August 30, 2016

Social justice kills: UK girl commits suicide, fearing backlash after posting potentially 'racist' image

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16-year-old Phoebe Connop was found dead in her home after fearing what repercussions she would face for posting a 'racist' photo online.

According to, an inquest into her death at Black Country Coroner’s Court heard that prior to her death, she messaged an altered photo of herself with dark skin to her friends. Apparently she had begun dating an “Asian man” and joked she'd have to look like that to get his family's approval.

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Worth noting that in the UK, “Asian” can mean Middle Eastern and not always Chinese, Japanese, etc. When the term “Asian gang” is used, the British media is not talking about the Yakuza.

One of the members of Phoebe's group chat shared the private image online, causing her to fear a racist backlash against her.

Phoebe, who had been working with her father during summer holidays, felt ill one day and asked to be taken home. When her father returned to the family home later in the evening, he found her dead body.

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Detective Sergeant Katherine Tomkins said that, “From speaking to her friends in the weeks following her death, we discovered that the image had circulated further than she wanted it to. There had been some negative reaction and she confided in her friend, who did take the image down at her request, that she was scared of what the reaction might be from the Asian community in her area.”

The fact a young woman killed herself out of fear of being called a 'racist' shows a lot about today's society and who the real bullies are.

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commented 2016-08-31 22:25:11 -0400
I guess that’s what they call people who wish to preserve their language and culture (all descendants of European people) from the onslaught of forced immigration policies by gov’ts who no longer serve the will of the people who elected them.
Even through nonviolent means of expressing our concerns as we watch the country we grew up in change before our very eyes in ways in ways that favor immigration policies over established Canadian families and values.. The information is all out there published in non biased non derogatory platforms.
 Nothing good will come of becoming a minority in our own country by the mass importation of people who have no wish or desire to assimilate into a gentle and non war like culture whose goals and visions for the future are not the same as our own,but will bring their cultures and problems with them that will bear the ugliest fruit when they are the majority and have political power through their own representatives in Parliament..
The blacks have NAACP, black TV, all black beauty pageants, all black colleges with funding and scholarships only for blacks and more..
If a white person even dared to have an all white TV program designated as all white or an organization that was dedicated only to whites as militant as the NAACP every bleeding heart liberal in the world would be screaming racist and looking for blood. 
I don’t believe that any race in the world should have one privilege over another, the white race included to that but that we should stick to our own , support and promote ourselves as passionately as all the immigrants in this country are allowed to do.
We have been taught to hate ourselves as white people and accept the importance of all other cultures over our own and stand by and watch helplessly as our people disappear from history in a attempt to homogenize our Nation… 
As a country we cannot absorb 250,000 immigrants each and every year… except for one year a while ago which was 500,000.. We are importing a medium size city into the country each and every year for more than the last 15 years.
We do not have an abundance of jobs to justify these incredible amounts of people as well as the negative impact that  occurs  when you have too many people looking for too few jobs. The sociological ramifications from this type of event will not be completely understood until it’s too late to do anything about it.
If  concerns about my nation and my peoples makes me a racist then I  plead guilty and believe that word should be reinterpreted to something that more resembles the right to speak in defense of their own people who are persecuted.
commented 2016-08-31 00:44:16 -0400
All in the name of Progress.
commented 2016-08-30 14:14:53 -0400
The " aware " parents have to stay ahead of the new age educational agenda in their schools , and forcefully !!
commented 2016-08-30 13:42:05 -0400
This is absolutely horrendous and tragic that a young girl chose death over being bullied for what some idiots would have referred to as racist, even though she clearly didn’t intend it that way. My heart goes out to her father. It would already be horrible enough to find anyone dead, but his own daughter… I can’t even imagine.
commented 2016-08-30 13:34:49 -0400
“social justice” is the redistribution of injustice – this is a prime example of that truth, first enunciated by F. Hayek.

Mobbing non conformity to realize total conformity to a political mono-culture.
commented 2016-08-30 13:27:23 -0400
The earliest form of humour was probably when prehistoric humans made fun of each other’s differences, and this was considered normal and natural until recent years when the political correctness disease went out of control. But the first casualty of the PC virus is the sense of humour, and then it progressed to the point where it is now literally killing people. Are the SJW simpletons proud of what they have done?
commented 2016-08-30 13:07:59 -0400
Deborah. Yeah we had a party line back in Ontario. Ours was two long and one short. The other party who lived about a mile away was two short and one long. I think that changed in 1965 time frame. Our black desk phone must have weighed at least 5 pounds!
commented 2016-08-30 13:04:25 -0400
The Wynnes and JTs of this world will applaud the bravery of this girl, to sacrifice herself to protect Islam. Her suicide is as much about fear of bullying by SJWs as it is about “doing the right thing” for Islam rather than standing up for free speech.
commented 2016-08-30 12:57:30 -0400
Yet the terms racist, homophobic, xenophobic, bigot seem to fly out of the mouths of the left-wing political leaders and the mindless mainstream media. Take a good look at the latest ad that Clinton is showing about Trump – shades of KKK! And the lefties do not think that this has any impact on the people???

Ms. Wynne is an excellent example of a political leader who brands her Ontario citizens if they so much as breathe one word of dissent against her policies. Leaders are supposed to lead by example, and she certainly does not@
commented 2016-08-30 12:56:42 -0400
NDP Sucks – I don’t have a cell phone either, and nor will I ever own one. I think these phones will be used to track people in the future. I’ll stick to my land line. My adult children have bugged me for years to get one, but I don’t want one. I enjoy my privacy, and as long as I have a mind, I’ll keep track of my own information, the old fashioned way. I find modern technology to be intrusive. I grew up in SK when we had party lines!
commented 2016-08-30 12:46:04 -0400
Young people must have a smart phone these days. My daughter absolutely hounded me for one and broke me down. She never had these types of problems but many do and they not only live by these little boxes but some actually die because of them. I still don’t have a cell phone and have never owned one. It is too easy for people to track you down. Many people no doubt need these devices but there seems to be many use them as a status symbol and for activities such as sexting. Anthony Weiner comes to mind.
commented 2016-08-30 12:45:54 -0400
Marxist mission accomplished.

commented 2016-08-30 12:41:29 -0400
This is what happens when you aren’t allowed to voice your opinion, and if you do, you are attacked for it. This is a cruel world, and it’s getting crueler by the day! Teach your children to stand by their beliefs, no matter what the chattering classes say. But more importantly, teach them to confide in you when they’ve done something, and they are afraid of the consequences.
commented 2016-08-30 12:10:59 -0400
Sadly this is part of the millennial mindset. Nothing is worse than SAYING the wrong things that mark you as racist. Also nationalism is silly and outdated. The world just needs one giant all together now hug and all will be OK.
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