August 26, 2019

SHOCKING VIDEO: Attacks on Israeli teens escalate in Gush Etzion region

Josh HastenGuest Contributor

An Arab terrorist recently rammed his car into two Israeli teenagers in Gush Etzion.


The terrorist then got out of the car and attempted to stab the two siblings, before being shot by an off-duty police officer who happened to be driving by. 

The brother is still in the hospital with a severe brain haemorrhage and a fractured skull, while his sister is in a slightly better condition.

Their mother, Zehava, has requested prayers for the well-being of her children.

This news is horrific and it needs to be reported

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commented 2019-08-27 20:26:10 -0400
How can we send support to the attacker? No sympathy a
commented 2019-08-27 17:08:34 -0400
This is how a typical, brainchipped-suicidal techno-assassin is used by the thUg-network. This is likely not the “voice of god” weapon used upon the zombie, but rather a full-fledged, heterodying, remote-control, take-over of his body. If the zombied died in the crash, it would have been over, but the police are usually on-site to finish the job with a bullet to the head. These heterodyned zombies are always murdered usually if they don’t kill themselves first. This is why the hivemind-handlers send them out with a weapon. They don’t ever scan for wireless implant signals coming from the head.
Oh, my gosh… they immediately put up GUARD TOWERS… waiting for a reason to be put to use? What a sad scenario!

The only zombie I heard surviving an incident was the truck in Germany and thought the only suspect denied driving over people, but then disappeared latter and couldn’t be located anymore…

Jeff Rense was heterodyned almost to death twice in 2015. Once in the vehicle and then in the hospital bed, but he still survived to tell his story. Bad victim to try to murder… being an “truther” radio-host. Maybe that is why they took the chance for a second heterodyning the same hit-job.
Oh, the world is not quite what most are led to believe…

A good example of heterodyning is the 3 year old toddler Zhang

Isn’t the ancient high-technology amazing as the thUgs rise their fake-Utopia in the faces of the “sheeple.” “Sheeple” was a William Cooper term found in his Mystery Babylon radio series:
Listen to his 40 hours to see who the thUgs are who rebuilt the hivemind “Tower-Of-Babel.”
I wish this world was a happier planet and fanatics stopped using any means possible to achieve their fake-Utopia that is obviously destine to fail in the divine eyes of All-That-Is.
commented 2019-08-27 11:06:26 -0400
Thanks for this report. The reporter did a great job in helping me to understand what happened and how things are moving forward,

commented 2019-08-27 11:04:44 -0400
My son had a friend who moved to his homeland in India. When he came here a couple weeks ago after 12 years back in India I asked him, Is India going to blow up Pakistan or is Pakistan going to blow up India?

I got an answer I didnt expect, he said,

“India and Pakistan are friends. With all the US and other dollars are flowing everywhere in the middle east, they want some too, so they portray a problem between the two nations so they can get some money too.
commented 2019-08-27 07:35:17 -0400
If you want to really shit your pants on a dystopian end of days theme, watch ‘Sacred Games’. It’s an Indian production about the Pakistani India, Islam- Hindu conflict with real nuclear weapons on each side. Given the Kashmiri situation and the long history of conflict between these two since 1947 and way before since 1400 years of Islamic invasion, it is a very real armageddon scenario.
commented 2019-08-26 23:59:22 -0400
God bless Israel, and thank Heaven for the avenging off duty police officer just happening to be in sight of all that went on! May the muzrats burn in eternal hell!
commented 2019-08-26 20:16:44 -0400
So, is it plausible that Israel is okay with a number of their young being killed/murdered, in order to keep the Peace? Quite the symbiotic relationship there..
commented 2019-08-26 19:52:21 -0400
Good solid and concise reporting. Thanks.
commented 2019-08-26 19:34:41 -0400

Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN) 37,688 Attacks, 243,077 Killed, 322,861 Injured that we know of
commented 2019-08-26 19:00:20 -0400
When I visited Israel in 2016 I stayed just inside the wall in Bethlehem. The streets were lined with Palestinian soldiers armed with rifles. When I walked a few blocks to the gates to see the paintings and writings on the wall I was met with hostile, stony, contemptuous gazes by these sullen, angry men. I was told by our tour guide not to risk walking in the street alone again. I thought it was silly but, seeing this, it seems these Palestinians are capable of anything.
commented 2019-08-26 18:32:08 -0400
I think Israel rely’s on workers from Palestine to much, making them reluctant to retaliate to hard. Of course with a major attack they would Nuke them.
commented 2019-08-26 18:22:18 -0400
This has been going on for many Decades, so why does Israel not retaliate. Every time this happens, Israel should attack and kill at least 20 Palestinians in response. They will get the hint soon enough.. They are at War. What’s the hold up?
commented 2019-08-26 17:18:04 -0400
Can’t forget a saying I’ve heard once – “Gaza will never become Paris, but Paris has a good chance of becoming Gaza”.
commented 2019-08-26 16:25:57 -0400
and what do we get from the cbc-in victoria-their flunkies at chek news. israel, bad for attacking syria before they were attacked. and these terroristattacks on kids will of course be censored in canada. off topic, but with G-7 meeting their coverage as it is with anything trump was again like israel, was trump is bad too. shocks me that any of these clowns are actually paid. the whole truth is ignored.
commented 2019-08-26 14:48:18 -0400
Coming to Canada soon and with Trudeau on the throne it will be sooner than we think. Perhaps it is time for all of us to stand up and say no. No to Trudeau…No to Islam…No to all the brain dead savages.