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Rebel Lineup

The Ezra Levant Show

with Ezra Levant

Ezra Levant gives you his contrarian and conservative take on free speech, politics, and foreign policy through in-depth commentary and interviews.



with Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins is a woman on a mission. She is serious about telling the stories not being told. Through Hopkins World columns and videos, Katie gives truth to power.


Take That!

with Kurt Schlichter

Controversial columnist Kurt Schlichter gives his uncensored take on the news and politics of the day.


The Gorka Briefing

with Dr Sebastian Gorka

Former Trump Advisor Dr. Sebastian Gorka breaks down the fake news from the mainstream media and tells you what is really going on in America.


OTC - Declassified

with John Cardillo

Former NYPD John Cardillo goes in-depth on a full-hour show dedicated to breaking through the mainstream media narrative and anti-Trump rhetoric.


The Gunn Show

with Sheila Gunn Reid

Canada's most conservative province is living a left-wing nightmare. Sheila Gunn Reid challenges far left policies and stands up for suffering Albertans.


Gunn Shots

with Sheila Gunn

Alberta Bureau Chief Sheila Gunn Reid gives her daily take on Alberta and Canada’s news and current affairs.


Rebel Roundup

with David Menzies

Rebel contributors don’t always agree. Watch your favourite personalities discuss and debate the top stories of the week.


Off The Cuff

with John Cardillo

Former NYPD cop, John Cardillo, tells it like it is. He stands up for Blue Lives Matter, takes on anti-Trump rhetoric and delivers a daily take on American politics and culture.


The Hollywood Conservative

with Amanda Head

Amanda Head, a conservative in the trenches of Hollywood lefties, has her finger on the pulse of developing stories that are shaping our culture.


What's The Deal?

with David Menzies

Whether it's faux feminism, millennial snowflakes, or counterfeit conservatives, David Menzies questions the current state of our culture and politics.


Pure Hollywood

with Ben Davies

Is there room for conservatives in Hollywood? Actor Ben Davies gives movie reviews and his inside take on Hollywood from a Christian, conservative perspective.


Muslim Sense

with Raheel Raza

A show for Progressive Muslims who aren’t afraid to engage in conversations about Sharia, honor violence, and jihad.


Rebel Live

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Rebel Archives
Premium Watch Now Archived

How's it goin', eh?

with Gavin McInnes

Callin' all hosers! Gavin McIness gives a crazy Canuck's take on the world.

Watch Now Archived

Tommy Robinson Show

with Tommy Robinson

The most controversial show in the U.K. Tommy calls out radical Islam, apologist politicians and the media who are letting his country's values slip away.

Watch Now Archived

Mark Latham's Outsiders

with Mark Latham

Mark Latham fights back against the politically correct, left-wing agenda that runs rampant in Australia.

Premium Watch Now Archived

On The Hunt

with Faith Goldy

Faith Goldy is a fearless journalist and devout Catholic who stands up for family, her country and her values.

Premium Watch Now Archived


with Lauren Southern

A contrarian and contraversial personality, Lauren Southern doesn't shy away from a story.

Premium Watch Now Archived

Culture Wars

with Tiffany Gabbay

Tiffany Gabbay challenges the left and calls out the mainstream media with her own brand of conservatism.