October 06, 2016

SHOCKING: How far will Liberals go to protect Monsef from immigration laws?

Candice MalcolmRebel Contributor

The plot thickens in the Maryam Monsef scandal.

The star Liberal cabinet minister and MP has revealed that key details about her life story are false. She is older than she originally said she was, and she was born in Iran, not Afghanistan, as she originally said she believed.

Monsef is now in quite the predicament. If her story is true – that her mother lied to her and her passport contains false information – well, there could be serious legal consequences. If her mother lied on official applications, that is citizenship fraud.

As I’ve pointed out in my column in the Toronto Sun, the Trudeau government recently stripped citizenship from an Egyptian national who became a Canadian citizen at age eight. In that case, the woman’s parents lied on her application, and therefore, as per Canadian law, she risks being deported.

On the other hand, if Monsef is not telling the truth, and she actually knew she was born in Iran and knowingly misled the public, well, the penalty could be even more severe. Misrepresenting yourself in legal documents is a serious crime in Canada, and could be considered fraud and forgery.

I’m not saying Monsef committed a crime but I am saying there are some questions that need to raised and answered.

But it looks like the Trudeau government doesn’t want to answer any questions about Maryam Monsef. In fact, the Trudeau Liberals may have found another alternative for dealing with this controversy.

Watch as I share the unbelievable thing Immigration Minister John McCallum said to the Senate this week.

The Trudeau government is making a mockery of our citizenship and immigration laws and they’re doing it to protect a Liberal insider.

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commented 2016-12-23 20:48:18 -0500
Robert NEVER voted for him.When he held up the blue book I knew Chretien wasn’t far away.Warned you.Where is the blue book?
commented 2016-10-10 12:28:54 -0400
You and I both know ‘how far they will go." They will simply ’run out the clock,’ so to speak by delaying any comment until something else is seen as more important, and then bury it. This is an example of politics at work — look south if you wish to see more.
Will we ever wake up? Probably not — our ‘good living’ has place us in a ‘Disneyland’ atmosphere and I suspect we will willingly stay there — shameful, but true.
commented 2016-10-07 20:20:56 -0400
David White… What makes you think that we couldn’t pull off a successful separation. The more disenfranchised Western Canadians become the more they start entertaining the idea that we are better off without upper and lower Canada… For shits and giggles I randomly talk to people when I’m standing in line ups while paying for groceries, and restaurants while I’m ordering food, while I’m at the pumps and getting fuel, and I don’t just do this in Alberta I travel around a bit so I have a broad sampling of what people really feel and they feel betrayed beyond explanation..
commented 2016-10-07 19:48:55 -0400
@leviticus 2013….. Could you imagine if we did pull off a successful separation? If Trump becomes president and the separation happened, I can envision Trudope the Younger filling his diaper. He will probably hear Ralph’s voice off to the west…..“let the bastards freeze!”
commented 2016-10-07 15:23:14 -0400
As the acts of treason against the people of Canada are mounted by Justin Trudeau and his administration is ever more reason that we need to separate into our own western entity..
We will never escape the endless Laurentian elitist dictatorships until we do.
commented 2016-10-07 14:18:26 -0400
I agree Leviticus, if your parents are from another country and you were born in another country, you should have NO business running for any government position, job or elected seat in Canada. I just seems crazy to me that Monsef is in our government on any level period. It never should have happened in the first place.
commented 2016-10-07 13:40:09 -0400
SHARON M commented 4 hours ago
“I believe that the rebel should start a petition to have Monsef step down as cabinet minister. She should not be making any decisions in parliament. She is here illegally.”

No foreign ex pat living in Canada with citizenship or not should be allowed to hold office in this country… That is not racist it is common sense… Nobody coming here that just fell off the boat should have any say in Canadian Parliament or as a provincial MLA holding office.
One has to grow up here to understand what it means to be Canadian, to sing the original words to our national anthem which by the way has never been changed in French only in English, to play street hockey in the summer and ice hockey on frozen ponds in -30 weather in the winter.
To celebrate “Canada Day” and actually know the history behind it and why we celebrate it.
Nobody coming from foreign countries should have the privilege of directing the future of our great nation that was carved out of the wilderness by the pioneers and settlers that came here seeking to escape oppression and experience freedom and the opportunity to have a future with their generations to come that all of them worked hard for and some of them gave their lives for. None of this is racist it is only common sense or we will handover everything that we have and have worked for many generations..
Under God’s law we prosper under man’s law we are enslaved.
commented 2016-10-07 10:41:07 -0400
Good post Elton Braun. There are many examples I am sure, that should be pulled out of the drawer to show Canadians the hypocrisy if Monsef isn’t deported or doesn’t at least lose her post in Justin’s cabinet (anything to do with decisions for Canada). At the very least a petition to show Justin that Canada won’t put up with this double standard as Sharon M. has mentioned. I would like to see her and her mother deported. What about her mother? Does she get off scott free also. This crap doesn’t wash with Canadians. Let us show Trudeau how many think this whole fraudulent affair stinks big time. We shouldn’t let this pass.

Justin Trudeau doesn’t feel he owes us a damn thing. I don’t accept this government. They refuse to uphold even he most basic law of the land.
commented 2016-10-07 10:03:07 -0400
Baby doc Trudeau wasn’t kidding when he said Canada is back. Back to the lieberal sense of entitlement that always comes with liberal governments. It hasn’t taken this so called prime minister long to forget everything he said as an opposition member of Parliament. He has already used up all the free passes a new pm gets and is well on his way to ramming some whacked out globalist agenda of his down our throats! But he has nice hair so alls well. What have we done electing this spoiled little rich boy as our pm?
commented 2016-10-07 09:51:56 -0400
I believe that the rebel should start a petition to have Monsef step down as cabinet minister. She should not be making any decisions in parliament. She is here illegally.
commented 2016-10-07 03:14:59 -0400
A couple stories I caught parts of today. Remember the poor woman who had her children abducted and dragged off to Iran by her muzzie pos ex? Apparently one of the cons was grilling the clueless Dion about when he was finally going to try to do something for her. She was watching from the gallery as Dion gave him the thumbs down. She said she never felt so disrespected. Maybe Candace you could find the time to give us a report on this. In the US Obama dropped charges against some guy for selling arms to Isis after he threatened to drop a bombshell about Killary. Anyway,I have to agree with Bravo Zulu. I’ve been around too long to think anything other than the libs finding some way to weasel their way out of this and nothing will happen while the MSM helps along.
commented 2016-10-07 02:50:05 -0400
God this woman is boring.
commented 2016-10-07 02:10:46 -0400
Could someone tell me what the world is coming too? What the hell is going on? The Clinton Crime Machine is immune to any prosecution for some reason (well done Comey), and here an admitted crime appears to be headed to a change in laws? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Couple the homogenized multi-gendered Empress Justina with Fudd the walking hiccup, throw in a muzzy skank and I guess what would we expect? Par for the course for the criminally insane liberal vermin, status quo. Brilliant governance and leadership air head Justin. Teach the kids of Canada to break the law. Fuck you Justin.

Where are the cbc, ass licking scum, paid by the tax payer to ride shotgun and assume the role of spin doctor for the putrid liberals? The cbc should be sold to the LPC, and receive NO more gov’t funding. The fn libs could fund it.

I’m with you MARTY ASHFIELD. I can’t stand to look at the puke. I can’t stand to listen to the puke. My skin crawls and I feel pain for our country. I despised and couldn’t stand Trudope the Elder, but Trudope the Younger has rapidly hit par with daddy. Sad thing, this incarnation is MORE dangerous than the previous.

commented 2016-10-07 02:07:00 -0400
Jerry Raketti commented
“Should not’ Holders of High Office, be held to a More Stringent Criteria’?”

Apparently only if they are conservatives.

There is nothing we can do except be vocal about the Liberal scandals – inform the low info voters. It is up to the opposition parties to keep the Libs in line, clearly they are not doing their job. Perhaps write your MP? But I wouldn’t hold my breath, they are weak as water.
commented 2016-10-07 01:52:19 -0400
As I have said many times, hold dual citizenship and you can not hold ANY public office in Canada, be it dog catcher to PM. If you hold dual citizenship – or other citizenship – you can not work for any public entity where you will be paid by the public purse. There must be privileges of citizenship and of only being a Canadian.

If someone from another land comes to Canada and becomes a citizen, they must renounce their other citizenship as a condition to be a Canadian. If they don’t, sorry, you can’t be a garbage collector, mayor, MNA, cleaner, or MP since you will be paid by public funds.

This would mean Monsef, Dion and Mulcair, and possibly others in Parliament losing their position, paycheque and pension. No more split allegiances.
commented 2016-10-07 01:00:58 -0400
Should not’ Holders of High Office, be held to a More Stringent Criteria’?
commented 2016-10-07 00:55:10 -0400
HYACINTH, we cannot wait three more years. At the rate that this treasonous asshole Trudeau and all of his treasonous ministers are destroying Canada and the values we hold dear, three years is way to long to wait.
Canada is being destroyed under our very noses and in front of our eyes everyday.
All our talk and bluster makes no difference now or ever. We can complain until the cows come home and we will still be losers.
I don’t know about anybody else, but I am getting very, very tired of watching this POS Trudeau and his POS ministers continually looking for ways to tear down MY Canada. I am fast coming to the end of my rope. I feel like I am about to burst.
commented 2016-10-07 00:36:09 -0400
How far? The Federal Libs will no doubt perjure themselves to cover this fraud. Think of the data wipe of the computers in the Liberal premiere’s office in Ontario. There is zero difference between provincial and federal Liberals.

What should happen is that she should immediately be removed from office and her salary stopped, but that will not happen. The Libs will cover the fraud and sweep it under the carpet just as with the gas plant scandal in Ontario,


“Three more years of this joke of an administration. Hint: put as much money as you can in a thick plastic bag and bury it. That way you may have something when the bums get kicked out.”

Stephen E., optimistic aren’t you? If Junior goes ahead and changes the electoral system he will ensure that he will not lose his position as Leader. It will be a similar scenario as in Ontario (a farce). Different tactics but same result.
commented 2016-10-06 23:03:32 -0400
This woman is using advanced TAQIYYA on TruDope (who is her student) and on the rest of Canada – and when really called out on this – she’ll be screaming racism like a mad banshee!! We got to verify info on all those Taqiyya taught refugees as well. Tic-Toc! (the sound of Muhammeds bomb)
commented 2016-10-06 22:32:11 -0400
CANDICE , as peel the onion, the onion gets juicier and juicier

Really! How are they going to get out of this one ?
Is this the way going to do it ?
Everyone will be able to see through this , they are rotting and corruption faster then the cretens Liberals
commented 2016-10-06 21:55:00 -0400
the trudeau govt is making a mockery of the whole country. With China in the wings ready to take over
commented 2016-10-06 21:38:34 -0400
LOL, now HERE’S the real deal. Socialism: only works as long as there are people to take money away from. One they’re destroyed, no one is left to pay, then it all falls apart (or more correctly, into violent tribal internal chaos) until, after so many deaths, abuse, starvation and atrocities against ALL the population, the damned thing just disintegrates. Save Children, Family and Society! enact a law NOW to criminalize socialism. Learn from history please! It’s not pleasant, but we need to deter these problems before they entrench.
commented 2016-10-06 21:03:07 -0400
I as a taxpayer say deport the liar, strip her of ever entering our country ever again. I will not tolerate a fraud getting a paycheck from my hard earned tax dollars. Send her and her lying family back to where they came from.ASAP !!!!!
commented 2016-10-06 20:57:29 -0400
Would we expect anything less from Baby Doc Duvalier.. ah… er… Baby Doc Trudeau’s administration? Its the entitlement to be above the laws of the land. Break a law, be a Liberal, and rules get bent or shuffled aside.

Immigration Minister John McCallum sounds like a drunk at a bar saying how he would change laws just for convenience. And don’t we think this comes from above – Gerald Butts pulling the strings and as a ventriloquist putting words in Prince Dumb’s mouth.

Three more years of this joke of an administration. Hint: put as much money as you can in a thick plastic bag and bury it. That way you may have something when the bums get kicked out.
commented 2016-10-06 20:52:11 -0400
@ Bravo Zulu – Ahhh? I think a whole lot of Canadians are being awoken to the treasonous situation speedily developing & most of us being the decent people we are – are slowly realizing the extreme contrasts in their once calm lives. It is only those who choose to be uninformed that are going to have the harshest of realizations. Just as the Trump train Movement is happening in the USA & many parts of Europe, it is roaring to a start in Canada. Anyone one who has been honest enough with themselves when listening & watching Trump & Pence Rallies can only come to the same conclusion – it is bare assed common sense! …there are way more of us – than them!!

Hats off to you!
commented 2016-10-06 20:12:47 -0400
Even if they changed the law she would still be prosecuted because she broke the standing law.
commented 2016-10-06 19:42:06 -0400
Karan and Liza – Agreed. For all the Conservative politicians reading this, we have serious expectations of you!!

I just emailed Ambrose, now it’s your turn; rona.ambrose@parl.gc.ca
commented 2016-10-06 19:06:31 -0400
“Just a reminder to the conservative politicians; These are the very kind of matters we expect to react on in the parliament from our elected members of the opposition.”
Hear hear Karan Singh.
commented 2016-10-06 18:36:46 -0400
All said & done, where’s the official opposition party the Conservatives on this issue??
Didn’t even hear a whisper from ‘hammering’ Rona Ambrose on this issue, although she was very quick & vocal on criticizing her own party member Dr.Kellie Leitch on Canadian Values issue.
Just a reminder to the conservative politicians; These are the very kind of matters we expect to react on in the parliament from our elected members of the opposition.
commented 2016-10-06 18:28:04 -0400
This Woman should be sent back to the land of Goat lovers from whence she came. Let Trudeau be rotated with a screwdriver.