August 02, 2019

Sheila Gunn Reid: NDP don't have the intellectual depth to challenge dissent

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Sheila Gunn Reid joined me for an update on her ongoing battle with holdover NDP-appointed bureaucrats who are threatening her with prosecution for writing a book.

In this clip, we talk about how the former NDP Justice Minister Kathleen Ganley slipped up and admitted that she wants to use “hate speech” laws to keep individuals she doesn't personally like from having a platform.

Sheila points out that free speech doesn't just mean self expression, and that it's used to defend our own ideas. The NDP, says Sheila, do not have the intellectual capacity to argue against the ideas of people such as John Carpay so they'd rather ban him outright than risk embarrassment.

John Carpay has recently been in the news for his coverage of the transgender Brazilian bikini wax trial in B.C., but we also mention his work with the NDP's demands that independent religious schools ought to censor the Bible based on the NDP's standards.

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commented 2019-08-06 11:59:49 -0400
Jesus a socialist?
commented 2019-08-03 13:37:14 -0400
Mon pays, ce n’est pas un pays
- C’est l’hiver !
L’hiver, c’est-tu une saison?
- C’est l’enfer !
L’enfer, c’est quand on m’dit quoi faire
Dans ma propre maison
Pour apprendre à me taire

Run that through on line translate…it is just so timeless and apropriate
commented 2019-08-03 13:35:50 -0400
Keith, Ignatius of Loyola and his followers the Sociatas Jesu (Jesuits) of which the current Pope is one were fact the very vanguard of socialism…but Jesus was not.
commented 2019-08-03 02:32:33 -0400
Remember , anything even remotely resembling the truth is labelled “hate speech”
commented 2019-08-03 01:40:32 -0400
This is the result of people who want to believe and disseminate lies. They know their nonsense ideas cannot stand up to scrutiny so they have to silence contrary voices. This is why Leftists are forever interrupting. Watch Justin interrupt at the leadership debates from last election and the coming one. They are terrified of having to defend their idiotic positions when they know full well they can’t. Hence the default, knee-jerk response of calling everyone they disagree with, Nazis, racists and other pseudo-“phobes” and “-ists”. Funny they never call them Commies.
commented 2019-08-03 01:27:28 -0400
I believe Keith is being facetious by repeating what Leftists claim about Jesus.

Jesus was usually identified by the common people as a prophet. Prophecy is the spiritual gift that allows a person so gifted to critique society by the standard of scripture. Hence his focus on the Law, the Prophets and the Writings- the three main divisions of the Hebrew Bible. His concern was a with righteous living. Hardly the focus of the left.

There were no socialists then. They were a development of the French Revolution where our political terms, “left” and “right” were first used.

People are always trying to make The Son of God into their own image.
commented 2019-08-02 20:01:18 -0400
Keith : I would have to disagree on the Jesus and Socialist thing.
I would say he was the very antithesis of Socialism….at least by the definition that is used today. I,of course,cannot speak with any authority on it’s use or definition of 2000 years ago.
I would hazard a guess though, that because most everyone was engaged in an ongoing battle just to survive and that a Social Net was likely something that schools of fish were caught in….that the general feeling for Socialism may have been somewhat chilly in that time frame.
Of course,if Jesus was a “Socialist”…perhaps that is why he was “done in”??…..but somehow I think his enemies had an agenda different than that of a 19th-20th century political virus.
commented 2019-08-02 19:05:30 -0400
Keith said, “Are they aware that Jesus was a Socialist?”

Horse manure. You keep spouting this, and it is not true.
commented 2019-08-02 16:15:26 -0400
Jesus who?
commented 2019-08-02 14:44:53 -0400
Would be interesting to know the NDP’s views on Islam. Are they aware that Jesus was a Socialist?
commented 2019-08-02 14:18:08 -0400
Intellect : “The power or faculty of the mind by which one knows and understands….as distinguished or differing from that which one feels and/or that which one wills.”
Commonly referred to as acquiring knowledge by the rational thought process.
In an ocean-depth of intellect possibilities,socialists (such as NDP Borg components) do not even have puddle-depth possibilities because their doctrine screams out against depth……
commented 2019-08-02 12:21:25 -0400
The left is bat shit terrified of freedom of speech and freedom of thought , just like our ridiculous and spineless Orwellian thought police universities.
Any truth is considered “hate speech”