May 12, 2016

Sophie Trudeau complains about having too much work, demands a “team” of assistants

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The PMO is looking into ways to accommodate the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after she complained about her 'workload'.

According to a report in the Globe and Mail, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau said she's having difficulty managing “being a high-profile, bilingual and much sought-after speaker”.

Apparently Grégoire Trudeau is regularly invited to promote the causes of charitable organizations and groups, but can't keep up with the requests.

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“I'd like to be everywhere, but I can't,” said told Le Soleil. “I have three children at home and a husband who is Prime Minister. I need help. I need a team to help me serve people.”

The children, in case you were not aware, are under the care of a team of nannies, and cost taxpayers over $100,000 a year.

The PMO is trying to find a solution to Sophie Trudeau's dilemma.

PMO spokesman Olivier Duchesneau told the Globe and Mail that, “Grégoire Trudeau continues to receive an extraordinarily high volume of correspondence and invitations. We are continuing to look at new ways to make sure she is supported at official events she is attending and to make sure correspondence from Canadians across the country and invitations are triaged and answered in a timely manner.”

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To justify the potential need for additional help, the PMO said that while the budget for household help is the same as it was under Trudeau's predecessor, Stephen Harper, Grégoire Trudeau receives more correspondence than Laureen Harper.

Sophie Trudeau has been in the spotlight as first lady for all the wrong reasons before.

Back in 2002, she starred in a fake infomercial about tablets that can flavour menstrual blood.

On MLK Day, she felt the need to sing a song she had written about her daughter.

And most recently, she complained about the taste of water at 24 Sussex Dr even though continuous testing done by the NCC showed that there is nothing wrong with it.

SOUND OFF in the comments: do you think Sophie Trudeau should have a “team” help her?

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commented 2016-05-13 16:27:21 -0400
So you got 2 nannies, a chef, you go not government duties, and probably got a maid that cleans. Screw off you lazy piece of work. I’m disabled serving my country and I cook, clean, take care of myself with no support, oh if I have children they’re mine responsibility, NOT everybody elses. And your stressing that you need more aid. B**** please, you don’t know stress. Oh yeah your husband is a embarrassment to Canadians and I cannot wait till 4 years and your known as the worst thing to happen to Canada.

Also maybe you should stop being the voice of …. Wait for it….. So below and all the causes is THAT Canadian tax payer problem? HELL No.

In addition, she has lent her voice as spokesperson to a multitude of causes, including: UN Women National Committee Canada, the Canadian Mental Health Association, Dove’s “Pay Beauty Forward” program, 60 Million Girls Foundation, the Canadian Cancer Society, Heart Truth, The Weekend to End Breast Cancer, WaterCan, Me to We (Free the Children), BACA, BANA, the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario, Girls for the Cure, FAB Women, the Looking Glass Foundation, the Vagina Monologues, la Maison Doris, Sheena’s Place, and more

Start a go fund me page, might raise enough for a box of tissues… Whaaa whaaa whaaa
commented 2016-05-13 13:44:26 -0400
Sophie is not and elected official. She should not be entitled to a team of assistants. Justin Trudeau should pay from his own pocket. As for complains about having too much work… join the Crowd of Candians that have too much work…. due TO THEIR circumstances…Suck it up Sophie ask your husband for the cash to cover your needs. He makes enough. Another thought! You could get the nannies to help out with your work load. “Sophie” pull yourself up by the boot straps as most Canadians have to do and work a little harder as most Canadians are having to do because of your Smug Husbands Policies. PITCH IN FOR YOUR COUNTRY AS most people are asked to do!!!!
commented 2016-05-13 11:11:35 -0400
nothing is to much for the upper class politicians, they need regular folk to show them how to manage their time away from all that tax dollar money, i mean fook even cops get scared of LOW INCOME |oh no| people when they have tot talk to them.

but by all means spend a premium to have her talk about what money should be poured in for these shitty programs that never actually fix anything. horay, arnt you glad our leaders dont dance for oil.
commented 2016-05-13 11:10:25 -0400
This is what happens when a slack jawed and imbecilic component of the Canadian population decides to vote en masse for a celebrity with nice hair as their PM. You get his privileged wife too. Unfortunately, most of the drooling star struck followers of this tribe would probably give her a score of assistants and their blessing…
commented 2016-05-13 08:11:40 -0400
The only “team” Sophie really needs are the guys in the white jackets.
commented 2016-05-12 22:55:25 -0400
What a self entitled spoiled brat. Who cares how much correspondence she receives. Suck it up like the rest of us minions and figure it out. It’s bad enough that we are paying for their nannies and all the rest of their perks then she wants us to pay for a team of assistants to plan her day for her. Absolutely pathetic.
commented 2016-05-12 22:16:03 -0400
what else can we expect ? a gimme gimme goldie sap in a "we ll get more " relationship , headed by a hairy fairy dreamer who thinks life comes with a golden spoon as long as you make believe you luvvvvvvvvvvvv everyone … and you thought the definition of NEEDY would CHANGE with the selfie rock star at the helm cause he said it would ??
commented 2016-05-12 21:55:58 -0400
U know I really hate to complain all the time about this new government. But my god. They are not living in reality. Not Canadians reality anyway. We all know that Jr is a complete moron puppet. I can’t stand Sophie. But there is something about her. Something very strange. Call me a conspiracy nut,whatever. But she reminds me of a mind control victim. I believe she is very very ill.
commented 2016-05-12 20:45:35 -0400
How about quitting the rock star image and be a mother to your three children, and let the rest of Canada pay for causes that are far more important than your ego-Can’t wait for the next election.
commented 2016-05-12 20:40:01 -0400
she is really helping Canadians make up their minds as to who to vote for next go around and it sure won’t be liberal unless these voters are that stupid and blind
commented 2016-05-12 20:37:45 -0400
Wow those kids are expensive My wife and I could run our house hold and raise two kids and still go camping a couple times a year on half that and that was paying all the bills and putting food on the table too
commented 2016-05-12 19:05:12 -0400
Maybe a team of psychiatrists
commented 2016-05-12 18:27:38 -0400
Besides which, this person is not the “first lady” of Canada. That honour belongs to the wife of the Governor General who is not demanding a staff to “help with the many commitments” of the Kardashians. The PM’s wife in this country does not have a defined role – never has. Stay home with the kids, Sophie (and the 2 nannies) and for God’s sake, don’t sing in public – ever.
commented 2016-05-12 18:22:05 -0400
Sophie who?
commented 2016-05-12 18:17:28 -0400
For those of you who wonder why the left is SO EXPENSIVE…their problem is that each leftist leader needs a high rise tower full of high priced public ‘SERVANTS?’ to help them because they are incapable of carrying a heavy load… Cry Me a River: Harper’s wife managed for 10 years with two growing children…if this was ALWAYS a problem for PM’s wives there would already be a BUREAUCRACY in place for Prime Ministers’ wives…but I guess this one is special…uniquely unfit, like her husband…she is just not ready, but at least she admits it.
commented 2016-05-12 18:02:28 -0400
Send Sophie on a time management course ffs and don’t tell me she doesn’t have time for the course. This little airhead needs maximum supervision and I have just the person for the job. Margaret Trudeau, are you available? Oops, maybe that is not such a good idea. I’ll get back to you on that one.
commented 2016-05-12 17:45:20 -0400
Keep on themREBEL STAFF. -- every little crook and nanny
As they have done unto us
commented 2016-05-12 16:46:32 -0400
If she wants more authority she would do best to obtain a government position. Perhaps as a liberal?
commented 2016-05-12 16:33:43 -0400
Why is anyone surprised? After her trip to the US to meet Obumbo and the Wookie, and seeing the servants that the Wookie has, why wouldn’t Miss Piggy decide she is a Kardashian as well?? This country is soooooo in trouble…
commented 2016-05-12 16:09:35 -0400
There is a simple solution – appoint her to the Senate as the “Liberal” senate caucus Leader.
Keep it in the Family – 2 kids running the country!!
commented 2016-05-12 15:08:31 -0400
But Trudeau deserves it….he was raised in the PM house, therefore he owns it. He deserves all the perks, the money, the pampering, because he was raised to believe he deserves it.
He thought Prime Minister meant ‘give me, give me, give me’.
His wife will be given a salary and her own entourage because they think she deserves it.
But who wants to hear from Sophie Trudeau, the poor little rich girl who has sacrificed so much.

How dare those who criticized Laureen Harper.
commented 2016-05-12 14:59:04 -0400
“Let them eat Cake” – Sophie Trudeau
commented 2016-05-12 14:45:00 -0400
My question is if she’s charging for these speaking engagements like her husband, PM Selfie was, while sitting as an MP? If that’s the case taxpayers shouldn’t even be paying for her to have even one assistant or pay for her travel and accommodations. Let her pay for it herself, like other business. That said, there is no problem with the security detail’s costs being covered.
commented 2016-05-12 14:35:41 -0400
Need an assistant? Pay for it yourself. Or a nanny? Pay for it yourself. Just like those mean old Harpers did. Can’t keep up with your fan mail? Ignore most of it, like your manchild husband ignores Access to Information requests. He makes it look easy, and can teach you
commented 2016-05-12 14:26:02 -0400
tell this dimwit to stay home a raise her children – then she will not be overworked. she has two people raisinng the children now . what an entitlement attitude this witch has, we do not want her doing ANY official stuff on behalf of Canada . she is an embarrassment.
commented 2016-05-12 14:24:14 -0400
commented 2016-05-12 14:17:06 -0400
Absolutely fabulous. Here is a woman with 0 talent. I think she should be watching her kids not a nanny pegged at cdn$100,000.00 per year.

But Canadians have proven that they like Bending over and getting shafted. It seems most Canadian prefer the no lube method . I personally am looking g to start a war chest . I would like to give Trudeau a fresh pie when he visits alberta tomorrow. So who wants to transport me to edmonton so I can deliver a few of these tasty pies. Maybe we can give his wife one as well.
Who wouldn’t love to receive a nice pie! Remember when we tried to give Chretien a pie? And the delivery guy tripped and the pie accdently got him on the face? Hope that doesn’t happen this time
Maybe I should wear hiking boots so i don’t trip and stumble. So tell your friends we have 16 hrs to make this a reality. I’ll bear the full responsibility of delivering the pie. And I won’t mention and supporters unless they choose to be identified. Let’s make Alberta great again ! Come on ya’ ll heehaaaw!
commented 2016-05-12 14:08:16 -0400
If she is in such high demand, some of these charities should be able to pay her for her time, travel costs, etc. To the public, she is NOT an elected official, she is NOT an employee of the federal government and like all other private citizens, should cover her own costs to pursue her own these pursuits. Certainly if the demand is so high, the charities would be willing to cover her costs.
commented 2016-05-12 13:59:15 -0400
Naturally she is a “sought after speaker”. A lot of groups want to know if his testicles have dropped yet. She could just say she has FOUR children at home as his ego must take a lot of support.
commented 2016-05-12 13:50:29 -0400
It’s OUR $ she’s spending to look after her children, right. So Sophie, this is how I’d like you to spend MY $. Stay st home, raise your own children, drink Brita water, and give those funds to the evacuees at Fort McMurray.