April 21, 2016

SJW Maoist to ex-Soviet citizen: The next time socialism comes around, you will be thrown in a labour camp for being 'racist'

StaffRebel Columnist

In a new video out of New York, a social justice warrior got into a heated confrontation with an ex-Soviet citizen.

The ex-Soviet citizen, Vladimir Jaffe, explains the horrors of socialism to the 'Maoists', they responded by calling him a racist.

The SJW tells Jaffe that he intends on 'improving socialism' so that “the next time it comes around” it can “throw people like your ass into a labor camp”.

“That’s an interesting concept,” Jaffe humours the uneducated boy.

“It’s an interesting concept, it’s going to be an interesting reality some day,” the SJW snaps back before telling Jaffe he belongs in a labour camp for being 'racist'.

Jaffe is then accused of 'liking Hitler' by the annoying socialist.

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commented 2016-04-22 23:07:08 -0400
This child may not know that Chairman Mao was a Communist Dictator who was also a racist who believed that only pure blood Chinese worthy if they had no education and no ambitions. So that he could rule with an iron fist. This SJW has no idea that his mentor was the bigest evil and racist of his time.
commented 2016-04-22 17:07:11 -0400
Five hours later I find myself in the kitchen cooking up some dog food and ranting aloud about this…Maoist…idiot…with the attitude…punk…
People like him – I use the word ‘people’ for lack of a more accurate term – seem to me like demons, disgorged from the pits of Hell, Satans mindless drones and minions unleashed on an unsuspecting and unprepared world for the Devil’s last dance…
commented 2016-04-22 11:50:58 -0400
I couldn’t have put it better myself and certainly not as politely:

GLENN CRAIG commented 20 hours ago
The problem with people that dogmatic and that doctrinaire is that you are obliged to kill them because there is no reasoning with them.
commented 2016-04-22 11:49:30 -0400
Another example of never letter the other side speak. They seem to know more about socialism than the reality they live in. Repeating dogma in place of discussion.

Whenever Jaffe tried to answer them, they then jumped onto another subject. When he tried to respond, his response was considered nothing to do with the question. When he tried to reply, they spoke over him.

This was ganging up and shutting down other opinions. I’m surprised that these young socialists of America, iPhones and all, didn’t demand that he leave their safe space.
commented 2016-04-22 01:26:03 -0400
These twerps make me laugh, i wonder how the 2 on the right got their double chins? Maybe by buying lots of capitalist junk food. I wonder what kind of job this twerp thinks the commies will assign him?
commented 2016-04-21 17:31:51 -0400
Mao-boy needs a little “realism” introduced to his rude arrogant mouth.
commented 2016-04-21 17:25:49 -0400
What is up with the guy in the background with glasses. Is he suffering from a neck injury or something?

Also, Rebel, did Jaffe call Palestinians cockroaches, or was that just another unsubstantiated slander, because it would give credence to the accusation of Jaffe being a racist if it was true. Just saying.
commented 2016-04-21 16:13:22 -0400
Brainwashed at Junior Grade School. Idiots.
commented 2016-04-21 16:06:10 -0400
You can see the hatred on the face of that Maoist.

Actually, most of the socialists in the Western countries are full of hate.
commented 2016-04-21 16:02:45 -0400
The problem with this labor camp plan is that the vast majority of we “undesirables” are heavily armed. If you try to send us and our families to death camps, you might as well just come prepared to kill us on the spot. Then comes the mathematics of it and the moment you realize there are too many of us and that the military defection rate is steadily increasing.

That moment of realization is the start of the countdown that ends with your short drop and sudden stop
commented 2016-04-21 16:00:47 -0400
wow…. those kids are going to be horrified if they ever see this video after they become adults.
commented 2016-04-21 15:40:33 -0400
Sjw’s are addicted to denial……
commented 2016-04-21 15:38:07 -0400
The problem with people that dogmatic and that doctrinaire is that you are obliged to kill them because there is no reasoning with them.