March 10, 2018

SHOCKING VIDEO: The Rebel kicked out of Ontario PC Leadership Convention!

David MenziesMission Specialist

The Rebel wanted to cover today's Ontario Progressive Conservative Leadership Convention firsthand. Just one hitch:

The PC elites didn’t want us there. So it was that security and the police were summoned and The Rebel Media crew was frogmarched off the property.

PS: Here's my report from the debate in Ottawa that may be behind this!

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commented 2018-03-10 21:24:16 -0500
Stop beating your wife Hicken.
commented 2018-03-10 21:22:03 -0500
now both federal and provincial do not want anything to do with rebel. guess they are no longer friends of yours. Try connecting with the communist party of Canada. You might have better luck
commented 2018-03-10 21:20:09 -0500
Elliott should just concede and accept she is a three time loser at this!
commented 2018-03-10 21:17:25 -0500
Liza said in part, “Funny, Jimmy Bob thinks everyone he disagrees with is from Alberta.”

It’s one his super repetitive posts, that, and, telling people to move to Texas.
commented 2018-03-10 21:12:41 -0500
Banning The Rebel from covering the PC leadership convention! I swear Ontario Tories have an incurable political death wish. Don’t they know they are snubbing the most intense opposition Wynne has? Not to mention they are dissing the media organization they need to corral the votes they need to get over the finish line and form the next Ontario government. They stiff their natural allies and fear their friends! Brain-dead!
commented 2018-03-10 21:09:52 -0500
This is a product of liberalist globalist horse shit!..Canada is like Sweden! How does it feel Canadians?? You feel warm and fuzzy? You like being a trudeau drone?

“An idle person who lives off others; a loafer.”
commented 2018-03-10 21:07:57 -0500
Ah, so that’s why Ezra was quoting his much-beloved CBC earlier. LOL.

These clowns are a bunch of idiots that couldn’t organize a two car parade. Doug Ford is the perfect leader for them. I disagree with Granic-Allen on pretty much every front politically, but after watching how she carried herself, she seems to be the only one there who is there with honest intentions, vs the self-annointed ego driven silver-spoon legacy brats, the Conservative Justins aka Brian’s daugher, Jim’s Widow, and Rob’s brother.
commented 2018-03-10 21:06:50 -0500
Fraser McBurney, the Committee who decided to send everyone home should resign. The results should have been made public this afternoon, a winner announced and if the loser wanted a recount, then a recount she gets!
commented 2018-03-10 21:06:37 -0500
Doug doesn’t get it there will be hell to pay.
commented 2018-03-10 20:54:59 -0500
commented 2018-03-10 20:53:16 -0500
So Ontario PC stands for political correctness; now it all makes sense. Ontario you are a basket case. You will elect another left of center government and you most certainly will put Trudeau back in power.
commented 2018-03-10 20:49:45 -0500
Bob Rock..please give details what your statement below means….

The Rebel and their extreme right AMERICAN mentality of conservatism.
commented 2018-03-10 20:46:23 -0500
Funny, Jimmy Bob thinks everyone he disagrees with is from Alberta.

Clearly the people in Ontario are gunning for some conservative values or Doug Ford wouldn’t be in a recount with Elliott.
Even with all the fckery in the American election, people still got Trump in. That is what is happening in Ontario.
commented 2018-03-10 20:40:24 -0500
Bob/Vinny, Christopher Wilson and Holly Nicholas are missed and they left in December, one went back to school and the other moved on to another job – it wasn’t explained who did what.

As others pointed out to you, if it’s such a tiny demographic with no influence why put up barriers and call the police? Prohibiting media is not honourable and says more about the person who used this tactic.
commented 2018-03-10 20:36:45 -0500
These facist scum need to be put out on their collective asses. The Rebel should be getting their billboard van out PDQ. Get the message out there that the PC PC’s are trying to hide. With friends like this who needs Bob Rock?
commented 2018-03-10 20:26:45 -0500
If The Rebel is such a tiny demographic with no influence why are the elites afraid of letting them in?
commented 2018-03-10 20:23:46 -0500
Karan Singh, well put!
And to Bob Rock…Donald J. Trump is the most important man in the World at this moment in time & he’s making Brainwashed Liberal Loon heads like yours explode! People like you just don’t understand that he is a master at manipulating the lying MSM in his country & ours.
With a comment like that, you just proved to everyone here that you don’t belong on The Rebel Media, maybe you should search out a Justin Trudeau Fanboy Website that your comments would be welcome on.
commented 2018-03-10 20:22:37 -0500
Bob Rock…If individuals stop The Rebel Media from doing their job…There is something very..very…wrong with that!…Did that thought ever wander through your ….whatever you call thoughts? Politically correct mindset?…Agenda??…beliefs….sunny ways?.. AND this is not the first time The Rebel Media was banned!!

Because individuals like YOU! can’t handle the truth and facts…
commented 2018-03-10 20:18:52 -0500
Ford and Tanya contacted the rebel in support. Tanya finally got David in but not as media.

1300 votes are in dispute. Something to do with addresses, not knowing which riding they should be put in or some darn thing. What a debacle.
commented 2018-03-10 20:08:37 -0500
Karan Singh,

Yes, that’s why The Rebel has been tanking big time since last year and is doing worse than ever now with half of the contributors having left this place – Holly Nicolas and Christopher Wilson being the latest.

You seriously overestimate The Rebel’s support in Canada. It’s a very small demographic primarily out of Alberta.
commented 2018-03-10 20:06:41 -0500
The PC,s will sh#t all over their base, but will kiss azz of those who will never vote for them anyway. Just amazing!
commented 2018-03-10 20:02:19 -0500
Just keep asking…Who in the Conservative Party gave the order to shut the Rebel Media out!.. Was it all? was it one or two??
commented 2018-03-10 20:00:01 -0500
Rob, no, they are doing a recount. Word is Elliott won’t concede to Ford.
commented 2018-03-10 19:56:07 -0500
Has it been made official who is the Conservative Leader of Ontario?
commented 2018-03-10 19:55:50 -0500
I agree Tammie.
I also agree with Karan Singh, who said, “To revive conservatism in Canada we desperately need another political platform, based on nationalism & Canadian heritage.”
We are so done with this corruption. That is why they won’t regard us, they know we will eventually flush these bad actors out. They wouldn’t be shunning us this way if we weren’t over the target, they would have let us in. This proves it.
commented 2018-03-10 19:55:28 -0500
This is unbelievable! What do these politicians and this party have to hide? Apparently a lot. Just proves the level of severity of corruption in every party and pretty much every politician in this country!
commented 2018-03-10 19:52:57 -0500
BOB ROCK commented: “I guess The Rebel are not getting the hint. Even Conservative Parties in Canada don’t want anything to do with The Rebel and their extreme right AMERICAN mentality of conservatism.”

Bob, it doesn’t matter what ‘the parties’ want. The Rebel is what majority of true conservatives & patriots want, which actually goes against globalists agenda of ruling over proletariat & dominating the world. They’re afraid of populist movement which will swipe them away to oblivion.
commented 2018-03-10 19:47:51 -0500
IMO, someone in Mulroney’s camp arranged this.
She was last, despite all her money and her father’s last name….
Anyway,we can ask Doug Ford who orchestrated this, and go from there.
commented 2018-03-10 19:42:13 -0500
I guess The Rebel are not getting the hint. Even Conservative Parties in Canada don’t want anything to do with The Rebel and their extreme right AMERICAN mentality of conservatism.
commented 2018-03-10 19:34:52 -0500
True Conservative movement in Canada died the day meekly Scheer was elected as leader of Conservative Party. Ontario provincial conservatives have long been infiltrated & influenced by liberals, they call themselves conservatives but in reality aren’t much different from wynne liberals or socialist dippers.
To revive conservatism in Canada we desperately need another political platform, based on nationalism & Canadian heritage.