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Rebel Staff

October 13 UPDATE -- As our reporter David Menzies proved on video last week, anyone can vote in the Canadian election while wearing a Muslim face-mask called a niqab.

But over the weekend, it got worse:

As you can see in this NEW VIDEO, above, another reporter, Ilana Shneider with, put on a niqab and voted in the advance poll in Willowdale, Ontario.

At no time did Shneider ever remove her face mask.

But worse, unlike Menzies, at no time was she even asked to swear that it was really her, or show a second piece of ID.

This is nuts. It’s part political correctness, part sharia law.

Just this month, the Muslim country of Egypt banned women from voting if they’re wearing a niqab.

But in Canada, we’ve normalized it — and destroyed the integrity of our elections.

This is an outrage. Please SHARE this video with your friends.

And SIGN OUR PETITION to ban voting while wearing any face mask.

We sent a six-foot tall man named David Menzies to attempt to vote while wearing a full, face-obscuring niqab.

The results were shocking. 

Elections Canada did almost nothing to determine his real identity. All Elections Canada required was the signing of an oath to confirm his identity. 

You can watch the shorter, 90-second version of our undercover video here, with the highlights. (It's perfect for sharing.)

If you’re as appalled as we are, SIGN THE PETITION demanding that Elections Canada ban wearing a niqab or any other face mask while voting.

It’s one thing to insult Canadian culture by degrading women. It's just insane to let people vote without showing their face. 

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P.S. Here’s the entire, unedited tape of David, from the moment he went in, to the moment he came out. For legal reasons, we are not allowed to show the actual moment of voting — it’s the only part of the tape we’ve edited:

Sign the petition!

We demand Elections Canada require all Canadians to show their face before voting.

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