June 22, 2016

SHOCKING: FOI docs reveal Alberta taxpayers bought luxury SUV for Notley “union pal”, Mark Wells

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

The rebel has received some shocking documents through an access to information filing. We Alberta taxpayers bought the Director of the Public Affairs Bureau a luxury SUV.

The documents revealed the NDP rushed out to buy a new Infiniti QX50 AWD with the premium package for their new director of the Public Affairs Bureau, Mark Wells.

We’ve talked about Mark Wells before. He’s a former NDP staffer. He used to be a communications officer for the Alberta Union of Public Employees. His LinkedIn used to feature a lovely letter from Rachel Notley’s husband, Lou Arab, who also works for the Canadian Union of Public employees. He’s a well connected NDP crony and now Wells has a sweet gig working for Notley heading up the communications arm of the Alberta government, making between $160,000 and $224,000 this year. That’s more than enough to buy himself a luxury SUV.

Watch my video to see the shocking details of the purchase and the panicked briefing document submitted to NDP Service Alberta Minister Stephanie McLean, offering her advice about how to handle questions concerning the car.

Remember Rachel Notley’s outrage over Alison Redford’s luxury hideaway perched atop the Federal Building, “Skypalace”? Remember how offended Notley seemed over Alison Redford’s abuse of the government fleet of planes, treating them like her minivans?

None of that outrage or concern for taxpayers was real. It was all fake. All of it. Rachel Notley wasn’t mad that taxpayer money was being wasted on shiny, fancy things by the party in charge. She was mad that she wasn't the one wasting the money.

While Albertans are losing their jobs and facing wage rolls backs, while they are facing huge uncertain hikes in household costs from the carbon tax, while Alberta plunges deeper and deeper into debt, Notley was busy buying her loyal, union pal a fancy car. A luxury car. And we paid for it.

Is this the change Notley promised Alberta?

Photo Credit: Infinity

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commented 2016-06-24 00:23:33 -0400
You know it’s funny how these lefties get all bent out of shape about the monarchy and how wrong it is to have royalty connections to unwarranted privilege and wealth. Clearly, the lefties just want their kick at the cat and to provide perks for their well connected sycophantic supporters.
commented 2016-06-24 00:19:04 -0400
Let them eat cake.
commented 2016-06-23 19:22:25 -0400
What I want to hear is HOW they are going to justify the ‘green taxes" the other taxes that are not in the PO. This PO was just for snugglebuns and his friends to sit in. All heated seats, all seats, ALL seats are battery operated…zoom, zoom. It’s a company car with benefits….Looking at the documents, is it costing him 562/month or per year? It looks as though it is per year but I may be wrong. Even at 562/month, that is cheap for a 45000 car. Nice benefit.

Carrie, I am also a “Shell victim” per se, and am trying to figure out a new way of working. My heart goes out to you, even as I try and figure out what I will be doing. Let me know if I can help, send me your resume, maybe I can at least help with that.
commented 2016-06-23 15:19:20 -0400
what is so sad..i don’t have a job after Shell was run out of Peace River from Carmen Creek. I cant afford a car…. but all my tax money goes to friends of her husband new fancy car and we are be killed by this socialist government
commented 2016-06-23 13:38:17 -0400
All that can be said of Notley and the NDP at this point is that they are behaving as a death cult would.

This is the behaviour of a government that doesn’t care about what they do or how they affect others. They are behaving as a cult would.
commented 2016-06-23 13:01:43 -0400
Keep up the great job Sheila, you do a superb job with your limited resources. If the MSM were not spending the bulk of their money in the propaganda department they would still only be doing half the job that you are.
commented 2016-06-23 12:56:24 -0400
Canadian Mongrel Reread your comments after my coffee, great
commented 2016-06-23 12:24:02 -0400
Ndp Sucks, great comments!!

Canadian Mongrel

Maybe that can be the next activist petition of The Rebel.

We the undersigned demand " What’s the point?

“Regarding the story:” Again your point?
commented 2016-06-23 11:36:35 -0400
Kim Dobson wrote;

“Yes, my background is auditing and this is such a NO-NO and is demonstrative of a flagrant misuse of role & responsibilities of those in procurement….”

Thanks for the info, from an expert.

You mean to say the Non-Democratic Party is corrupt? Say it ain’t so! Next you will be claiming the LPC lives fully up to its name, Liberal Party of Corruption. I guess that is the main competition between the two L-wing parties, which is the most corrupt.

commented 2016-06-23 11:24:02 -0400
I looked through the documents, did you check out who the RFP (Request For Proposal) went out to? So they wanted best quotes for an Infiniti with all the toys and sent the RFP to a communication company, an equipment company, development company, a manufacturing & distributing company, etc AND, of course, to Infiniti South Edmonton. WHAT A JOKE. Talk about single sourcing, who on this list except the ONE supplier that submitted a quote would have a luxury Infiniti on hand? ALSO, make note, they did not send the request out to only AUTHORISED Government vendors, which is what they are supposed to do first. They just sent it out to 9 ‘interested’ vendors, of which only one seems actually to deal with Infinitis, ergo, the name of the company. So, the vendor that they ended up buying from isn’t even on their vendor list, do ya think that this was not pre planned? To get it through quickly, they did a quick and dirty bypass on all the normal controls/processes that are in place to get a vendor set up on the approved list (read the emails). Yes, my background is auditing and this is such a NO-NO and is demonstrative of a flagrant misuse of role & responsibilities of those in procurement….
commented 2016-06-23 11:15:06 -0400
For #4 of my suggested petition, make the end “as per #3 above”.
commented 2016-06-23 11:12:44 -0400

Maybe that can be the next activist petition of The Rebel.

“We the undersigned demand

1. That all members of the government benches, senior bureaucrats and their staffs are required to use non-hybrid electric vehicles for all government trips including long distance trips to the north.

2. Said vehicles cannot exceed the cost of an average modest carbon based fuel vehicle or $20 000, which ever is the lesser amount.

3. The electricity required to source the energy for these vehicles cannot originate from any carbon based generator or hydro-generator because these are adverse to the environment according to socialist science, but only from wind and solar.

4. Government members are not allowed to use alternate transportation means unless these means are electric and generated as per #2 above.

5. If none of the above articles are currently available, government members must either walk or cycle or use any other means of personal exertion for transportation, including to the north, until the above articles become available. Note: use of personal carbon based vehicles is not a legitimate option.

6. This petition is to be interpreted as assisting government members, senior bureaucrats and their staffs to fulfill their goal of restoration of the environment.

Respectfully submitted to the Government of Alberta by


I think such a petition would go over well with the Non-Democratic Party government and help make them realize that The Rebel is only there to help.
commented 2016-06-23 11:11:29 -0400
Notley is following the Wynne plan with only minor differences.

Promote climate change through fear and brain washing.
Kill industry or at least drive them out of the province with high taxation and electricity charges.
Increase public sector and voter base with high paying jobs.
Increase cronyism and corruption through green technology investment.
Bribe unions with promises of higher wages and pensions.
Planned mapping changes to voting districts to increase chances of re-election.
Increase and create new taxation.
Propaganda to promote government agenda.
Dumb down and brain wash students in accordance with UN Agenda 2030.
Increase the use of word weapons such as misogyny, hate speech, homophobia.
Promote and teach sexual gender dysfunction and confusion in young students.
Use fear of job cuts against future protest vote.
Build illegal war chest donations from US environmentalists.
Launch and maintain continuous campaign for re-election.

Hey, it’s working in Ontario. Why do you think Wynne and Notley have had private meetings and a royal visit from Wynne herself? They’re not even pretending to talk about pipelines anymore.
commented 2016-06-23 10:43:57 -0400
I used to have one and gotta admit that the Bose® speaker system makes a huge difference…
commented 2016-06-23 10:35:07 -0400
This is just another example of the truth that Notley and her NDP gang don’t care what Alberta thinks of them anymore.

Notley’s already reconsidering her reelection bid, as are many of her NDP MLAs. What’s more the return of Jason Kenney to the Alberta fold could yield some enormous problems for the NDP come the next election. If the NDP’s election chances were not in the toilet already, they will get considerably worse. Nenshi as Alberta Liberal leader anyone? Don’t laugh. It’s underway.
commented 2016-06-23 10:15:24 -0400
I’m proposing that the Fleet Manager for Government Services and Supplies be ordered by Government to cancel all lease contracts and or future purchases of all fossil fueled transportation used by all government officials and government bureaucrats immediately and said transportation be replaced with electric (non hybrid) automobiles. No exceptions.
commented 2016-06-23 09:59:26 -0400
Regarding the story:

What gets me with this story, and most Alberta stories is that Ms. Gunn-Reid is a stay at home hockey Mum, who does this gig part time to keep her hand in her profession.

However, she is able to investigate these stories including documents that back her facts and opinions. All this on limited resources.

How come the resource laden journalists of the MSM, are so incapable of doing so?
commented 2016-06-23 09:53:59 -0400
Having just got to reading the rest of the comments, I too have to wish you well Peter..
commented 2016-06-23 09:53:48 -0400
Oops Netterville, sorry Peter.
commented 2016-06-23 09:50:40 -0400
Peter Neville,

You are the ultimate Rebel. The invisible energy minister told us to go to BC for employment, and you went the other direction! You rebel you.

Good luck, not that you will need it in a province with a government BY the people FOR the people.

commented 2016-06-23 09:44:50 -0400
Well this is a shock!
commented 2016-06-23 09:19:15 -0400
Peter Netterville….I also wish you well in your new job and home. I’ve always respected your viewpoint in the Rebel Comments and hope you keep posting.
commented 2016-06-23 09:03:22 -0400
No surprise, she will likely hide in Edmonton all summer as rural Alberta really does not like her or her ndp crony’s, This is likely just the tip of the iceberg more NDP waste to come folks, She has only begun paying back her union puppet masters
commented 2016-06-23 09:02:20 -0400
Good corruption and action, there is clearly a gap between what they say and what they do, that comes under the label of hypocrisy.

In nutley’s own words good government is defined by keeping your story straight, or living within your means. Of course we have to remember that the ndp has a special meaning when it comes to living within your means, that is we haven’t tapped the credit card out yet. There is one ray of hope here, the ndp is raising taxes as fast as it can, which includes the misnamed sales tax starting on January 1, in order to try to delay the maxing out of the credit card, good government in action.

Well at least we know that they followed their own rules and the car is not powered by fossil fuels, right?
commented 2016-06-23 07:54:01 -0400

You’d think these phony socialists would have at least bought something that was lovingly made by their toiling brethren in UAW/CAW shops!
commented 2016-06-23 06:16:51 -0400
Notley = financial rapist pig!!!
commented 2016-06-23 05:36:52 -0400
This Summer Notley and the the New DemocRATS will hit the BBQ’s and parades. BBQ’s and rodeo parades that are a celebration of our Western Farming and Ranching heritage that the New DemocRATS are trying to destroy along with our oil and gas industry.

As Notley or your New DemocRAT MLA is riding by in a parade or in a public meet and greet we should all give them a chorus of BOOOES and shouts to RESIGN or whatever short insults but remember there are children around so no profanity. Riding through a parade and hearing nothing but BOOOING would help give Notley the picture that Alberta can not stand her New DemocRat government.

And if Trudeau shows up, he should get the same BOOOOing and shouts to RESIGN.
commented 2016-06-23 04:21:00 -0400
Thanks for all the well wishes. The people are friendly here.
commented 2016-06-23 02:32:18 -0400
Cadillac Socialists have upgraded to Infiniti Socialists.

I guess the end is nigh, now that the cronies are doing everything they can to fleece as much as they can from the government.

Once the debt breaks $100 billion, Notley will have a lot of ’splaining to do.
commented 2016-06-23 02:22:52 -0400
Well commies think they deserve the best while the people they claim to represent and care so much about go without. THEY ARE SCUM!!!! I can just imagine the MSM outrage if this were a conservative, but of course the filthy hypocrites will say little on this. Yet they sleep well at night and think they are so superior.