July 04, 2017

SJWs attack burrito bandidos: White women culturally appropriate cooking techniques

David MenziesMission Specialist

Do you have to be French to enjoy a plate of french fries? You may think that’s a dumb question but it isn’t because it seems cultural appropriation is venturing into our kitchens with the latest “trigger” occurring over food.

Not satisfied with stopping at accusations of appropriation over clothing, jewellery, music and even weaponry like in the case of Chanel’s boomerang fragrance, social justice warriors are on the warpath yet again over burritos.

So before you chow-down on that entree, you better make sure you’re actually entitled to do so and if you don’t believe me, watch as I share the story of two beleaguered entrepreneurs behind Kooks Burritos in Portland.

Faster than you can say “Frito Bandido”, these women were being depicted as pirates and even received death threats for making burritos in the same style as locals in Porto Nuevo?!

Indeed, in social media, you’d have thought they were advocating for genocide!

So, moving forward, is this the new normal in the kitchen – that we only get to stick to the foodstuff of our heritage?

If so, that’s really bad news for me since my background is Scottish. Bring on the haggis and tripe!

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commented 2017-07-06 04:30:23 -0400
Its good to know that all the other trifles like cancer and FGM have been dealt a knock out punch so that we can get down to the last of the terrible injustices.
commented 2017-07-06 02:07:22 -0400
OK… So that puts all of Italy in deep doo-doo since they “appropriated” noodles from the Chinese, right!…
commented 2017-07-05 13:10:55 -0400
Time to put on my shirt with native artwork and walk my dog (of Arctic ancestry) and see how many SJWs I can provoke.
commented 2017-07-05 10:04:24 -0400
I feel blessed for being part of the group they are attacking, with no provocation what so ever. At least I know I’m a normal person, with a stable mind because I believe in God’s truth! Their imagined slights cause these mental midgets to fall apart at the drop of a hat. They are so easily triggered, and bent out of shape that they will follow a lie to the ends of the earth. One day they will reside in hell, with their leader the devil and his demons.
commented 2017-07-05 01:45:18 -0400
Doug Laird; Sorry, you can’t just “join their side”. You have to first prove your inner gyroscope has spun out of control.
commented 2017-07-04 22:28:31 -0400
This kind of shit is getting almost overwhelming. Maybe it’s time to just give up, join their side, become triggered, and throw a hysterical SJW hissy fit every time I see such blatant examples of cultural appropriation.

But I have to know all the rules first. When I go to the Stampede later this week, do I have to shake uncontrollably, scream incoherently, and rant at every Native Canadian, Arab, or Asian that I see wearing a cowboy hat, boots, jeans, and a Western shirt?

I need to know soon, please. Nenshi will be near the front of the parade.
commented 2017-07-04 21:46:14 -0400
Julia Child was not berated for mastering french cuisine… no one threatened her filming set or harassed the publishers of her cook books.
I like Bill Elders description of them, “demented whiners”!
commented 2017-07-04 20:39:25 -0400
No one cares what these demented whiners think any more. They jumped the shark by misusing the word Islamophobia – Frick ’em.
commented 2017-07-04 20:29:02 -0400
All non whites have culturally appropriated everything from electricity to cell phones to penicillin – and much more.

Time for them to be completely cut off.

The entire non-white world owes a huge debt of gratitude to the whites that have invented things they use every day.
commented 2017-07-04 19:32:09 -0400
So this means that anybody that is not a white, Christian of English heritage may not ever have a sandwich. Next time you see someone not of this cultural background enjoying a sandwich, particularly roast beef and horseradish, slap it out of his hand.