January 22, 2017

(UPDATE: Found!) Rebel reporter assaulted at Women's March — $1,000 reward to find him

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

(UPDATE: January 24, 2017) According to an Edmonton Police Services press release, Jason Dion Bews, 34, has been charged with assault and utter threats.

UPDATE: WE CAUGHT HIM! Dion Bews of Edmonton, please turn yourself into the nearest police department, and prepare for a massive civil lawsuit.

BOUNTY: We received several tips, and are checking to see which one came in first. You will be contacted to receive your $1,000 bounty!

Yesterday our Alberta bureau chief, Sheila Gunn Reid, was hit in the face by an NDP thug, right on the steps of the Alberta Legislature. Here's Sheila's report:

Sheila had gone there to report on a left-wing “Women’s March.” It was basically an NDP rally against Donald Trump. So: the usual professional protesters from the left.

Of course, the event was dominated by NDP men. One of them saw Sheila, and recognized her from The Rebel.

He started arguing with her; then swearing at her; then he said he’d hit her — and then he did.

All while Sheila’s camera was rolling. Here is the full unedited video:


Even more incredibly, the NDP women standing right there, who saw the whole thing, immediately blocked Sheila, and helped the thug scurry away. They sided with the male criminal, against the female victim.

So much for women’s rights. The NDP doesn’t even believe women should have the benefit of the Criminal Code, if they’re conservative.

Even more incredible, a photographer from the Canadian Press named Jason Franson was right there, taking pictures the whole time. But he didn’t publish any of those pictures; he didn’t support his fellow journalist. He actually pushed Sheila, too — and verbally disparaged her.

Violence against women; blaming the victim; helping the criminal get away — all at an NDP “Women’s March”.

Obviously Sheila went straight to the police, who are investigating. But the criminal is still on the loose.

I need your help to find this NDP thug, and bring him to justice.

I will pay $1,000 to the first person who gives us information leading to the arrest of this violent NDP pig. Ask your friends, send his picture around, go through Facebook pages.

And send me all the info, at tips@therebel.media. First one to catch him gets $1,000.

(Please do not take the law into your own hands, however tempting. Leave the illegal violence to the NDP street thugs — that’s not how we behave.)

I thought Alberta was safe for journalists. But not under Rachel Notley’s NDP.

Remember, Notley herself set the tone last year, by sending an armed sheriff to block Sheila from the Legislature. And she ordered the NDP’s Justice Department to send Sheila a letter, banning her from all government premises.

Yesterday, one of Notley’s thugs simply followed the message from the top: silence Sheila at any cost.

And I’m here to say:

No. We’re going to find you, you violent thug, and you’re going to jail.

Send your information to tips@therebel.media

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant

P.S. There is no way I’m letting Notley’s thugs intimidate Sheila. So from now on, I’m sending her to public events with a professional security guard.


Those cost up to $40/hour, including travel time. But we’re simply not going to let Notley’s street gangs stop us. If you can help, please chip in to a special security fund to keep Sheila safe. You can do that, too, by CLICKING HERE.

Thank you. 

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commented 2017-01-22 20:57:10 -0500
Seems to be from Composite High School, Kindersley, SK.. class of 2000, now working in a collective making and selling $6000 guitars.
commented 2017-01-22 20:41:49 -0500
So we’re dealing with a coward who hits women. Also likely a commie scumbag since there’s a history of violence with them and it matters not to them if it’s men, women, or even children. The ultimate of lowlife trash.

Hopefully someone will find him before the authorities and leave just enough of him left to prosecute.
commented 2017-01-22 20:33:47 -0500
So has this made any msm, I have not seen it anywhere else. shame on you cbc
commented 2017-01-22 20:33:10 -0500
@ M P – "Sheila attending a pro-israel rally wearing an ADL hat while … "

You are missing the point altogether. It does not matter what she wore or what she said or what Ezra did or did not do.

The only thing that matters is the she was attacked and it was illegal for that weasel to attack her.
commented 2017-01-22 20:31:27 -0500

What dose MP stand for, Monthly Period?
commented 2017-01-22 20:31:03 -0500
Well it’s hard to believe but Global News ran this story on at 6 tonight in Edmonton. This loser’s face was all over the TV screen so its just a matter of time till he gets identified. So much for a peaceful rally.
commented 2017-01-22 20:28:39 -0500
Maybe chech the Edmonton ndp office.
commented 2017-01-22 20:28:10 -0500
@kevin THOMAS

Excellent….now to get to work online and let people, clients, and customers know exactly what happened and who is responsible.
commented 2017-01-22 20:27:57 -0500
he does look like Dion Bews of dionguitars.ca not 100% though. but his facebook and instagram have been closed lol
commented 2017-01-22 20:26:15 -0500
I gotta add my approval to the comment that calling Ezra a coward while hiding behind a couple of letters is pretty rich. My name’s Paul, btw. Now, I’ve seen video of Ezra wading into a riot of slobbering idiots literally calling for his head, with no more protection than his microphone and a cameraman following. He just waded in, and stuck a mic into the face of the loudest asshole there. I’ve been a reporter and I follow the industry quite a bit, and I gotta say I don’t know of anyone braver. Maybe now he has security, I don’t know but I don’t blame him at all for that.
commented 2017-01-22 20:24:32 -0500
This clearly shows the attitude of low life Socialists. They are nothing but Penis Suckers.

One good thing about this incident, it shows that these Morons have had somebody read The Rebel to them, I doubt that they can read, and they do not like what they hear.

Eat your Hearts out you Commie Scum.
commented 2017-01-22 20:24:32 -0500
This clearly shows the attitude of low life Socialists. They are nothing but Penis Suckers.

One good thing about this incident, it shows that these Morons have had somebody read The Rebel to them, I doubt that they can read, and they do not like what they hear.

Eat your Hearts out you Commie Scum.
commented 2017-01-22 20:24:32 -0500
This clearly shows the attitude of low life Socialists. They are nothing but Penis Suckers.

One good thing about this incident, it shows that these Morons have had somebody read The Rebel to them, I doubt that they can read, and they do not like what they hear.

Eat your Hearts out you Commie Scum.
commented 2017-01-22 20:23:36 -0500
Man what a two-bit POS punk. Thinking he can order regular, sane people to leave a public space.
Yeah, He should be “dealt” with. Probably hiding out at the shelter.
commented 2017-01-22 20:22:19 -0500
This POS needs to be spitting chiclets.
commented 2017-01-22 20:19:42 -0500
How old are you..?
commented 2017-01-22 20:16:21 -0500
I actually thought this was a womens rally????
commented 2017-01-22 20:14:11 -0500
A wave of pity for this terrified young man overwhelmed me when I realized how insecure he was. He had to retreat into the midst of his big sisters for protection & succour, where he doubtless received a comforting group hug. Because he has nothing between his legs he is searching for identity, for someone with whom to make common cause, a direction in life; hence, his march with women to protest against a man who does have something between his legs. Knowing that the only other males within view were fellow leftists (who are totally bereft of concepts of manliness, honour & integrity) he felt emboldened to smash Ms. Gunn in the face. Hopefully, before he repeats this act, he may want to ensure that no REAL men are present.
commented 2017-01-22 20:13:22 -0500
Someone already identified this piece of shit already.
He’s Dion Bews of dionguitars.ca . There’s even photos there and it looks like him. What a fucking idiot the dipshit is when you are self employed. Hope he can make guitars in jail. He should do some time for assault.
commented 2017-01-22 20:06:36 -0500
The ‘useful idiot’ attacks Ezra, Sheila; anything to change the channel. Remember the leftist rule of thumb, leftists never do anything wrong (because the end justifies the means); only those hateful conservatives.
commented 2017-01-22 20:03:32 -0500
M P …..time to take your meds. Grab your blanket and lay down for a nap.
You call Ezra a coward but you hide behind a couple of letters. So….who is the coward?
commented 2017-01-22 19:51:06 -0500
EDWARD JOBIN commented 23 mins ago
And yet they try to portray Trump supporters as violent Nazis.

That is the fascist way. Fascists and terrorists always accuse their enemies of the traits that they themselves possess. Today’s left wing Islamofascist takes many pages out of the Islamist terrorist playbook. They assault others and call them violent. They practice hatred against others and accuse them of hatred or hate speech. They call Islam a “religion of peace” when it’s neither a religion nor peaceful. They lie and call others liars. They practice blatant racism against whites, and bigotry against conservatives – but call us racists and bigots. They commit hate crimes against us, but accuse us of hate crimes. Rest assured that if an Islamofascist calls you a name, they deserve that moniker far more than you do.
commented 2017-01-22 19:49:34 -0500
CM. . . . The pierced communist doesn’t have a job. He’s mad at the world for his self made problems as a result of poor choices.
commented 2017-01-22 19:44:22 -0500
I sure hope a viewer lives close to him and recognizes the scumbag. The video needs to be shared on all social media. Too bad nobody ripped the ring out of his lip.
commented 2017-01-22 19:43:44 -0500
This guy is going to be out of a job or career when his identity is made public.
commented 2017-01-22 19:42:20 -0500
@peter Netterville

Sheila attending a pro-israel rally wearing an ADL hat while whining to police that she’s a journalist isn’t bias, it’s taking sides and participated in making news, not reporting it.

Then of course there’s Ezra, pushing Sheila, Lauren and others into potentially dangerous situations
to get his Youtuber gonza journalism style footage..

How many tens of thousands of dollars have people payed out bailing Ezra out of yet another legal problem that he set himself up for?

Funny how he calls attacking others “Free speech” but anything bad about Israel or jews is outright anti-Semitism and hate speech.

Sheilia is expected to wade into crowds like this with a guy who stands there and does nothing
while Ezra will only do this with there are 50 cops standing nearby to save his ass.
commented 2017-01-22 19:39:36 -0500
Wow. Shameful. I’m old school I don’t go for that sh&*. Not sure what was worse the assault by the pierced libtard or the people and women who stood by. Lets face it someone in that group knows exactly who that little dick is. No doubt one of their sons. They should be charged with obstruction. IMAGINE if a CBC reporter was assaulted at a pro oil rally. We would be watching the outrage for days on the MSM ( BY THE WAY WHERE ARE THEY ON THIS STORY ? Probably out buying Jason beer )The little fellow in Ottawa might even impose marital law until the offender was caught and hanged. Where I live fellows like Jason and that little p#ss ant would receive a lot of blue collar high fives.