March 30, 2018

South Africa: Beaten and unbowed, black and white farmers say “we are a team”

Katie HopkinsShillman Fellow


In this clip from my upcoming documentary on South Africa, I talk to a dairy farmer and his worker, Meme, about a brutal attack they endured. They vow to keep working together hand in hand, despite the threats.

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commented 2018-03-31 09:20:40 -0400
Bravo Zulu, I don’t doubt what Matthew Shcrier is saying, our entire system has been corrupted by LPC (decades in the making).

Trudeau is definitely suppressing a number of very disturbing cases.
commented 2018-03-31 00:06:53 -0400
@ Tammie Putinski-Zandbelt commented 10 hours ago
With regards to your twitter comments – there is much that is “nefarious” about the prime minister of Canada. Do not ever doubt this. He meets personally with all the islamic bad guys and even made one a multi-millionaire.

And remember, his brother is a propaganda specialist for ?Iran? if my memory serves me correctly. Never mentioned in the media.

If the tweets are true and at this time I do not doubt them – then the feds are likely placing heavy pressure on the legal system to suppress this one. Remember the justice system in Canada is now dead – it is a politically correct legal system subject to influence from “high places”.

That is well hidden by the media as well.
commented 2018-03-30 15:58:07 -0400
If we’re not careful this race based hatred will explode (is exploding) world wide.
Let me see here, even in Canada we are told to check our ‘white privilege ’ by some politicians no less. Its a sick and dangerous narrative that looks for trouble and divides people. In Canada it happens under the guise of multiculturalism. Everybody but the ’white’ Canadian. Its not ‘white’ Canadians making these racial distinctions. That is a very important thing to note.

My heart goes out to South Africa and the people who want to live work and eat in peace there. When the farmers are all gone who will feed South Africa.
commented 2018-03-30 14:04:27 -0400
Off Topic
Please follow Matthew Schrier on Twitter. There are a number of posts which disturbs me as a Canadian. Nothing in msm covering this story.
“Canada: Here’s another suspect in my case your gov refuses to arrest even AFTER I ID’d him in an RCMP photo lineup. Anyone know his name? Please circulate. Free signed copy of The Dawn Prayer to whoever identifies him by name on Twitter!#RCMP #terrorist #THEDAWNPRAYER #PM"
commented 2018-03-30 13:25:04 -0400
Its an honest story and it shows that they will even beat in the head of their black brother if he stands with the white man he works BESIDE. The story helps to show a world gone mad with identity politics, reparations and vengeance, that there is nuance and the story and the solutions may not be as black and white as the simple viewpoint they have settled on.

Who is really the oppressor here? Its not about the government helping the black African, its about a ‘final’ solution for the white man in South Africa. They are drunk on hate. Nothing but vengeance and murder will satisfy them.
commented 2018-03-30 11:18:48 -0400
It does not matter – that white farmer will eventually be killed – the massive population of black hatred towards white farmers will beat them.

A nice story that shows how things could be – but they will go down – it is the way of life in south africa today.

Thousands of whites die each year in an intentional genocide. Any blacks standing with them will go down as well.