March 10, 2018

SHOCKING VIDEO: The Rebel kicked out of Ontario PC Leadership Convention!

David MenziesMission Specialist

The Rebel wanted to cover today's Ontario Progressive Conservative Leadership Convention firsthand. Just one hitch:

The PC elites didn’t want us there. So it was that security and the police were summoned and The Rebel Media crew was frogmarched off the property.

PS: Here's my report from the debate in Ottawa that may be behind this!

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commented 2018-03-16 04:45:40 -0400
BTW Bob, the physical laws that govern elementary particles and everything they combine to form and do are all mathematical (example: relationship between matter and energy: E=MC2). All mathematics is pure thought. The universe ran on mathematics (e.g. stars fusing hydrogen into helium, releasing energy according to E=MC2) before any human ever had a mathematical thought. Who thought up that mathematics? Think about that. Atheism cannot answer this question logically. Only a mind can create mathematics. Only a Divine mind could have created the mathematics needed to set up the physical laws that govern the universe.
commented 2018-03-15 22:56:23 -0400
So “something” is responsible for the complexity of the world? I can see you’ve really gone deep into this.

That “something” is indeed the God of the Bible. I can make a case for that, that you can’t refute. Your simple assertion, without anything but your ingrained own anti-God bias to back it up, doesn’t cut it. Think about it.

The universe and everything in it is made up of a complex ‘Lego set’ of elementary particles that are governed by physical laws. Why do those laws exist? Why do the particles exist? You can’t answer that logically.

The only logical answer is that an intelligent mind behind it. That is what your “something” is. We call it God.

“In the beginning God created…”
commented 2018-03-14 14:34:28 -0400

There may be something behind it, but it certainly isn’t a God or having anything to do with the Bible – that’s all man made stuff to weak minded people like you in check.
commented 2018-03-13 19:49:23 -0400
Bob rock a degree in journalism and yet not a speck of common sense .
Big deal . The way journalism is going now a days , tell the biggest lie say it many times and the brain dead will believe it . Journalists are just 1 step lower than a politician .
commented 2018-03-13 18:22:12 -0400
God isn’t imaginary, Bob. He is the reason everything, including you, exists. Or do you think everything exists for no reason, no ultimate purpose? Do you think a complex world like this could exist in all its complexity without a mind behind it? That’s like saying a Boeing passenger aircraft has no mind behind it, no creator or purpose. Except that this world is far ore complex than any passenger aircraft. How do you explain that without God?
commented 2018-03-13 13:42:32 -0400
Yes, God. The imaginary man in the sky.

commented 2018-03-13 13:30:02 -0400
No, Bob, I don’t. I believe personal bets unnecessarily alienate people from one another, and as a Christian, I believe that is something that God wants people to avoid. I also believe that gambling in general is foolish and is something that God disapproves of. Your “How convenient” is misplaced, as is your LOL.

You should read the book of Proverbs in the Old testament. It contains valuable wisdom by which to live one’s life. I have found it to be indispensable in living my life. Also, the teachings of Jesus Christ. I came into a personal faith relationship with Jesus Christ many years ago and have never regretted it. Here is the essence of it:

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” – John 3:16 (NT)
commented 2018-03-13 12:03:24 -0400
Yvette Lantz said, “My reaction to that would be to say that those on the left are Marxist’s and perhaps Communists, whichever fits. but I will not do that.”

Not all people left of centre are. Many of them are unrepresented classical liberals, but the politicians leading the charge in this country save for a small handful, absolutely are at the very least cultural Marxists. Pierre Trudeau was as close to being a commie as you can get save the gun. Justin is worse and our system is rife with them.
commented 2018-03-13 11:15:03 -0400
You don’t believe in betting.


How convenient.
commented 2018-03-13 04:26:03 -0400
Bob, I don’t think you’ve really thought through the actual effect that your comments here are having, or for that matter, how the subscriber numbers crunch out. Hopefully that will continue to be the case going forward.

Let’s say that only half of the nearly 900,000 Rebel Media subscribers are in Canada. Fair enough. That’s nearly 450,000, and many are probably adult couples, so let’s conservatively say an even 500,000 conservative votes at play. Many ridings in any given election are won by 1000 or fewer votes. That’s 500,000 votes that will be available to tip ridings across Canada into the Conservative camp on election night.

If I believed in betting, I definitely would bet on Doug to win. But as it happens I don’t believe in betting.

Lucky for you…
commented 2018-03-13 03:29:06 -0400

Would you put money down that Doug Ford is going to beat Wynne?
commented 2018-03-13 03:27:08 -0400
Ted Tadright,

YouTube is ONE facet and much of that 900,000 are American and they don’t give a shit about our elections. The most popular Rebel contributor ever was Gavin McInnes. Why? Because Americans primarily were watching.

In addition, when you put 900,000 into context of Canada’s population of 30+ million, then 900.000 doesn’t mean shit, especially when most are American.

Lastly, the vast majority of YouTube subscribers do not come to the Rebel site – so they don’t even see these discussions or my posts that you think will start a revolution of conservatives fighting back.

I don’t think you really thought this through, Teddy boy.
commented 2018-03-13 03:03:28 -0400
Doesn’t help “reality” that at 11:35 PSDT the news crawl across the bottom of the CTV news, in B.C., still has Christine Elliott evidently still “contesting” Ford’s election… !?!? Puhleeze!! If you are going to lie so blatantly then at least get your timeline right?!?!
commented 2018-03-13 02:53:20 -0400
BTW Bob, you’ll find out how “small” the “extreme right kooks” (your disingenuous term for social conservatives) are when Doug Ford becomes Ontario Premier in a few months time. Andrew Scheer and other timid conservatives are worried about the MSM coming after them if they embrace Rebel Nation (900,000 strong now) conservatives, the demographic the federal Conservatives alienated and lost in the last federal election, resulting in them losing that election. Hopefully, once they realize that demographic is about to elect Doug Ford as Ontario Premier, they will realize where they can get the votes from to win the next federal election as well. If they don’t, and don’t stop dissing Rebel Nation, they will lose the next federal election and remain in opposition. So hopefully they will learn from what is happening in Ontario and see that the key to winning the next federal election is to stop fearing and catering to the MSM, which will oppose them nonstop and relentlessly anyway, and embrace Rebel Nation, the conservative demographic they need to put them over the top. They won’t lose the conservative vote they got last time by doing that (it’s their core base vote), so your other point is moot. The core base plus Rebel Nation is all that in needed to make Scheer PM.
commented 2018-03-13 02:09:43 -0400
Bob, I’d say that nearly 900,000 Youtube subscribers to Rebel Media is a huge movement. At the rate it is growing, in part thanks to the leftist trolls who inspire us to keep the movement going and growing, it will be over a million before long, and that ain’t chopped liver, as the saying goes. So by all means, keep on ranting your leftist lunacy here, you and the others, because you’re not hurting the cause here, you’re definitely helping it.
commented 2018-03-13 01:57:02 -0400
Yvette, you’re right that the current situation is scary. Leftist delusion is on the upswing, and the left has been very successful in stacking the system against us with kangaroo institutions that have criminalized a lot of formerly unrestricted social conservative speech, and are working overtime to criminalize more of it all the time. So we are fighting a rearguard action against worsening odds. But what they haven’t realized is that their own increasingly insane cultural Marxist rhetoric and policies are now working for conservatives and against themselves. That is one reason why the Ontario revolt is finally happening, the other being their destructive mismanagement of the economy. But it goes beyond that. They are literally tearing down Western civilization and recklessly bragging about it, and I believe that the mass of ordinary people are becoming aware of that, and beginning to revolt against it, because they see their lives being destroyed in the process, and they won’t tolerate that any more. That explains the Trump revolt in the U.S., the Brexit vote in the U.K., and now the Fordnation revolt in Ontario. So the more the leftists proclaim their insane agenda, the more ordinary people are realizing the leftist lunacy has to be stopped, and the only people who are going to do that are conservatives, who have been opposing the left’s insane agenda all along. The left are their own worst enemies. So let them rant their heads off here. They are helping us to expose their lunatic agenda and stop it.
commented 2018-03-13 01:39:08 -0400
Ted Tadright,

You are giving The Rebel far too much credit. It’s the same 20 or 30 people posting here every day. You act like it’s some huge movement.

I hate to wake you from your slumber, but the very reason why Andrew Scheer and many other conservatives are ignoring The Rebel is because the majority of Canadians can’t fucking stand Ezra Levant and The Rebel, so not alienating Canadians in general is more important than not alienating a small demographic of extreme right kooks.
commented 2018-03-13 00:11:28 -0400
Liza……I’ve suggested to jimmy bob Sarah that donating all his organs at one time, as soon as possible, would be best for all parties involved. Of course, the resident troll is not smart enough to take a hint!
commented 2018-03-12 23:51:51 -0400
Bob Rock admitted:- “I am not trying to hide myself. I post as myself, but I am forced to use new names because The Rebel doesn’t practice what it preaches regarding free speech.”… Wha?? “forced to use new names”? but “I post as myself”??… I must be getting a bit “slow” in my senior years because in spite of having a degree in Journalism I would suggest that is the classic example of an “oxymoron”…
commented 2018-03-12 23:30:34 -0400
Ted, point taken. I sometimes wonder if these people actually can change. The left is so far out there and most are almost to the point of being evil. When I see them demonstrate against pipelines and other causes such as against free speech it looks as if they are insane.

The younger generation have been educated to become activists and Marxist’s and just think, they are going to rule the world, Scary proposition.
commented 2018-03-12 23:06:00 -0400
Yvette, I posted my last comment before I read your comment on the cultural Marxist trolls who post here. (And I include the other trolls in my remarks concerning ‘Bob’, I think they are all good for our cause.) I know they can be irritating, but consider the actual effects of their ‘work’ here, as I outlined in my last comment. The cure for idiot cultural Marxist speech is enlightened conservative speech, much of which is instigated here by the trolls’ comments, and I for one, while I don’t appreciate their motives, do value their comments for that reason. They are unwittingly doing the conservative cause a real service, and also are unwittingly doing their own cause a real disservice. So I think it’s best to put up with them, as long as they aren’t being profanely disrespectful of the conservative folks here. If they do become openly abusive of conservatives here, then that’s another matter; the pitch them out. But as long as they are simply opposing our arguments, I say, bring it on. We know that openly debating the issues is the essence of freedom and civilization; let the leftists unwittingly help us. Goodness knows, they try hard enough to destroy our civilization; let their own words condemn them. And one more thing: we can’t rule out the possibility that enough exposure to the truth here could eventually turn some of them from the dark side to the light of truth, sanity, and freedom, i.e. social conservatism. It happened to me a long time ago, and it could certainly happen to some of them also.
commented 2018-03-12 22:43:01 -0400
I know a lot of folks don’t like ‘Bob’ posting here, but I think he serves a useful purpose to the Rebel without knowing it. First, he provides a case study in what is wrong with cultural Marxism and why we need to defeat it. Second, ’Bob’s posts instigate lively debate that brings out reasons for defeating cultural Marxism that otherwise might not come out, which is a service to the reading public. And third, he sharpens up our own awareness of that and our debating skills, which can only be good for our movement over time. Frankly, if I were ‘Bob’, I wouldn’t want any of those things to happen, and I wouldn’t post here for that reason, if I were him. So I think we ought to appreciate the work he is unwittingly doing for our cause and be tolerant of him, as annoying as he can be at times, because he really is doing our cause a very real and important service.

So thank you, ‘Bob’, for providing an ongoing object lesson in the necessity of defeating cultural Marxism in Canada, and please, keep on helping us get out the message of sane conservative government! I have to say it: You are worth every bit of irritation for the valuable contribution you make to our cause!
commented 2018-03-12 22:41:03 -0400
Just a comment here. I like to read the blog postings and rarely get involved but now, today I feel that I must. Please do not respond to the Bob Rock’s, Jimmy’s and Andrew types. You are just feeding their ego’s and boy do they have big ego’s. I learned a long time ago, that when someone is trying to push your buttons just do not reply at all. Just ignore them as if they do not exist. Do not give them the time of day. Go on and have conversations with those that are like minded and at least it will give us all a rest from the constant back and forth. You are not going to change these people’s minds and besides they are just trying to get you going and they are succeeding.

Also another thought, and I think that this applies to most that post here, is that I am a Conservative, pure and simple. I am not far right or any other such label that is applied to Conservatives. My reaction to that would be to say that those on the left are Marxist’s and perhaps Communists, whichever fits. but I will not do that.
commented 2018-03-12 22:19:38 -0400
Glenn Radford, I’m with you. I’m absolutely disgusted at the way has been treated by all the conservative parties (they don’t seem to understand who their base is), and I won’t be giving any of them another nickel until they start treating as the go-to conservative media outlet in Canada.

Before the last election, I warned the Harper PMO and a prominent figure in the federal party that they were alienating their base, and that Justin Trudeau would be the next PM if they didn’t smarten up and start treating the actual conservative base of the Conservative Party of Canada with respect, instead of shafting us and our media. They didn’t, so much of the base just didn’t vote last time and they lost to Trudeau.

I hope it won’t take another loss to Trudeau before they start treating the social conservative base with respect. Because if they don’t, it will be a repeat of the last federal election. Many just won’t be treated like outcasts and vote for them. They better wake up soon, or they will be in perpetual opposition. Andrew? Y’hear?
commented 2018-03-12 20:48:52 -0400
liza rosie,

Nice dodge there per your absolutely shameful hypocrisy.

I am not trying to hide myself. I post as myself, but I am forced to use new names because The Rebel doesn’t practice what it preaches regarding free speech.
commented 2018-03-12 20:48:30 -0400
liza rosie,

Nice dodge there per your absolutely shameless hypocrisy.

I am not trying to hide myself. I post as myself, but I am forced to use new names because The Rebel doesn’t practice what it preaches regarding free speech.
commented 2018-03-12 20:46:08 -0400
Douglas Buchta,

That’s the point – they don’t view The Rebel as legitimate press. It’s a cute little extreme right blog on the interweb.
commented 2018-03-12 20:44:48 -0400
I didn’t say that at all Mark – where have you been? I said that he could win in the Ford thread.

Try again, dipshit.
commented 2018-03-12 20:40:00 -0400
That was not a type-o , I wanted to try to get it thru his thick scull .
commented 2018-03-12 19:58:13 -0400
Bob Rock where you been hiding ? You said Ford would never win . Guess you don’t know shit after all .