August 21, 2017

SJW activism infests Federal procurement process: LGBT, female quotas revealed

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Justin Trudeau's Liberals have a tendency to let social justice infest every aspect of everything they do.

And the latest manifestation of that inclination is going to affect how the Federal government spends $20 billion in annual procurement dollars.

A new memo obtained by The Canadian Press, prepared for Patty Hadju — the Minister of the status of women at the time — urged her to push the feds to use their contracts for goods and services to push their partisan liberal policy goals like feminism, inclusion, and gender quotas.

When a government is buying things with my tax dollars, they should be choosing to buy the product from the supplier who can deliver the best product at the best value. That is it.

Who you sleep with, what colour you are and what your gender is? None of that stuff should have any place in a government contract.

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commented 2017-09-02 08:50:07 -0400
So how would this work, on a practical basis? Would a company have to catalogue and publish all gender, race, sexual orientation, etc. data from its workforce? How would it collect this information? I don’t believe its legal now for my company to ask me who I’m sleeping with. Or maybe corporations should all just publish what the gov. wants to see, and let the gov prove them wrong…
commented 2017-08-23 14:59:03 -0400
Great report Sheila.
The best product/service for the best value doesn’t enter into the picture for Trudeau and his cabinet. For these folks, it’s all about upholding an image based in failed utopian states.
commented 2017-08-23 12:59:15 -0400
Good going Sheila, really filling the void. Love you.
commented 2017-08-22 22:05:44 -0400
STEPHEN E…Hahaha haha hahahaha
commented 2017-08-22 22:02:00 -0400
What they are lacking in is overall IQ. Then I realized their bench has no depth, so we are at as good as it is going to get. At least Monsef is not in control of voter reform any more. I really hate the world these days.
commented 2017-08-22 20:05:39 -0400
Liberal socialism – it’s a disease of the mind.

Thank God for The Rebel for pointing out these outrages.
commented 2017-08-22 11:34:15 -0400
Let us not forget that Baby Doc Trudeau believes that Environmental Barbie is a superior intellect. Boy, are we ever in trouble!

Trudeau can have an intelligent conversation with a glass of water, Madam High Heals on a Bike can do likewise with a twig.

Can I get a refund on my taxes?
commented 2017-08-22 01:38:58 -0400
I wonder when the idiots will make a quota to hire 25% lgbtqsjgt or whatevers when they only make up less than 1% of the population. Would not surprise me with liberal math.
commented 2017-08-22 01:37:38 -0400
Liza Rosie either way as long as we have a shield to stop them from coming to our planet.
commented 2017-08-22 01:23:26 -0400
Drew, let the post modernist, collectivist, neo Marxist’s go to Mars. Then we can clean up down here and live in some kind of sanity where everything is not redefined by crazies.
commented 2017-08-22 01:20:47 -0400
I hate that the government insists on making that stuff my business. I don’t want to know those personal things about people. I just take people at face value. As Sheila says, the best person for a good job please and thank you. Why do they have to make everything a social experiment?
commented 2017-08-22 01:09:38 -0400
Some of the bureaucrats in Public Works Government Services Canada must be shaking their head and trying to get that knot out of their gut. There will be many one on one meetings in the smoking area and in the washrooms trying to figure out how the hell are we going to make this happen without it blowing up in our face and Justin just keeps on smiling.
commented 2017-08-21 23:12:08 -0400
“Infest”, yeah, good word in that context, like The Plague…

So why is ‘thegovernment’ using taxpayer money to force the hiring of all kinds of people with mental disorders, like transgenderism, and homosexuality, and worse?

Insideoutupsidedownbackwardsland…by fiat.
commented 2017-08-21 21:57:39 -0400
These quotas have got to go.
commented 2017-08-21 19:35:52 -0400
When I was hiring for a large Canadian Company and we were pushing women first, our rule was simple; if it was close between male and female take the woman until it was more equal in numbers.
Translated that means " don’t ruin your bottom line in order to look modern or PC."
I wish Governments of all levels had the same policy, thus they wouldn’t be failing in so many areas.
commented 2017-08-21 18:57:06 -0400
HI Sarah,
Just an update, no ‘error’ message when looking up The Rebel yet.
Been checking in all day.
Thought you’d like to know..
commented 2017-08-21 18:25:36 -0400
I wish we had another planet to populate , leave the left and the SJW idiots on their own. Of course we would need a good shield to stop them from coming over to try and ruin our planet as we all know they would.