September 10, 2015

Some promises from federal party leaders aren't theirs to make

Brian LilleyArchive

Some of our party leaders don't seem to be concerned about things like National Security or the Military --- things that are the responsibility of the federal government.

They seem more concerned about universal day care and expanding other social programs that are provincial jurisdiction, and they seem to think they can do this simply by re-classifying these programs as "infrastructure".

As scary as it is, I have to say I agree with Gilles Duceppe who used to ask "why are there 10,000 Bureaucrats working at Health Canada when they don't run a single hospital?"

Trudeau, Mulcair and May are running across the country making promises for things they can't deliver on and not talking about the things federal leaders should talk about.

This has not been noticed by The Media Party so maybe we need to get back to learning about these things in civics classes so we can hold our politicians to account in demanding that they adhere to the constitution.


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commented 2015-09-12 22:15:55 -0400
Paul wrote: “I’m convinced that most Canadians don’t know the difference between local, regional, provincial or federal areas of concern.

I agree. I also think that a number of politicians definitely do not know the difference between local, regional, provincial or federal areas of concern.

In the National Post there are several articles that do not allow for any blogging at all, probably because there’d be anger vented at the politicians if blogging were allowed. I was shocked when I read that Premiere Wynne announced:

“her province is pledging $10.5 million to help more refugees settle in Ontario and support international relief efforts. Wynne says $8.5 million over 2 1/2 years will go to support refugees, increase the number coming to Ontario, and help settle them once they arrive, while the remaining $2 million will be donated for humanitarian efforts. Wynne says the province hopes to resettle 10,000 refugees by the end of 2016, though she notes the provincial government doesn’t have the power to sponsor those refugees. Most of Ontario’s contribution will help “expedite the resettlement of refugees all across Ontario and support them as they build new lives here,” Wynne said.”

She admits that the provincial government doesn’t have the power to sponsor the refugees but that is not stopping her from financing the expedition of refugees to Ontario. I wonder if the Liberals/NDP who voted her back in will cry and whine when Wynne increases taxes, fees and levies across the board to financially support these 10,000. What I find amazing is that she does not care that there is a homeless problem not just in Toronto but in other areas of Ontario as well as a poverty problem in Ontario (many are relying on foodbanks to survive), there’s no money for Canadians needing help but there is for non-Canadians.
commented 2015-09-11 11:27:23 -0400
How is it that politicians of such high positions are talking about and make policy on subjects that are not within their jurisdictions? Is it not the first question a reporter would ask them?
commented 2015-09-11 00:09:05 -0400
Exactly! These people don’t even understand the position they are asking the voters’ to put them in! They have already admitted before they start – that they don’t know what they are doing or what their responsibility is! What they are promising to deliver carries no weight and is absolutely nothing – because it is not theirs’ to give! They don’t understand what their Government job would be or how Government works! Are you going to vote for them? The truth is Stephen Harper is the only candidate that knows which way is up!
commented 2015-09-11 00:02:19 -0400
It is weird to see Brian Lilley apparently supporting a Conservative/Bloc coalition. I think that Harper himself ruled that out the other night when he said unless the Conservatives get more seats than any other party he will no longer be Prime Minister.
commented 2015-09-10 21:51:19 -0400
Jimmy is a Liberal/Progressive, He dose not give a shit about what other people think.
commented 2015-09-10 21:19:57 -0400
Why are these people telling us what Canada and Ontario should do for the thousands of Syrian refugees?
Why don’t they take those suggestions to the incredibly wealthy Arab League OPEC states who have not lifted a finger to aid their fellow Muslims?
The refugees were and continue to be created by Muslims – 1.5 Billion Muslims.
Why do they not take care of their own?
Why are they flooding the western world with Muslims who are, as they have proven be, a grave existential threat to those states foolish enough to accept them?
commented 2015-09-10 20:31:04 -0400
oh Brian, Brian, Brian. You know the Media parties do what they will do. Fact-Checking is a lost art. It’s all about running around like your hair is on fire. It’s about the story, never mind the details.
commented 2015-09-10 20:26:13 -0400
“Jimmy Da Silva commented 3 hours ago

“Apparently you are this stupid.

“When fossil fuels are burned they release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which contributes to global warming. Using “fossil fuels to generate energy also releases pollutants into the atmosphere – such as sulphur dioxide.”

Horseshit, Jimmy. Sulfur was removed from diesel fuel a number of years ago, and gasoline contains none. The only hydrocarbon that contains sulfur is coal, and that’s only used in heavy industry and electricity generation. Further, the components of complete combustion of virtually any substance are carbon dioxide and water. Even when you breathe, you inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.

Further, since it’s been decided (not proved, but decided) that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, and everybody is recommended to cut down their “carbon footprint”. So here’s a suggestion, Jimmy, to reduce your “carbon footprint”:

Quit breathing.
commented 2015-09-10 19:49:48 -0400
It is highly likely that those scientists who support man made global warming benefit from grant money in some way, so of course they are going to say they believe in GW.
commented 2015-09-10 19:47:10 -0400
Anybody who believes in man made global warming is either making money from the scam somehow or is an idiot.

I can speculate as to which category those that advocate for man made global warming who post here are in.
commented 2015-09-10 19:06:37 -0400
JIMMY “How exactly would your son know their teacher’s political affiliation. It’s not like on the first day of school, they say hi my name is Mrs. Smith and I am a liberal.”…. Yes that what happened…. Not the first words out of their mouth, but probably the second… My son elaborated with exacting details… and I know for a fact that he didn’t know about these details previously… we didn’t live in Canada at the time and my son was only 5.
commented 2015-09-10 19:06:20 -0400
The part i find funny about people like jimmy and people who are ardent global warming supporters, errr i mean climate change… um wait that will probably change soon also but however. They all want you and the oil companies to do their part in the fight against global warming or whatever the new term will be but when most of them turn the mirror inward all they see is a hypocrite. They dont care the if fort Mcmurry is shut down or if oil stops in this province and we become a welfare state like quebec, they dont care about the tens of thousands of people that would lose their jobs in the name of unsubstantiated data they just want you to stop driving your GOD DAMN car while they drive theirs. Not one of them truly believes in humanism and they will do what they can until its an inconvienance to them
commented 2015-09-10 18:56:59 -0400
Peter I split a gut when I heard Mulclair claim the best track record. Their track record is one of disaster. Harper has been the best PM we have ever had. God help us if he loses the election.
My area is a sea of Blue signs.
commented 2015-09-10 18:55:50 -0400
All of you….I have come here to help……if there is a political pimple to be squeezed…..if there is an ante up or shut up test case for testing the resolve of the leaders in this election and a challenge to see who can deliver the goods….it is Saint-Anne-de-Bellvue. Get up to speed. This is the microcosm that measures all of the rest of what the liberals and the NDP have bragged that they can deliver.
commented 2015-09-10 18:52:34 -0400
Jimmy Da Moron why is it lefties propagate the global warming lie? Could it be they are dumb likebyou?
commented 2015-09-10 18:47:34 -0400
Mulcair keep saying that the NDP have the best tract record for balancing the budget, but that is a blatant lie. The only examples he can draw from are the provincial NDP governments, and in ALL the cases where the NDP have governed or are governing provincially they trashed the economy of those provinces.
commented 2015-09-10 18:45:26 -0400
So much for Justin’s “Sitting down and talking with the provinces”
commented 2015-09-10 18:36:13 -0400
Dont really care who wants to believe what, a person can read what they want and draw their own conclusions as is human nature.
I am just reposting material that i did not write, people believe what they want but the evidence against it is starting to pile up. Anyone can make predictions!
The hard part is being correct!
It takes wisdom and courage, to keep ones head, while the rest of the world, is scrambling fearfully about.
their predictions are terrible at the IPCC.
Only time will tell, are you doing your part as a believer? swearing off fossil fuels? all plastics? more then likely your heat and power? the power to turn the pumps to get you your water?
FYI neil degrasse tyson is by no means a God and if you put such people on pedestalals then prepared to be dissapointed.
Time will be the judge and mother earth will be around long after we are gone.
commented 2015-09-10 18:35:10 -0400
Gilles Duceppe started out as an orderly in a Quebec hospital…he became a shop steward….from that perspective he has insights I would be inclined to respect.

In Montreal there is the last hospital administrated by Veteran’s Affairs Canada…..all of the others were handed off to their respective provinces with contracts to pay the per bed rate for the few Veteran’s Affairs clients that remain. Saint-Anne-de-Bellvue has been under negotiation to be handed off for getting on for four decades now.

The only way Veteran’s Affairs will ever resolve these chronic and perenial negotiations is if they evacuate the hospital of patients and staff…..then get Red Adair to 9/11 truther it to the ground……then offer the parking lot that remains to the Province of Quebec and the Montreal Urban Community.
commented 2015-09-10 18:34:54 -0400

Yes I am sure all the right wing media sources are the only ones that are publishing “the truth”. Hey, believe whatever the fuck you want – I will believe one of the smartest people on the planet.
commented 2015-09-10 18:33:17 -0400

Thursday September 10, 2015 Edmonton: This Injured Oil Sands worker Milan has been protesting against WCB for 10 days with no end in sight. He was suppose to meet with wildrose party leader Brian Jean but no meeting has been set up as of yet – Premier Rachel Notley has written Milan a personal letter saying she will pass this on to Minister Lori Sigurdson but again not much has happened since July.

Injured Oil Sands worker Milan Malusic -Vukovski is now pleading publicly for help from The Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant

YouTube: Injured Alberta Oil Sands Worker – Help Me (Alberta) WCB – Anyone Please Help!

Edmonton’s Active Citizenship – Free News Sharing
commented 2015-09-10 18:32:46 -0400

Neil De Grasse Tyson says that you are wrong. He would know. You are just a conservative moron – who didn’t know this:

When fossil fuels are burned they release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which contributes to global warming. Using fossil fuels to generate energy also releases pollutants into the atmosphere – such as sulphur dioxide.
commented 2015-09-10 18:32:37 -0400
In the 70’s we had the impending ice age, the science was settled, and the only way to avoid it was huge government interference and money grab. That scheme did not pan out because the planet did not cooperate, so then came global warming, the science was settled,and the only the way to save the planet was huge government interference and money grab from the taxpayers. When the real data debunked that lie, the elites renamed it climate change, the science was once again settled, with the only solution being huge government takeover and a colossal money grab from taxpayers. As Cal duly noted – follow the money. That is what it’s all about.
commented 2015-09-10 18:31:50 -0400
Jimmy Da Moron the usual denial from a fascist moron. Right wing are the only ones who will publish the Truth? Wall street Journal is not the only one that publishes the facts.
commented 2015-09-10 18:28:49 -0400
Jimmy Da Moron there you go Lying. The scientific community does not back global warming and in fact deny it. IPCC did lie and their emails proved it.
You believe liars because you are one.
commented 2015-09-10 18:28:14 -0400

By the way, you do know that The Wall Street Journal is a right wing rag right as if Forbes. I wouldn’t expect anything less from them.
commented 2015-09-10 18:26:12 -0400
This is off topic but I wanted to get it in someplace.
I have been blocked in the cbc comment section twice in two days. If you are anti Mulcair or Trudeau there is a good chance you will be blocked. Yesterday the question was asked would Mulcair have sent troops during the second world war. I replied “Not likely he is from Quebec”. I t was blocked. Today I stated that Mulcair is also a French citizen. What if he were Prime Minister and a situation arose between the two countries. Where would his allegiance lay. It was blocked. I sent one back telling them their bias was showing and of course it was blocked too. I guess I am not a friend of the CBC

A little later as a test I wrote ’Mulcair for PM It was accepted.

I have been posting numerous pro Harper comments. They do not like it
commented 2015-09-10 18:24:13 -0400

Did you listen to what Tyson had to say?

Again, here:

Are you actually suggesting that people should believe you over him?
commented 2015-09-10 18:14:18 -0400
Jimmy here is an article for ya, the nasa count was flawed fyi. As is most of the institutions and governments they work for they tow the line or risk funding.


Sounds like IPCC is just pushing for more funding, i mean they deliberetly lied in the initial report. They have changed the model because the earth wasnt actually warming from global warming to climate change.

The easiest way is follow the money, amount of funding prior to the global warming scare to the IPCC and then after the scare.
At the end of the day its a U.N organization that is flawed from the get go.

Now your not much of a thinker so avoid the third link.