December 23, 2016

Social justice warriors try to shut down “Really British” shop

David MenziesMission Specialist

If you’re in the Muswell Hill area of London in the near future, you might want to check out the Really British store sooner rather than later because social justice warriors are doing everything in their power to close it down.

The shop is owned by a patriotic Brit and specializes in selling British stuff, from memorabilia featuring iconic British rock bands to Britain-shaped air fresheners.

Progressives really don’t like the idea of a shop called Really British, or care for merchandise that celebrates British heritage and nostalgia because it’s racist!?!

The owner is shocked that some think his shop is racist. He’s already taken down the large Union Jack flags to appease them, but that’s not enough.

They say his shop is communicating a pro-Brexit statement.

The name wasn't meant to convey a political statement, but so what if it was? Don’t like a shop’s name or its merchandise, take your business elsewhere, right?

Nope. If an SJW is offended for even the smallest reason, then the offender must be shunned and boycotted and perhaps even forced to close down.

Watch as I show you some samples of the unrelenting social media attacks directed at the store’s owner.

Diversity and inclusiveness is jolly good in Muswell Hill unless such diversity and inclusiveness means the establishment of a store that celebrates Britishness.

British heritage is apparently racist, even in Great Britain.

Too bad the proprietor didn’t call his store the Sharia Shop. If he had, no SJW’s would dare launch a campaign to shut down a store advocating that kind of cultural enrichment.

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commented 2016-12-25 13:48:38 -0500
Ezra. It’s closing down do to going bankrupt. I called the store. Do some actual real post with truth. Not this fake information stuff your posting.
commented 2016-12-23 23:58:25 -0500
Why change anything about your business , people with no jobs do not have much money to spend.
commented 2016-12-23 23:56:30 -0500
Fraser McBurney awesome idea, i would love to see the fluffs lose their minds over that.
commented 2016-12-23 22:38:24 -0500
Second that! There’s no appeasing fools. Put the flags back up. Never surrender.
commented 2016-12-23 20:54:07 -0500
There’s no appeasing fools. Put the flags back up. Never surrender.
commented 2016-12-23 20:53:35 -0500
SJWs, “safe spaces”, triggering, gender confusion, emotionally and psychologically fragile people, and all the other ridiculous manifestations are really part of a serious and mass mental illness.
IMHO, this has been brought on by the collapse of everything from solid parenting, solid schooling and solid good societal sense balancing rights of the individual against society’s requirement to function.
It’s a shame that I will be leaving my son a far worse world than I grew up in. The latter is no longer an opinion, it’s a fact :-(
commented 2016-12-23 20:27:51 -0500
Ha. It’s racist to be a natural born citizen.
commented 2016-12-23 19:14:22 -0500
When I was young, I said I want to grow up to be shallow and superficial. Its not an easy job but obviously some have succeeded.
commented 2016-12-23 18:15:35 -0500
Once again proving the adage; “Inside every lefty is tyrant screaming to get out”.
commented 2016-12-23 18:02:21 -0500
This phony outrage is just so silly.
commented 2016-12-23 17:57:22 -0500
Use the CCTV footage to file trespass charges!! In Britain, they can file a Private Charge same as here in Canada (kinda where we got it from!)
commented 2016-12-23 17:54:06 -0500
Fascists by another name!!

Time to charge them with harassment, and if that doesn’t fly, harass them right back!! If the police come for you, you’ll use your inability to get charges laid for similar conduct as a defense! Conservatives are too timid and need to learn how to fight!!
commented 2016-12-23 17:37:04 -0500
History classes must celebrate our heroes for this nonsense to stop. British heroes! Where do I begin? Signatories of the Magna Carta, Both Queen Elizabtheths, Shakespeare, Newton, Smith, Wellington, Jenner, Nightingale, Darwin, Churchill, Goodall, Thatcher, The Beatles, Bowie,Both Beckhams …
I am truly sad to read this piece.
commented 2016-12-23 16:55:08 -0500
How foolish. It seems as though there is some sort of weird mass psychosis infecting these “progressives”. Fascism is really what it is. They are a minority, allbeit a very noisy one. I think it time for the silent majority to finally arise from our fearful slumber and put an end to this insanity. But there is a bright side to this. Talk about free advertising and exposure. His business will likely explode. Watch the normal people rush to his store in defiance of this gang of psychotic morons. BTW, put the flags back up. Any malcontents arriving at his door should see his Louisville slugger casually resting on his shoulder..In a very non threatening way, of course.
commented 2016-12-23 11:53:53 -0500
SJWs are the Brownshirts of the 21st century . . . modern day fascists/progressives who are stupid beyond belief. Some of them have even gone to college . . . where they marinated in Marxist thought. Perhaps it is time to get them a puppy,playdough, some crayons or a safe space as they have done in Universities south of the 49th . . . or a trip out behind the woodshed for a reality check moment !
commented 2016-12-23 11:27:04 -0500
You are correct, Mr. Menzies, the Real Canadian Super Store is at risk of being targeted some time soon, no doubt.

Diversity and inclusiveness never seems to be diverse enough to include white Anglo-Saxon cultures. Odd that, isn’t it?
commented 2016-12-23 11:16:28 -0500
SJWs are nothing more than idiots, with an IQ equal to a Damp Rag. They are so dumb, they cannot see that they have been brain washed by the Marxist Educational System that runs rampant in the UK and is also at work in all western Country’s.

As a one time Limey, born and educated in Limey Land, who became a proud Canadian Citizen, back in 1968, I feel ashamed of my origins when I read about the stupidity of our younger Generations. They are all stupid.

In my opinion, the fear of Islam also plays a leading role in warping these Lame Brained Idiots minds.

Wake up all you SJWs, be proud of being British, you are embarrassing me.
commented 2016-12-23 11:08:18 -0500
And then there’s Prince Charles !!
commented 2016-12-23 10:47:00 -0500
Political correctness needs to be outlawed altogether when it’s taken to such extremes.
commented 2016-12-23 09:57:47 -0500
there is always away to solve a problem just change the name of the shop to ONLY BRITISH