November 23, 2015

Social justice warriors and the push for women in combat

Paul HairRebel Blogger

American leaders are prioritizing putting women into combat, but this issue should also concern Canada and the rest of the nations in the "Five Eyes" intelligence and security partnership.

The national security of one nation affects the national security of all them.

And Americans aren't the only ones influencing this decision. Left-wing "social justice workers" (SJWs) from partner nations are influencing it as well.

I recently wrote about the push to get women into combat positions of the U.S. armed forces, specifically focusing on how the military is reacting with unprecedented hostility towards those who are asking questions about how women graduated from U.S. Army Ranger School.

A great example of this involves a story Stars and Stripes published in October. The story treated women-in-combat advocates as legitimate researchers, and criticized those who pointed to a U.S. Marine Corps study that showed how poorly women perform in combat units and positions.

I tweeted this story to Susan Keating, who has been investigating how women graduated from Ranger School for People Magazine. One of the advocates in the Stars and Stripes story, Megan MacKenzie, found my tweet and replied to it.



So I looked at MacKenzie’s Twitter account and found that she is an SJW living in Australia. Here are a sample of her other tweets.

I told MacKenzie what her social justice warrior activism means:

Because SJWs use nonsense words and embrace irrationality,
it's impossible for us to have polite or civil dialogue. They call good “evil” and evil “good.”

Regrettably, SJW are becoming ever more powerful in the world. This power extends to influencing all the nations of the Five Eyes, with even our military leaders listening to them.

SJW are a threat, and not just to their own countries, especially on issues like women in combat. This is why the American rush to put women into combat in its armed forces isn’t just an American matter, but a Canadian and Five Eyes matter as well.


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commented 2016-01-20 22:00:52 -0500
Interesting reference to sexual misconduct. Sexual assault is not the same as it was. I heard about an officer who was accused of sexual assault by a trainee he had failed in a basic test of competence. He lost his job, and she passed the test
commented 2015-12-27 14:49:39 -0500
The nonsense of women in combat has got to be the most hilarious lie going. I am reminded the of the Jessica Lynch story, which was spun and hyped to serve as a recruitment poster for women. It was a completely faked story, and even Jessica Lynch recanted the events before a Congressional hearing. Yet, there are many who continue to believe the false narrative. This can only serve one purpose: to keep the military away from lawsuits at the expense of driving men from the services.
commented 2015-11-25 15:16:35 -0500
I know of one woman that I think could participate and hold her own. I know when she used to shake hands, it was bone crushing. I’ve never known another woman as strong as my co-worker Emily. Personally, I don’t think women should be in combat because we are indeed the weaker sex. Even our police forces have been weakened, by allowing women in. Now I find that our police services are just glorified security guards, which really doesn’t make me feel all the safe.
commented 2015-11-24 23:26:10 -0500
When you fight women and kids – yes they too can shoot at you and often do despite the UN complaints about them getting killed it is often self defence – what do you need to remember when you run into a gang of them pretending to be soldiers?

They are usually shorter and do not run as fast – so – hold a little lower and do not lead them as much.

I have never met one woman who could keep up in the game.

Fact is someone will take offense at this comment – but only those who have never had to return fire on them to defend yourself.
commented 2015-11-24 10:55:17 -0500
I was part of a team assessing women’s role in combat during my service in the Canadian Airborne Regiment. they failed in all aspects of combat…miserably. but they went ahead with the circus anyway.
unfortunately this is the new way of doing business with our government…pick the least qualified and expect them to be the best.
commented 2015-11-24 01:54:08 -0500
If it meant they had to be qualified then i am all for it , but i know being qualified has nothing to do with social progressives stupidity
commented 2015-11-23 13:02:43 -0500
Simply Common sense!
Wherever has it gone?