minister and a few others, such as the representatives from Barrie and Calgary.

Our Fool On The Hill, Princess Justin,, has his ducks in a row for getting re-elected. Paying off the press with $595 million dollars, the CBC with its $1.5 (and will grow if re-elected) bribe, the CRTC wanting to monitor Internet news and advocacy, setting up any criticism as “Fake News”, calling any opposition “alt-right / white nationalists / racists”, and claim foreign interference. Always an excuse, always a deflection.

As for foreign interference, there was so much going on during the last election on behalf of the Liberals. Obama even loaned out some of his election advisors to Trudeau. There is still foreign interference in the Liberal’s policy decisions, but lets not talk about that.

Gerald Butts is still pulling the PM’s puppet strings. The only difference is now Butts doesn’t have to come to the office and can simply run the ship into the ground by telephone from home. Nice to have a job where you can work from your couch while wearing your PJs. He may still be getting a position as “advisor” and probably paid even more than before, and also paid for running Dear Justin’s re-election campaign.

So many Super Chats! These two should be doing Battleground every week!
commented 2019-02-22 13:51:53 -0500
I know Ezra is asking for 10,000 each but they could have been the example by hitting them harder. They are a huge company! It really could have sent a message. Someone mentioned in Ezra’s show last night that complaints about the inaction of the police should also be filed. Its time to take off the gloves.
commented 2019-02-22 13:47:25 -0500
You guys are a scream. I loved it.
I chipped in a little for the lawsuits, but tell Ezra that unless he starts making a claim to cover legal costs, PLUS something for you victims, that I won’t be chipping in again. These attacks won’t stop until you make their ears ring with what it will cost them. It will get around.

The Radisson was a perfect opportunity to make it sting. They could afford to pay and deserve to pay. Its not about the money, but if it doesn’t sting they won’t stop. Public shame is good, but they really don’t care. MAKE THEM PAY.
If they won’t stop with these attacks the Rebel should make it a money stream. why not!
commented 2019-02-22 13:23:22 -0500
Shelia, it was refreshing to get a normal woman’s view on returning Isis Brides. Leave them there, and their babies.
Last nite I listened to a UK show where the majority agreed with You and David, but around 4 low IQ women callers called everyone a " lynch mob," and the Isis women were only naive for going to Syria.