April 15, 2016

Socially responsible? Here’s how OLG plays the odds deceiving Ontario taxpayers

David MenziesMission Specialist

It’s always perversely amusing to see government justify its intrusion into those realms that should be the bailiwick of the private sector, like for example liquor retailing and gambling.

Shouldn’t liquor stores and casinos be run by private interests, with the government’s role limited to regulation and taxation?

That’s not the case in most Canadian provinces where instead provincial governments run the booze and betting businesses, justifying its incursion into these realms based on social responsibility.”

Which is why finding out that lottery corporations have been guilty of being irresponsible in any number of respects including using false advertising with regarding “odds of winning”, has prompted me to send a formal complaint to the federal Competition Bureau to see if it can make the OLG do the right thing by at least posting the correct probabilities of its games.

Based on their record of doing the right thing, I’d say the odds of the OLG acting socially responsible on its own accord would make the most reckless gambler cringe.

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commented 2016-04-15 18:10:14 -0400
Every time two people get together and the subject of the Lottery comes up they inevitably agree that instead of one “big” prize it would sure be nice to see 10/20/30 chances of winning or splitting one million. The Corporations understand that this is the case, but absolutely refuse to consider it. We have had public lotteries in Canada since "Lotto Canada in 1967. Why in hell cant we bring them into the 21st century? It would be nice if the Rebel could actually look into this subject further.
commented 2016-04-15 17:52:40 -0400
Either the OLG runs its casinos for the public trust or the OLG should be dismantled and be sold off completely to the private sector. To have the OLG through its so called Modernization Plan give a 20 year monopoly to private operators to run its casinos such as Woodbine, while its head office remains a crown corporation with political insiders running the showing making $100,000 on the sunshine list is a complete waste of taxpayer money. We need to determine if we as a society want private or public gaming industry, but a private-public partnership is a very bad idea. Also why not have the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario regulate the gaming industry instead of allowing a smaller government OLG regulate private casino operator, talk about duplicity. The OLG’s problem is that the crown corporation is just getting greedy and believes that outsourcing to the business to private companies to run the casinos will supposedly make more revenue even though the OLG makes 2 billion in profit. The OLG’s Modernization Plan is a bad deal for the taxpayer, foreign companies will profit from our casinos, current OLG employees at casinos will lose their jobs and pensions while the fat cats at the OLG head office will keep their government jobs.
commented 2016-04-15 15:34:47 -0400
It used to be the Mafia who controlled The Numbers Game and Booze. I see nothing has changed.
commented 2016-04-15 13:37:08 -0400
Dave Thanks for the info LOTTO takes us like a fool like in roulette the odds are always the same no matter how many times you spin the wheel. BUT WE BUY FOR A DREAM