June 20, 2017

Solar Schemes come to Vancouver — another bad idea for taxpayers

Christopher WilsonRebel Commentator

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson has a plan for the City of Vancouver to completely eliminate fossil fuel use by 2050. 

That goes for heating homes with natural gas, gasoline powered vehicles, diesel powered trucks and buses. Even restaurants will be forced to cook with electricity rather than gas.

Mayor Robertson spoke in front of new solar panels arrayed on the roofs of the False Creek Paddling Centre. The city is partnering with SolarCity a local solar panel company with each spending $23K for this latest installation.

But, when examining the energy and electricity mix in British Columbia, it becomes apparent very quickly these types of solar panel installations actually don’t offset energy produced from fossil fuels and don’t actually reduce emissions.

Besides, BC is already a world leader in low carbon, renewable energy from hydroelectricity. In fact 97% of our electricity comes from BC Hydro.

Watch as I put some questions to the Mayor about why we need solar power when we already produce emissions-free electricity and also challenge the bad ideas of renewable energy proponents.

The actual results from renewable energy technologies like solar, never pan out either on their impact on climate change or for the economy.

If you think this plan to eliminate fossil fuel use including natural gas, and gasoline powered vehicles in the City by 2050 is a bad idea, then head to www.BadIdea.ca and sign our petition!

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commented 2017-06-21 08:04:57 -0400
Robertson did G.Soros pull your string again??
commented 2017-06-21 05:57:53 -0400
James Delingpole of Breitbart News reports that a paper published in Nature Geoscience concluded that the pause in global warming is real and that the computer models predicting dramatically increased temperatures have failed. While this will not be a startling revalation to most here other than Andrew Stephenson, What is telling is that the paper’s lead author was leading climate alarmist Ben Shanter. This whole hoax is about to come crashing down.
commented 2017-06-21 02:07:59 -0400
Nutsy beyond belief!… Vancouver just went through the coldest winter in some 26 years with day upon day of overcast skies and drizzle. (Out here called “angel pee” by the way… ) So, needles to say, no charging of any solar panels… The annual Tulip Festival in the Fraser Valley was set back three times because of the shitty cold and damp weather… Mason bees emerged two months late in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island because of the shitty weather… And now be are expected to buy “solar panels” as our energy salvation for generations to come?.. Grade school children from Victoria to Pitt Meadows, to Langley to Port Moody can tell tell you “Prithee, your elevator, sir, does not go to the top floor”…
commented 2017-06-21 02:04:04 -0400
Of course their own personal comforts and housing will burn fossil fuels like mad while they virtue signal.
commented 2017-06-21 02:02:52 -0400
Yeah sure , keep on dreaming.
commented 2017-06-21 01:13:40 -0400
Bravo, you are so right, how are airplanes going to fly, maybe by strapping solar panels on the wings. This insanity to blame CO2 for the routine change in our climate is affecting their brain cells.
commented 2017-06-21 00:44:33 -0400
Gregor Robertson belongs in the same nut job category as does Trudeau, McKenna. Notley & Winbag, They have become obsessed with carbon emissions & everything they say or think or do rotates around that craziness. How old is Robertson, does he think he will live forever or be mayor forever for that stupid idea of his to come to fruition. It always astounds me when the likes of these four introduce bills or make statements where the time span will happen years from now or if it’s in progress will go on for years way past their leadership. They are so arrogant, they think people will elect them over & over until the end of time. My wish is that we elect a Conservative or maybe even a libertarian if they form a party, to become the next PM, who will then get rid of everything Trudeau & his cronies have slapped us with.
commented 2017-06-20 23:19:41 -0400
Since evidence takes a back seat to theory and wishful thinking, why don’t they build solar powered ocean freighters to bring solar panels from China?
commented 2017-06-20 21:59:40 -0400
Learn from Ontario, foolish mayor of Vancouver!
The solar garbage will have them shaking their heads down the road…twenty year life span as it stands. Are components recyclable, or do they end up in the landfill? Storing solar energy for future use isn’t an option right now…when? Who knows!
commented 2017-06-20 20:42:27 -0400
This imp eared moron and his buddy soros will be long gone before this happen, but are doing damage as we speak. I don’t know where to go with this. Libs are destroying N.America and of course the EU. I am despairing I must say.
commented 2017-06-20 19:48:02 -0400
With technology of today, his plan to eliminate fossil fuels by 2050 is completely impossible.

Not one green project can be manufactured without oil and gas.

Not one green project can be build without oil and gas.

Not one green project can be maintained without oil and gas.

And not one green project can produce a consistent power output without oil and gas.