July 25, 2016

Double standard: Sikh drunk driver let off because “his feelings were hurt”

David MenziesMission Specialist

Hopefully we all remember Marco Muzzo. He’s that self-entitled Richie Rich drunkard who was recently sentenced to 10 years for killing three children and their grandfather.

I thought the underlying message was that the courts were going to get increasingly tough on impaired drivers. But is that really so?

Consider the case of how one allegedly drunk driver was recently given a get-out-of-jail free card by a judge thanks to... his feelings being hurt.

An Ontario judge dismissed charges against Sardul Singh, a Sikh man, who was driving with an excessive blood-alcohol level. She dismissed the charges because it took more than three hours for police to return Singh’s turban. Three hours? Oh, the humanity!

Singh argued that his Charter right to freedom of religion had been violated. He said he felt shameful to be seen without his turban.

Except, Singh never actually asked for his turban to be returned. One would think if someone was feeling vulnerable and humiliated because he was deprived of his turban, then he’d at least ask for the return of said turban.

Moving forward, let’s all hope that Mr. Singh has learned his lesson and he remains sober behind the wheel of his truck. Because if he doesn’t and he ends up causing a Marco Muzzo-style atrocity in the future, he’ll surely be the one at fault, but I’d also say that there’s a certain someone sitting on the bench who could be considered an accessory after the fact.

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commented 2016-07-26 13:32:17 -0400
REBELATION REBELATION commented 14 hours ago
“… if you want to stop whining and start “doing”, you can start laying private charges against folks like Notley.”
Please elaborate…
commented 2016-07-26 12:27:27 -0400
These people come from wilder places and when they see us they behold fat, stupid prey animals. I saw something similar in St. John’s years ago. I don’t know what kind of brownie it was, but it was some kind of Asian of the non-Far East sort. He backed into a gym’s wall and smashed it in and people barely avoided getting hit by the falling cinder blocks. He drove away immediately. I was the only witness that saw the plate.

It was dropped the next day because, “He says that in his culture one doesn’t need to stop after an accident.” I said, “That’s a pile of horseshit and you know it. If he got caught doing that wherever he’s from he’d be beaten to death in public.” There was silence. I hung up the phone.

Fat, stupid prey animals.
commented 2016-07-26 01:37:19 -0400
Turban is NOT a part of sikh religion. It’s not mandated in sikh religion, it’s a custom which is followed by practicing Sikhs (Khalsa). It’s just a white lie being told over & over again by unscrupulous sikhs to Canadian people. It’s nothing less than a supremacist attitude.
There are only five articles of faith which a khalsa (not a sikh, BUT khalsa) is mandated to follow: 1. Boxer style Underwear, 2. Steel Bangle, 3. Small Dagger, 4. Wooden Comb, 5. Unshorn Hair.
But then Khalsa also has to disconnect himself from worldly affair & devote his life to guru/religion, which now a days no turbaned sikh (khalsa) is following.
Yes Bill Elder you are correct a sikh (especially khalsa, a turbaned sikh) is forbidden from taking any kind of intoxicant, indulge in any kind of worldly pleasure or even accumulate wealth.
commented 2016-07-25 23:29:34 -0400
Dan. Try not to despair. I recall when I was quite young, we actually had wage and price controls for a time here in Canada, til the Conservatives got in and got rid of it. We’ve always dipped into communist territory. That said – if you want to stop whining and start “doing”, you can start laying private charges against folks like Notley. Lefty’s ALWAYS breach their trust – they “have to”, in order to achieve their goals.
commented 2016-07-25 23:26:21 -0400
I hope the Crown appeals. I understand why judges can’t be held responsible for their decisions, however, we need a safety valve. Say, the right to file a charge for Breach of Trust in cases of blatant double standard or ignoring of our laws and precedence.

I notice that, any position in society that has no repercussions, ends up being hi-jacked by scum. This shouldn’t be a surprise, as ppl of that ilk will seek out such positions in life and abuse it. We can’t have any jobs in society that are completely free of repercussions – and – we have to get rid of forcing ppl to sign things – like the rules of Student Unions – or join groups – such as Unions. This tact is used exclusively by the left to gain control of ppl’s lives and bolster their numbers!
commented 2016-07-25 19:23:37 -0400
John – My understanding is that Sikhs are prohibited from drinking alcohol or smoking oe taking any intoxicant. So not only is this fellow a failed Sikh flouting his faith’s law, he’s a failed Canadian for flouting the law of the land. – A stark reminder was due to help him regain his responsibility to both the laws he committed to.
commented 2016-07-25 18:46:00 -0400
No one was hurt so that’s good. I hope the Singh will never drink and drive again. Sikhs are mostly good people and deserve a chance. However, if it happens again he should face the harshest charges.
commented 2016-07-25 18:21:13 -0400
Lord save us from social justice warriors and their Marxist BS, criminality and treason.
This disreputable so-called judge ought to be removed from the bench, if not for being an enemy of our Canadian way of life and law, then at least for being a stupid liberal cun…cow!
Hurt feelings!? I wonder about the feelings of this drunk driver and judge’s next victim and their family and friends…Does the judge? Does the Media Party? Do the politicians?
I don’t know how much more of this lefty/progressive BS I can take anymore…I’m beginning to wish for ‘the end’ to come at the hands of the socialists in office everywhere in the West and their pawns – Islam – since the process appears to be inevitable anyways.
I’m beginning to think maybe we on the right ought to try and hasten ‘the end’, so we don’t have to suffer the inevitable and agonizing years of this progressive BS being rammed down our throats, as our country, culture and system of law is slowly but surely eradicated, only to be replaced by the Globalist agenda…built on the rubble of what was once Canada, true North strong and free.
Because I can’t really see anybody doing anything proactive to bring these treasonous Canada haters down…other than a lot more of exactly what I’m doing here – pissing and moaning…
commented 2016-07-25 16:08:47 -0400
The judge should be fired…..defrocked and ceremonially drummed out of the court room for life.
commented 2016-07-25 15:10:02 -0400
Ontario’s Libturd Judges need to be replaced with Judges that are living in the real world.
commented 2016-07-25 14:33:16 -0400
The Canadian “judicial system” isn’t judicial, it is legal. i.e. It does not dispense justice, only legal rulings. Any “justice” that occurs is purely coincidental.
commented 2016-07-25 14:25:38 -0400
So how come every Charter right (and even every-non-Charter right invented by Judges, all the way up to the SCOC) trumps the Charter right of freedom of conscience and religion if that religion happens to be Christianity?
commented 2016-07-25 14:17:20 -0400
This is just one more example of why judges should be elected. That way when they become irrational or senile they can be booted from the bench.
commented 2016-07-25 13:05:15 -0400
Some Canadians are just a little more “Equal” than others . . .
and of course it takes a “female” Judge in Ontar-i-owe to notice.
commented 2016-07-25 12:50:11 -0400
Hey – I’m a white middle aged male – I wonder if this wold work for me?

We don’t have racism here, do we?
commented 2016-07-25 12:46:09 -0400
this judicial system of Canada is full of S!
commented 2016-07-25 12:26:51 -0400
This is an example of what is wrong with the judicial system,as they shouldn’t take anything into account, except the facts. The facts were he was with an illegal amount of alcohol in his blood, which had nothing to do with his Turban. If he had laces and a belt they were probably removed as well, so he couldn’t hurt himself while in jail. To use this as an excuse for his conduct isn’t something the courts should take as consideration on sentencing, he should be charged and sentenced for too much alcohol in his system, and as was done for Marco Muzzo. This is why the courts are a joke.
commented 2016-07-25 11:59:35 -0400
Interesting item from our bulging “Kangaroo courts” file Dave – I have to wonder how many of these bedlam judgements go unreported on a daily basis.

First I have to comment on the injustice this ruling does to people who do respect the law and trust the courts to render just decisions based on equal linear interpretation of that law. Each time some sinecured social justice dipsomaniac decides to use the bench as a utoian tool to right immaginary wrongs, justice and the public trust in it becomes a little weaker.

Secondly, the rationale for judgements like this just add credibility to the popular conception that the judiciary has become a dangerous lunatic asylum – and there is mounting evidence to validate that theory I personally belive the problem lies in the fact the justice industry is a small coistered insular, isolated echo chamber where intellectual inbreeding has created a culture that no longer feels bound by the letter of the law nore the spirit of justice – they produce political statements, not ajudications of law.

A disgusting display of the degenerative process infecting our judicial system.
commented 2016-07-25 11:59:23 -0400
I would think that most Sikhs would find this Judge’s irrational judgement to be patronizing and an embarrassment to their religion.
commented 2016-07-25 11:46:53 -0400
Another thought. I wonder if the judge is so ignorant that she thought Sikh is a form of Islam, therefore dismissed the charges on religious grounds. I ask this question for two reasons:

1. Sikhs are pretty well integrated into Western society as great citizens, in my opinion, which makes this story unusual compared to hijab, niqab, and burka stories.

2. Liberals and socialists are educated beyond their intellectual capacity so it is easy seeing an Ontario judge making this mistake.
commented 2016-07-25 11:42:47 -0400
Sardul Singh is a drunk and will drive hammered again – it’s only a matter of time.

Where’s the crown attorney? Ever heard of an appeal?

There must be more to this other than Sardul Singh’s laundry on his head.
commented 2016-07-25 11:25:49 -0400
More prof that the leftist regressive fucktards in the court system are just as dangerous as the barbaric sharia scum.
commented 2016-07-25 11:25:10 -0400
Like the muslim burkha, I question the Sikh turban as a religious necessity. This only based upon Sikh acquaintances that do not wear one but are believers.

Second, does this mean any Christian who wears a cross around the neck can use this judgement as a precedent? Question made because all necklaces must be removed when detained, which deprives the Christian of their religious symbol and hurts their feelings. Same for a Jew and the Star of David.