March 17, 2016

SICK: Trudeau's top advisor Gerald Butts tweeted “stabbing” joke after Islamic attack on Canadian soldiers

Rebel Staff

As you know, on Monday a Muslim terrorist stabbed two uniformed soldiers at a Canadian Forces recruiting office in Toronto.

Obviously, the prime minister’s office would have been briefed, including Gerald Butts, the Prime Minister’s principal secretary.

But Butts is also a hyperactive user of social media, constantly checking the news, giving his opinions on it, debating people. It’s amazing he has time to do anything else.

On Monday night, hours after the stabbing was public, Gerald Butts retweeted a cartoon with the joke: 

“People are losing the spirit of the Ides of March. It’s not just about stabbing. It’s about coming together to stab in groups.”

The Ides of March is March 15th, when Julius Caesar was stabbed. I get it. But the very night after two Canadian Armed Forces personnel were stabbed, Trudeau’s principal secretary thought that was appropriate to retweet?

And Trudeau? He waited a whole day and a half before making any statement about the stabbing.


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commented 2016-03-22 15:19:55 -0400
Ada and Hyacynth: I appreciated your comments so much!!
commented 2016-03-21 15:10:26 -0400
That is a joke???
commented 2016-03-19 03:13:08 -0400
I applaud your posting Ada Williams. It is truly refreshing to hear from someone that is not Canadian to get a clear snapshot of how Canada is perceived. I thank you.

Thank you for also drawing attention to what others outside of Canada (and outside of Canadian main stream media – CBC) truly see Trudeau as: “In my country Canada has been held up to ridicule in many outlets due to electing a person who is v obviously devoid of intellect. One of our main papers did a whole breakdown of him and his life, showing how he is not a tiny patch on his father who was a clever man. Trudeaux has been exposed as not even making average IQ status. He even looks dumb and creates howls of laughter when his dumb mug infests our screens for a minute or so. He is only where he is because of the name. I notice this obscene person above called Butt or something has just as vacant eyes . Clueless. But in both Butt’s and Trudeau eyes is the evidence of drug use.”

In regards to “Sean Penson” he is The Rebel’s resident troll. He uses several aliases. His favorite of late is that of Sean Penson and Ron Christensen though he does revert to other aliases from time to time. It is general consensus that this person (you referred to him as a wanker germ, I refer to him as a tosser) is a paid Liberal troll and so most tend to ignore him unless one cannot resist the urge to his rattle his cage. His objective is to deflect from the article since he cannot refute the posts or articles themselves. Its all terribly juvenile, but at times does provide amusement. His postings are also a useful tool in that it shows the readers how truly perverse the Liberal Party in Canada has become over the years and since given free reign they are starting to show their true colors.

“They expect to fight and to spill their blood. So do the English with their private army of citizens being trained atm by ex SAS commandos and ex ordinary army service men. India has one too, and its called the Darma Sena. Its made up of Hindus, Sikhs, Christians who have a common enemy.”

This is both good and bad news Ada. Good in the sense of being prepared, bad in the sense that it confirms that war will break out, its only a question of when.
commented 2016-03-19 02:23:41 -0400
And this one Sean Penson, girlman, who thinks its ok to stab servicemen and women, because you don’t LIKE them, but perhaps is too dumb to realise it means someone can stab you because they don’t like you and your destructive hate and politics and v low IQ . From the young French
commented 2016-03-19 02:04:16 -0400
Here Mr Penson is Professor Watson from Cambridge enlightening the world on the real Karl Marx who by the dribble you spit out sounds like he might be a hero of yours. Of course this madman also had the frothing at the mouth Engels to help him. The work was co authored. They were both horrors.
commented 2016-03-19 01:55:29 -0400
Here you go Sean Penson, The young Germans. Martin Sellner is the 1st person you see in this v clear and direct warning of what’s coming
commented 2016-03-19 00:47:51 -0400
Sean Penson. Having read your what really could only be called nefarious comment about stabbing and attacking members of your country’s defence forces, topped up with your total DELUSION about Canada now getting ‘respect’ from overseas I thought I would reply. Because I am not Canadian. I am a LOOONG way from you. I occasionally stop by Canadian outlets and blogs etc to get an idea of what Canada is doing about the deliberate destruction being inflicted on the entire west civilisation by neo Marxist exponents of hateful ‘critical theory’ . It appears not much ( yet). Of which you are obviously one of the robotic flag bearers. A perfect example of the directive commanded by Antonio Gramsci 80/90 years ago in Europe as a way to destroy the west culture. You see Gramsci was v angry that the workers of the west had rejected the Marxist ideology. They were too smart you see. They saw what it really was, a tyrannical ideology that colonises people’s minds and proceeds to oppress originality and inventiveness. Gramsci, the idiot thought they were brainwashed by religion or state institutions.
So Gramsci decided on another tactic. Feed the vanity and delusions of the so called ‘intellectuals’ and have them slowly infiltrate uni’s, government institutions, schools etc, slowly implementing critical theory. The focus must be on the negative only said this snake Gramsci. Destroy identity, belonging, culture, pride and fill them with self hate and hate for heritage and traditions. Lenin said ‘If we can fill just one generation with hate and disdain, for culture and country then we will have won’. BUT HE IS WRONG. Its the norm for some of the younger to sneer at what they call ‘old white people’ as those who are the so called racists ( which is just another clever word made up by yet another early Russian Marxist to inflict fear and oppression, which was the sole reason for inventing it) but its those very same ‘old white people’ who are/were the major drivers of the Marxist lie in the 60’s/70’s. The young indigenous of Europe are fighting back in a v big way. They blame the generation before them for their horrific predicament They are right. That generation maybe the one that Lenin meant, ‘if we can get just one’. But the result will be that the ‘young indigenous people’ of Europe and England will strip every skerrick of political thought since ww2 to shreds. The Generation Identitaire ( Identity) is now massive and they are preparing for what they call the Reconquista. Look up the German branch under Martin Sellner and see how they say they want their identity back. They want their countries back. They have reawakened to their thousands of years history which they have been denied by the neo Marxist infiltration into education. They intend to strip back the education system right back. They deeply resent being told they must hate themselves for their skin colour. They realise they are being subject to genocide. Btw, I bet its absolute that you DONT know that the 1st person in history to say genocide was necessary and acceptable was KARL MARX. Which is why Russia had no qualms about murdering 20 million plus of its own ‘misfits’ and dissenters. Don’t believe me??? Check professor Watson from Cambridge Uni who is an expert on Marx revealing this on utube. Perhaps I put it up for you.

The French young people are the ones who founded the movement. They are v v v angry and have openly declared war in their short video on utube. Against the older generations, their government, their mainstream media. They expect to fight and to spill their blood. So do the English with their private army of citizens being trained atm by ex SAS commandos and ex ordinary army service men. India has one too, and its called the Darma Sena. Its made up of Hindus, Sikhs, Christians who have a common enemy. Islam you see is one of the greatest colonisers the world has ever seen and during their occupation of India Islam murdered 9 million Hindus, before the Indians in a courageous Herculean effort kicked them out. They are also the world’s greatest slavers EVER and still have 28 million black slaves in mostly arab muslim homes. Saudi Arabia says its their divine right, written up in their huge array of ‘teachings’. They will never stop unless forced. OH AND WE WILL FORCE THEM. WE WILL DISSEMATE EVERY THING THEY STAND FOR. Arabs also took around 3 million white slaves from the coasts of Europe right upto the early 19th century. Until the early 19th century small European towns and villages built as far back from the coast as possible to avoid the raids. Bigger towns were safer of course. Islam has slaved far far longer than any other culture and even though some farce signing of a paper at the UN in the 60’s was supposed to mean they would stop they ( of course) NEVER had any intention. They say whoever says they cannot slave is a heretic and will be executed.

BUT YOU, you are just what someone said here, a namby little girlman, neo Marxist who lives in a cloud cuckoo land world. You think its totally ok to stab service people because ‘YOU DONT LIKE THEM’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are totally oblivious also to the disgusting horror that you said as well. Its called attempted murder or murder. I don’t like YOU so then can I just stab you then? I don’t like your appalling racist statements and destructive politics destroying the future for Canadian children. Just because you are so dumb and arrogant and think only YOU are right. How dare you?? Who are YOU???? But some little wanker germ infecting your country spewing 2nd hand BS from a Marxist infiltrated school or tertiary institution. Where you shouldn’t be as you appear low in brain matter. Which brings us to Trudeau.

In my country Canada has been held up to ridicule in many outlets due to electing a person who is v obviously devoid of intellect. One of our main papers did a whole breakdown of him and his life, showing how he is not a tiny patch on his father who was a clever man. Trudeaux has been exposed as not even making average IQ status. He even looks dumb and creates howls of laughter when his dumb mug infests our screens for a minute or so. He is only where he is because of the name. I notice this obscene person above called Butt or something has just as vacant eyes . Clueless. But in both Butt’s and Trudeau eyes is the evidence of drug use. Especially Trudeau’s. This is my field you see. Speed, coke, ice, various amphets etc. But Butt is a v nasty degenerate who is likely to come to a v sticky end with smug evil comments and ‘jokes’ like the ‘stab’ filth. I for one, if I was the mother of one of the persons attacked would be looking into that now. But people like him AND YOU seem to be oblivious to the potential of such an event occurring to you because of the disgusting offensive outrage you speak. ‘People dont like service men ( and women). So its fine to stab them.’ As I said that makes it ok for someone to stab YOU too if they dont like what you do or stand for doesn’t it.??? Nasty dumbarse. Of course Trudeau couldn’t have someone smarter than him around!!! hahahaha. Since the IQ of the human race has dropped drastically over the past 40 years he probably didn’t have much trouble finding someone. Trudeau’s juvenile and ridiculous statements also at first invoke incredulousness and then hysterical laughter. But you know certain types of drug use permanently damage the brain. ‘If you kill your enemies they win’? hahahahahahahahaha. And you dumbos swallow that simple minded dribble? As profound? If your enemies kill you THEY WIN you know. Which it seems is likely to happen at this rate. I wasn’t aware he was a footsoldier for the philosophies of a man called Jesus. He spends a lot of his playtime crawling around the floors of mosques with an idiotic look on vacant face. Who btw said that not doing self defence when under continual attack was stupid. He wasn’t keen on all his followers being wiped out sensibly enough. No, what it is is COWARDICE. Trudeau’s a coward. He just wants everyone to like him you see. He thinks ‘if I am always nice everyone will love me’. So in our highest intellectual media outlets its shown that this Trudeau takes after his mother ENTIRELY. That is NO compliment!!! She was a fool and attention seeker of the 1st class. Margaret. Following the Rolling stones around like a cheap groupie. Oh hmm, that’s actually what she was. Also utterly vacant. The Stones wrote a song about her you know. Go hunt it up if you haven’t heard. Its called ‘STARFUCKER’. Hahahahaha. ‘The easiest lay on the White House floor’. Canada is not receiving higher estimation because its elected this deranged retarded attention seeking clone of his mother. However its its own fault. You don’t have compulsory voting ( we do, which might tell you where I am but I don’t think YOU will know from that clue) which should have sent the whole voting age population charging for the booths but IT DIDNT. Far more complaints are now coming out of Canada than before about the nightmare of having Goofy as its omg PM. But so many of the complainants didn’t vote!!! We cant understand that here. If you don’t vote then you shouldn’t be complaining. You have to wear it. Especially if you were pretty sure of how Goofy would behave.

The Russian wrote a brilliant article in Russian Insider a week or so ago about the girlmen of the west. This has also been socially engineered. Dutchmen were dressing in mini skirts to stand with the 1000’s of women and children being raped in Europe by the engineered invasion. On a daily basis. Ridiculous. Think that will help???

They can’t defend their women and kids anymore many of them. A general in this country wrote about it and he said it would prove a disaster eventually. Feminizing a whole society is fatal. For a start its not natural. No matter how much anyone tries to pretend otherwise, we are a territorial animal like any other and we will want the best for our ‘own’, our genetics, our tribe. Now we are being forced back into primitive tribal societies, which have a history of non stop warring and battles to defend our ‘patch’ from other tribes. Like you see constantly in Africa and some parts of the middle east today. soon to be seen in Europe, then America, here and hmmm Canada???? Neo Marxism also brainwashed deliberately with the deceit of nationalism. It had to, to inflict total destruction. Though it knows it will bring back the more primitive tribalism which will bring more instability, unrest, chaos, lawlessness, WARS. Because for Marxism to achieve totalitarian control and REMOVE ELECTIONS it always needs wholescale chaos. Everywhere it has been its the exact same format. But suckers who share 1 brain cell with siblings wouldnt know that. The rising Gen Identity are now relearning some masculine skills now that they know its no longer shameful. The future is bleak, but especially for neo Marxists because the game is up. The workers of the world WILL DESTROY MARXISM. FOREVER. The irony, the delicious irony. hehehehe
commented 2016-03-18 23:53:10 -0400
Who is responsible for bringing people into Canada who we know have lived in a culture that has no love for and no use for western civilization, and that is based on oppression of women and people who don’t have the same beliefs as they do, and that is openly hostile to the West and hates our way of life. Is it Trudeau or Butts? Who is running Canada now, or should I say, who in his right mind would run Canada into the ground?
commented 2016-03-18 17:51:13 -0400
I sometimes like to wait a few days until all the vile comments are in before I comment. This is one of those days. Can you keep your comments on point? What is with all this Ezra slamming? Guess not..goes from one vile comment to another, then completely off topic. Most of us understand that G. Butts is the PM’s handler and his handling of this incident seems underwhelming as is our fatuous PM’s. I personally do not expect to see any kind of moderation in his message. I expect JT is very uncomfortable commenting on these situations such as politics of fear and division and all that other drivel he campaigned on. He’s much better dealing with the fancy people and talking about the non serious situations such as gender parity and global warming.
commented 2016-03-18 15:21:00 -0400
that’s my point …how the hell did I get lumped in with them ? only thing I said was I didn`t like ezra Shitstain using the term Nigger. Somehow that makes me a cum guzzling Isis supporter
commented 2016-03-18 14:34:20 -0400
Well, seems like Mike P is telling us who he is! Now, what about Ron C. and Sean P.
commented 2016-03-18 14:24:34 -0400
I guess its Josh not John …or is it Ole Shitstain himself…anyway I will give you my take just for the record ..Prime Minister Harper was the best we have ever had… The Alberta PC`s made a royal mess of things then tried to sneak a quick election through before the Wild Rose was ready , they never Dreamed the NDP would slide in the back door . The Wild rose screwed us all with their floor crossing to the point you will never hear from Smith again… NDP will be one and done in Alberta even if the PC`s and the Rose split vote`s.. The Liberals won the federal election because of the left wing media`s smear job of Harper who deserved much better treatment and Zoolander promising young easily impressed voters everything they wished for but has no intention of giving as well as promising money to those who didn`t have any but didn`t want to leave home to go make any ….(East Coast.). Our youth are being brainwashed by the lefties who are in positions of to much power …Media, College , University. I believe Trump may not make a great President but he is doing everything he can to make sure it is OK to speak your opinion again . So I admire him for that . I hate Billory Clinton and Barry Hussien . I hate Zoolander & Elmer Fudd the refugee`s drunken mouth piece as well as the Butt faced liar Gerald Butts. I believe in free speech and the right to bare arms . I respect the Military and grew up on stories of how the Germans would alter their plans to shift away from having to fight the Canadians because they knew they would get their asses handed to them . I respect the hell out of anyone willing to go to war and fight for the western world and our way of Freedom. I think the people pounding away in the oil patch working twice as much or more than your average Joe on a 40 hr week have the right to spend their money anyway they see fit …THEY EARNED IT!!… I believe Climate change is unproven if not just shy of a hoax . I believe American celebrities should go home a campaign to help the people of Flint or New Orleans instead of smearing Canada when the U S is far more guilty than us in planet abuse……I JUST DON`T BELIEVE IN USING THE “N” word . If somehow you can call me ISIS or Gay or say I am responsible for the liberal/NDP mess we have then I believe you are a FUCKING IDIOT….is that good do you feel like you have a better understanding of me now …GOOD NOW YOU LEFT WING COMMIE BASTARDS CAN GO FUCK YOURSELF
commented 2016-03-18 13:44:16 -0400
To insinuate that these two things have anything to do with each other is ridiculous, and solely intended to stir up a false sense of hatred. Stirring up this false hatred in this manner is what has set the Republican party on the path to self destruction that we are witnessing live on TV on a daily basis and will certainly have the same effect with the Conservatives here in Canada. This is unfortunate because Canada needs a strong Conservative party in order to maintain a healthy democracy. But it is on the path to self destruction unless they start focusing on real issues and come up with solutions for real world problems and not these made up issues.
commented 2016-03-18 12:59:18 -0400
John I am not sure what your point is…could you explain it for me please
commented 2016-03-18 12:37:10 -0400
Mike Piesse- thanks for electing our current political issue………..
commented 2016-03-18 12:27:02 -0400
Ezra Shitstain.. nice work you got me all figured out… It`s probably not that one of my best friends is black…. Last comment to you Shitstain…I may owe you an apology as I don`t like to pick on the mentally challenged folks and your comments lead me to believe I may have done just that ….Maybe you could get your mom to explain to you why it is wrong to use the language you do….Sorry to everyone else on site for re hashing yesterday`s dribble from Ezra Shitstain
commented 2016-03-18 12:10:05 -0400
commented 2016-03-18 12:08:41 -0400
Et to you two bruts
commented 2016-03-18 11:09:43 -0400
Robert Raymond – if you can afford it, you should go on Ezra’s cruise. I wish I could go, but can’t pull it off at this time. But this sounds like it will be a good way to meet others who are like minded!
commented 2016-03-18 10:53:11 -0400
So, how can we start a group or association whose goal is to try and counteract what the present governments are doing (in a non-violent fashion)?
As long as people have enough money to cover the cost of booze, smokes, cell phones and entertainment there will be no uprising!
commented 2016-03-18 10:42:07 -0400
Rick Plesnik – the liberals have nothing but contempt for all Canadians! But they usually act out with our soldiers, because they are easy targets for liberal cowards. When I saw Junior elbow PM Harper out of the way at a debate, I knew the cat was in the bag for the liberals. The most evil and corrupt party in the history of Canadian politics, will be sure to put the final nail in our coffin. It’s funny how smart liberals think they are, so smart in fact, that they just don’t see that civil war is coming, when real Canadians, that truly lover our country, stand against them for their evil plans and ways. Watch Justie use the war measures act against Canadians, just like Daddy did during the FLQ crisis. Many Canadians are already preparing, because they see the writing on the wall here.
commented 2016-03-18 08:51:54 -0400
Truth is the Liebranos have nothing but contempt for the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces. The ONLY use they have for the military is to fly around in those expensive passenger jets maintained by the military!
commented 2016-03-18 07:40:52 -0400
Sean Penson They join the forces because liberals like you are far to whimpy sean, you run and hide looking for protection if a bee flies past. People like you are the first to go if anything bad happens. You would not even survive a power outage for a week let alone someone with a knife. You fool no one wiith your endless BS. Go pray to the east A HOLE>
commented 2016-03-18 02:09:42 -0400
“This Butts should be kicked out of His position! If this is ‘TOP ADVISOR’ of baby boy T they are no different from each other!”

It’s worse than you might know. The Hill Times ran a story months back that Justin, addressing his fellow Liberals at a caucus meeting, said that any directive coming from Gerald Butts was to be taken as if it came from Justin himself. Let that sink in.

It’s more evidence that the East stuck us with Zaphod Beeblebrox.
commented 2016-03-18 00:02:50 -0400
I found a brilliant qoute online that best describe Liberals, " a joke is only as tasteful as its audience ".
The National Socialists of Europe created the horrors of the Holocaust to eliminate innocent people and it’s Liberals who tell jokes about the Holocaust to lessen it’s tragedy.
Expect more awful jokes in regards to Islamic attacks hurting innocent people from these idiots.
commented 2016-03-17 23:30:41 -0400
Look at the eyes – it’s hollow and empty back there. The “stabbing in groups” is probably a Freudian slip. That is one of the reasons they are importing so many “refugees” many who are possibly used to stabbing in groups. Do you think the stabbing would have been better in the butt?
commented 2016-03-17 23:19:45 -0400
Butts is empty – his face, his mannerisms, his words, his humanity. He is lost with nothing else to lose.
commented 2016-03-17 21:47:38 -0400
This Butts should be kicked out of His position! If this is ‘TOP ADVISOR’ of baby boy T they are no different from each other! Same BIRDS flock together! Canada is in big big troouble right now with this IDIOTS! I usually don’t use harsh words but this is the only WORD that is equal to them!
commented 2016-03-17 21:41:15 -0400
Sean Penson, Conservatives more than anyone else respect freedom of speech but his little “joke” had NOTHING to do with that as someone else pointed out. There’s a big difference between being an a..hole & a respectable human being. You, Penson & Butts have no respect for the military who gave you your freedom to make those stupid comments & while you don’t deserve it, our troops when they are called to fight are fighting for your sorry asses as well.