June 06, 2016

SJWs push for Captain America to come out of the closet to fight . . . white supremacists?

David MenziesMission Specialist

Holy gender-bender, Batman! Have you heard the news, comic book fans? There’s a move afoot by the social justice warriors to “reboot” Captain America. 

They’re not talking about giving Cap a fancy new costume or shield. Rather, the progressives want to give Captain America a new sexual orientation. They want Steve Rogers, the guy behind the Captain America alias, to come out as gay.

After all, that red-white-and-blue star-spangled patriotism worked back when Cap was throwing his mighty shield at the bad guys in World War II but today progressives want Captain America to quit the Mighty Avengers and join the Village People.

The trending Twitter campaign I speak of is dubbed “Give Captain America a Boyfriend.” As in a gay lover, not a sidekick. Here’s the pitch:

“We all grow up with role models and it should be no different for the LGBT community.”

I’m not against gay characters but why not introduce new characters that happen to be gay instead of rewriting the sexual orientation back-story for existing iconic characters?

As if the gender-bending isn’t enough, watch my video to see the extreme plot twisting the writers have to do to avoid the jihadi-elephant in the room when it comes to the new brand of foes our “re-imagined” Captain America will be taking on.

Forget Captain America. How does Sergeant Sharia grab you?

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commented 2016-06-08 18:24:16 -0400
Why do I think that Michael? Because experience has taught me that people fear to loose their livlihood if they say what they think…and no you do not speak for the vast majority of Canadians. I too am Liberal. I voted Liberal in every election since 1972 and I only voted for Harper once. I had an epiphany (a red pill experience) just after Harper was elected the first minority at a PSAC meeting when I suddenly realized what a corrupt puddle of Byzantine intrigue the Liberal Party really is….now that I’ve seen it I cannot unsee it. Words cannot express the betrayal that I feel.

I was among the first people premanantly banned from posting on the CBC….before the CBC had an internet forum format I wrote regularly to the various CBC complains flack catchers. All in vain….then I decided to get the Canadian Taxpayers Federation to lobby for privatization of the CBC. I composed a hum dinger rant that got published in their house organ which …I am told…got read aloud in a parliamentary commitee ……and just may have been why Mary Walsh got fired and Cathy Jones had to tone down the male bashing….just by the way I happen to be aquainted with Cathy Jones we volunteered together at events at the Shambala Center in Halifax.

In spite of your assertion that you speak for more Canadians that me….each day that I check the CBC news site I see comments posted that would belie that……everyday I see stuff that SWC wanted to jail me over as common vernacular and generally accepted discourse.

Michael…give it up….I have gone from a hunted speach criminal on secret sites with carefully vetted membership …to this….it’s just big enough for my comfort zone…..meanwhile I see the once mighty and unassailable feminazi juggernaught melt like the wicked witch of the west…..

And with what I see happening with Trump’s rise in support…..no Michael I am not in the least bit discouraged.

If you came here to evangelize and convert ….you are not very persuasive.
commented 2016-06-08 14:02:58 -0400

I speak for the vast majority of Canadians – you do not. Canadians are primarily liberal in varying degrees. You are not.

The Rebel caters to a very small demographic in Canada – why do you think this place isn’t doing well and I am talking to the same 50 people MAX.
commented 2016-06-08 12:22:12 -0400
Deacon, here is the deal with me…..in 2005 Status of Women Canada tabled a report in parliament. The original purpose of that research grant was to investigate allegations that boys were performing poorly in school and that was in part because of abuse from feminist teachers…so the accused got the opportunity to investigate themselves in order to find themselves not guilty. But the professors used most of the grant money to pay womyn’s studies students to troll and invigilate men’s rights activism sites. At the time I was a member of the site BCFATHERS a support group for men going through divorce and custody battles. The site owner was affiliated with the libertarian party and we lobbied for reform of family law.

The report deviated from its assigned mandate and put forward a proposal to include anything that feminists found insulting as hate speech under the Criminal Code…it also recommended funding through Status of Women to provide more or less permanent public service employment to womyn’s studies students to troll and invigilate the internet.

The report included a McCarthy list of every man in Canada known to have offended these feminists by what they said on the internet…much of it remakably trivial and thin skinned especially in light of what is now commonplace today.

Even after the Harper government took office it took a five year court battle and and relentless lobbying to get that report taken down from SWC’s website.

Like I said….I am one of the founding members of Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) before I could post under my own name and identity I was MAUS…..those familiar with the MRM know that name ….they know what to expect when they throw down a gauntlet and challenge me…I have been troll bouncer on many men’s activism sites.

If you have sons among your children or expect to have grandsons…..you should be very gratefull for the efforts I have made….the lobbying I have done….the fight I have put up for freedom of speach….the risks I have taken…and if I don’t have your gratitude….then at least respect the fact that based on past performance I am a fighter and I do not cave in to insults and I do not back down from challenge.

I studied rhetoric back in the day when universities had much higher standards than they do today…so fending off contemporary wannabees indoctrinated by feminists comes easily to me…..this is not a college campus with speach codes.

You came clean and identified yourself…just like all the regular posters here do…..you need not leave the site…respect me and you will be treated with respect.
commented 2016-06-08 10:05:56 -0400
Glenn, so you’re saying then, if I won’t post comments like:

“Ezra is the best!”

“Libtards are morons!”

“Turdeau loves to blow men, and we know God will smite the sodomites!”

I’m not welcome here eh?

The hypocrisy you charge the left with regarding censorship is more or less what you’re saying to me.

Just for the record I’m a real grown up 45 yr old WASP male with wife, kids, job, house. I’m not a basement dweller (no basement in our house actually).

I’m not on the Lib payroll at all, never had any membership in any party. Really, I’m just a person browsing a site.

But you think I’m making up a persona?

And since you don’t like my comments you are subtly saying you might try to track me down and then try to get me fired?

And what does gamergate have to do with this?

What’s your deal?

Feel free to flag this comment if you want. I’ve never flagged any comments of anyone. I note I got a bunch of warning in my inbox that a bunch of you reported me. For what? Arguing with you? Other than once at Keith I’ve never sworn at anyone, I do the best I can to stick to the issue and not personally attack folks but I admit I’ve slipped a few times but I’ve never threated violence, said really obscene things to people, etc. but I’ve got all that thrown back at me and never reported it.

Glenn, I’d appreciate a response. I promise I won’t reply to it and I also promise this post is truly the last one on the rebel.
commented 2016-06-08 09:25:17 -0400
We have had the owner of a public relations firm trolling this site during the election campaign….he was caught out and outed…..he posted under his real name but denied being hired by the Liberal Party. When he was outed he whined like a little girl when he was given a taste of the sort of thing SJWs do like phone calls to his place of work demanding an accounting of what he was doing on company time.

Now he was either paid by the Liberal Party….which if it was done from donated funds is fair ball….but the Canadian public aught to know and has the right to know that the Liberal Party pays internet trolls….so do the Liberal Party donors….or he did it pro-bono without declaring the fair market value of his services to Elections Canada so that it can be lawfully scrutinized for contribution limits.

Deacon…Betina….Michael….I would be delighted to line the thre of you up and pimp/bitch sequence slap you three stooges style….

Michael….you do not speak for Canadian’s collectively…you speak for yourself and for those like minded….and that is all….do not pretend that you can invoke any sort of political power over me until you win an election… and if that ever happens…pretend that youu want to stay elected…Mr Trudeau would do well to heed that as well…..you should be very careful how you treat those you have power over because wether or not you will have power over them tommorrow remains to be seen…..nobody stays elected for ever.

Betina….lesbians with malignant penis envy do not speak for women collectively…..women are not conjoined at the skull like Siamese twins……feminists are the most boorish bunch of biggots this side of Johanessburg and the biggest bunch of assholes this side of the nearest elephant herd….don’t be obteuse and act like I am the only one who noticed…..show me one page….show me onepage or one paragraph in which a feminist writer has anything good to say about men…..and I will kowtow and kiss your ass…upon failure to do so you can kiss mine…..if a woman’s writings had anything good to say about men neither that woman nor those writings would even be deemed to be feminist.

Deacon…..you are a new gadfly and I am not quite sure what you are about…..I never composed so much as a keystroke on any “gamergate” forum but it did my heart good to see how many new recruits they created for the MRM forums……if you are a parental basement dwelling mook with no established adult male status trying to make up for it through an appropriated comic book persona……do you really expect to be taken seriously?
commented 2016-06-07 19:33:44 -0400
Betina – and that’s the problem
commented 2016-06-07 19:28:03 -0400
“Dare to disagree with them and you are a Libtard or Muslib.”

Or if you happen to be a woman a “Muslimf*cker” as I was called a few weeks ago.
commented 2016-06-07 18:48:08 -0400

Sure they do. I am the left and I will listen to your views.
commented 2016-06-07 18:43:59 -0400
Jack – one more thing, yup you are right a lot of left wingers seem to also only want an echo chamber.

However, its sort of pointless to support questionable actions by saying well the left does it too!
commented 2016-06-07 18:41:49 -0400
Jack, I’m not sure what you mean.

What does the CBC have to do with the rebel?

How am I suggesting censorship by saying that a lot of the posters here seem to resort to calling left-oriented posters libtards and muslibs as their retort to views not like their own.

Note I did not say people should not communicate their views but I did question how they did it.
commented 2016-06-07 18:29:58 -0400
Oh really and the left just loves to hear other views, eh, Mann?
commented 2016-06-07 18:27:33 -0400
Deacon, you want the Rebel to censor here just like the CBC plans to do?
commented 2016-06-07 16:14:46 -0400

You are absolutely right.

Conservatives just want to circle jerk with other conservative and they don’t want to hear any opposing view.
commented 2016-06-07 16:02:45 -0400
Michael Mann – sometimes I think what many of the posters want here is just an echo chamber where they can tell each other how awesome they are because they are conservatives. Dare to disagree with them and you are a Libtard or Muslib. It does not make posters on this site much different from SJWs who seem to be perpetually outraged. They seem to see a left-wing conspiracy in everything. Get a grip.
commented 2016-06-07 15:57:28 -0400
See about what Cathy? I think you’re reaching a bit. But, I get it you don’t like to be challenged, I won’t comment on any more of your posts.
commented 2016-06-07 15:47:09 -0400
Everyone here who is liberal has been called a MSM plant at one point or another.

Despite the vast majority of Canadians that identify as liberal in varying degrees, the extreme conservative retards on The Rebel have a hard time understanding that liberals read The Rebel as well – be it for comedic purposes or just to get another perspective and make up their own mind.
commented 2016-06-07 15:36:28 -0400
And furthermore you can stop with all your prejudiced name calling, sounding overly bigoted aren’t we. You’ve called more than just Keith a name. You’ve also attacked me personally and others.
commented 2016-06-07 15:31:29 -0400
Yeah right. We’ll just see about that, won’t we.
commented 2016-06-07 15:25:13 -0400
Glenn and Cathy you are nuts. I’m not a msm plant. I have never flagged any of your comments Cathy. In fact I’ve never flagged a comment using the option the posting system has.
commented 2016-06-07 15:18:06 -0400
Deacon what’s your game buddy. Are you for real because I don’t think so. I believe you are a plant with the main stream media or the lgbt or the liberal party whose sole intention is to try to shut down all legitimate comments. Nice of you to flag me for disagreeing with your dim witted comments.
Everyone on this site beware of this deacon character. He’ll flag you for the least little thing he doesn’t like. Waaaaaaaaaaa Waaaaaaaaa Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. There’s a good little robot, keep flagging all the bad comments you and your boss don’t like to try to shut down all the legitimate comments. (I believe your alias might be Joan Abernathy.) You’ve deeply offended my beliefs, now back off.
commented 2016-06-07 14:38:57 -0400
So….now we know who the commisars from Political Corrections Canada are….how much taxpayer money are you being paid? Because nobody ever does what you are doing as a hobby……perhaps Brian and Ezra can do an access to information flush out.

Manipulators rely on the politeness of their mark……I am not polite with the unsolicted caller who wants access to my computer and likewise I am not obliged to be polite to self appointed gauleiters.

Feminists have no “superpower” on this site Betina……

One of the things the Nazis did to try and quell the Warsaw ghetto uprising was send surup voiced shills from the propaganda ministry in cars with loudspeakers asking "why the anger Jewish friends?’
commented 2016-06-07 13:07:45 -0400
To be fair, I did make one post directed at Keith that was rude but it was not based on his views, more that he was disgusting enough to mention Trudeaus kids. That’s not cool.
commented 2016-06-07 13:03:59 -0400
I know a lot of the really really angry right-leaning folks here feel they are marginalized because of their views. Perhaps it could have more to do with how you communicate those views? Do you people talk like you do on here with people in real life that don’t share your views? And by you people I mean those like Marcy who just seen to spew intense, attacking anger. Yes, I realize people on the other end of the spectrum can be real assholes with how they communicate those views but some of you are no better.
commented 2016-06-07 12:53:57 -0400
Ha same not sane
commented 2016-06-07 12:53:03 -0400
CALAMITY MARCY you seem like such a nice person! So I can’t give my opinion since it’s not the sane as yours? This site is becoming an angry screed filled echo chamber.
commented 2016-06-07 12:50:44 -0400
Deacon is right… Why so much anger?
commented 2016-06-07 12:26:45 -0400
“My mean streak was honestly aquired through forty years of being a white male rat in a feminist social engineering experiment.”


Wahahahahaha… I am honestly wetting myself with mirth at your fantastically deluded world vision.

Get a grip you silly old fool.
commented 2016-06-07 12:22:40 -0400
Some of you on here are great, but there sure are a lot of nasty, hate-filled, mean-spirited folks on here too.

It shows a very dark side of humanity actually.
commented 2016-06-07 11:01:24 -0400
Deacon Frost, so who the fuck made you the prefect around here? One of the things I like about the Rebel comment section is the opportunity to tell lefties like you where the bear shit in the buckwheat without having to state a reason as your flaws are so self-evident…
commented 2016-06-07 09:12:17 -0400
Glenn, I agree times are changing but likely not in the way you’d like.

Dude you should try some therapy for that anger.