August 01, 2018

Should We Censor American Flag Art?

Martina MarkotaRebel Contributor

Artwork commissioned by Creative Time in New York has been censored after Republicans protested. The piece featured an American flag with the nation's landmass split in two, represent the political divide.

I'm torn on this issue and wanted to ask you guys what you think. Do you think it was right for this artwork to be censored?

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commented 2018-08-02 02:20:27 -0400
No it should not have been.
commented 2018-08-01 18:47:06 -0400
No it shouldn’t be censored. Stupid ideas should be exposed for what they are, and that can only happen once they’re given a voice. Besides, in this case it doesn’t seem that desecrating the flag was the artist’s intent.
commented 2018-08-01 13:26:37 -0400
This piece of art should not have been removed. Essentially, censorship at work. So much for free speech.

Then again, the Mohammed cartoons are essentially forbidden to be show by self-censoring MSM afraid of a Muslim attack or being called Islamophobic, yet the “Piss Christ” “art” was allowed to be displayed. It all depends upon who will be or is offended.

This was a timely, honest commentary on the US and was hardly offensive, especially compared to other “flag art” and flag burning.
commented 2018-08-01 12:53:33 -0400
I don’t think this artwork should have been censored.

I have a problem with people burning the flag; urinating on the flag or emptying their bowels on the flag.