August 13, 2018

SJWs cheer “No Men” in image for new Terminator movie

Ben DaviesRebel Host | Rebel Reel Reviews

Finally! The moment we’ve all been waiting for is here now that studio heads are removing all the men from a movie franchise that is one of the most manly and iconic. The new Terminator movie will have ZERO male characters.

The first Terminator set the bar high for strong female characters, but the new movie will set the bar really low by never having strong female characters.

If it’s not about discriminating and downplaying strong women in the movie, why do this?

The title of an altered but still visible headline on The Hollywood Reporter tells us all we need to know.

It’s all about identity politics and third wave feminism, and it was never about the fans.

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commented 2018-08-14 10:37:49 -0400
HARLEY MCCARTNEY commented 1 hour ago.
A blank screen will not to offend or trigger anyone.
Methinks a ‘blank screen’ will attract every Liberal Politician for miles around.
commented 2018-08-14 09:19:58 -0400
I will waste no time seeing this movie. Here,s an idea hollow wood in the sequel have no actors at all. A blank screen will not to offend or trigger anyone. A hit for sure.
Now that I have written such a great theme please send money to…….
commented 2018-08-14 07:29:19 -0400
I’ll put this movie on my ignore list with the rest of the movie crap out of Hollyweird.
commented 2018-08-14 00:34:48 -0400
Hollywood is fucked. Totally.
commented 2018-08-14 00:23:47 -0400
commented 2018-08-13 22:32:56 -0400
I’ll stay home and watch reruns of Petticoat Junction and Charlie’s Angels.
commented 2018-08-13 21:37:58 -0400
It’s just Hollywood trying to kill another movie franchise.
commented 2018-08-13 20:48:44 -0400
So are the resistance going to kill the Terminators by hitting them with their tampons? If they’re fem tampons the smell should do it…
commented 2018-08-13 20:36:21 -0400
Transfer all SJWs to a muslim country and watch as they scream for the “evil white man” to rescue them from their guaranteed execution. They will quickly find out how “inclusive” the rest of the world is
commented 2018-08-13 19:49:59 -0400
Deborah Graupner—-I believe it is only White men that the feminists want eliminated.
Don’t worry though, people like Trudeau will continue to bring in Black Tribesmen from Africa to replace us. These newcomers will build nice Mud Huts to keep the Canadian women dry.
Recently artifacts have been found in Africa proving that the Black Race has been there for 3000 years, and never had they built a structure over two stories high.
I heard this statement on a respected news source around 3 months ago, but I can’t verify it.
commented 2018-08-13 18:55:22 -0400
Well, I guess I won’t be buying this latest Terminator.
commented 2018-08-13 18:54:21 -0400
Once all the men are gone they won’t have anything to complain about anymore. What are the weak minded feminists going to do when the real enemy finally shows itself? I don’t want to be in a world that tries to write off one of the two genders that God created?
commented 2018-08-13 18:28:21 -0400
feminists cry about men, and yet what do they do. ghostbusters, superman, and now terminator. what originality feminist slime.
commented 2018-08-13 16:56:28 -0400
Another franchise bites the dust because of the lunatic left…………………