March 05, 2018

South Africa: “This is not just about land. It's about driving white farmers into extinction”

Katie HopkinsShillman Fellow

South Africa is a land wrought with heartache. 

Vengeance for the Apartheid-era has culminated in an epidemic of reverse racism, farm attacks and murders, and if that were not enough, a new constitutional amendment calling for "land expropriation without compensation."

That's a lot of syllables to say:

We are going to take your land and without permission.

The amendment is being pushed by African National Congress (ANC) head Cyril Ramaphosa. The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) will heed this not so subtle call from the ANC to step up their already blood-thirsty demonstrations, in which they chant:

"Kill the Boer, Kill the white farmer."

Having spent time with the victims of farm attacks, I can tell you that the torture they and their children have endured is real, and bears lasting scars.

Make no mistake, "land expropriation without compensation" means that black gangs — the ones currently carrying out brutal farm attacks — now have political permission to carry out murder and torture.

PS: See all of Katie Hopkins' reports from South Africa, and help crowdfund her upcoming documentary, at

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commented 2018-03-06 09:14:34 -0500
This tribal hatred is the face of pure evil. They do not think or act as individuals with a conscience, but they act from a weak, tribal mentality, where there are no limits, and their behaviour becomes violent, because they are being fed with envy and hatred, by those who are projecting on to those they wish to destroy. When you lust after what others have and take it for your own gain and pleasure, so you can torment and torture and murder those you have taken it from, this is evil. This is genocide! I hope that the white farmers will decide to save themselves and their families.
commented 2018-03-06 04:12:11 -0500
Bring them to Canada.
commented 2018-03-06 03:17:46 -0500
Indeed.. All too soon it will be back to hunting “bushmeat” the way South Africa is going… My first newspaper job, after graduating from Ryerson Journalism was at the old Basset family owned Toronto Telegram and CTV… Among my first impressions was the buzz in the newsroom on December the 3rd, 1967 as we carried front page news about Dr. Christiaan Barnard performing the WORLD’S FIRST HEART TRANSPLANT at the Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town… The way things are going now they are going to be lucky to remember how to pump avgas into planes on their crumbling airfields in another 10 years…
commented 2018-03-06 01:38:30 -0500
NDP SUCKS. So maybe their only hope is to be heavily armed until ? comes to their aid. I feel horrible that we can’t do something.
commented 2018-03-06 01:27:56 -0500
Terry Macleod. That is exactly what I was searching for was a link to a group that is actually helping the white farmers and those in squatter camps. The only answer that I saw was that some people in the USA are requesting Trump bring them into the country but apparently getting out of South Africa is also a big problem. It appears the communist ANC wants total genocide by trapping, starving, torture and murder.
commented 2018-03-06 01:19:56 -0500
Lauren Southern spent some time in South Africa recently and will be publishing a documentary soon.

I read about the first five articles and many of the comments. The leader of EFF was pictured on a yacht, wearing designer clothes and drinking champagne. The EFF are the ‘freedom fighters’ and are actually the violent militant wing of the ANC communist government. The black gangs doing the torture and killing are either ignored by the police or actually supported. It is very difficult for whitey to get guns and if they are used the white person goes to jail and gets charged for defending himself. Sounds like Canada as there is an epidemic of rural crime by drug addicts working for organized crime in the Calgary region and also a big problem of indigenous crime on rural properties in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. White people are talking about forming militias and/or hiring mercenaries to protect themselves.
The black people are not given the farms after whitey has been driven out or killed. The black people do not want the farms because the work is too hard and judging by the comments some of the black people have a very low IQ and just want whitey eliminated in a violent fashion because of apartheid. They cannot process the fact that whitey is feeding them and will not be replaced.
commented 2018-03-05 23:45:01 -0500
So we all know how fast 3yrs. can go by. Is there any way we can help?
commented 2018-03-05 21:49:08 -0500
For some reason there is no virtue signalling from the the SJW crowd??
commented 2018-03-05 21:37:34 -0500
End all aid to africa – a schitte hole continent filled with blacks who hate the west and the whites but love their cash – and filled with islamics who do the same.
commented 2018-03-05 21:04:12 -0500
When bushmeat gets hard to find they will kill and eat and cannibalize each other and their children… They have done so in the past and they will so do again when necessary. The blacks in that country are the racists and the racism will eventually cost them their lives and their culture.
commented 2018-03-05 19:49:07 -0500
I wouldn’t stay there for a day.. Get out asap. It’s a beautiful country but they will destroy it, like the rest of Africa is going down, with murders, widespread starvation and savagery. What a pity!
commented 2018-03-05 19:07:29 -0500
One could never imagine that such evil exists, and just like the Holocaust, the world turns a blind eye and completely ignores it. I wonder if Mr. Trump will ignore it? Truly our Government does.
commented 2018-03-05 18:18:19 -0500
Zimbabwe 2.0 will be a reality soon and the retards in Ottawa will give them a hand to make it happen.
Human rights are only for Trudeau’s selected list and if you happen to be white you’re not on it.
Ross how they gonna get to NA, shoot some personnel at the Airport and hijack a plane to get out? They won’t give them any visa to get even close to here.
commented 2018-03-05 18:00:12 -0500
Ross Leborgne, there would be support from Canadians, however, Trudeau would find a way to expedite their deportation back to South Africa, he’s a sick man! You see, for Trudeau, white farmers facing ethnic cleansing is not a concern.
commented 2018-03-05 17:20:37 -0500
Canada should be honoured to help the S. African farmers fleeing slaughter. If they can get to our border on American holiday and just walk in as so many others have already done. People would open their homes to help these unfortunate people. The prairie farmers could sponsor some of them. But they need to hurry, for their safety.
commented 2018-03-05 16:37:12 -0500
Communism figures prominently in South Africa and wherever there is communism, hoards of people must die.
commented 2018-03-05 16:36:35 -0500
And now you know why Apartheid worked and was necessary. The United Nations saw it as racism writ large, when it fact it kept the savagery of these primal cultures in balance. South Africa is doomed and will be a failed state in a few short years. The Canadian government needs to immediately offer White, that’s right White, South Africans immediate opportunity to immigrate to Canada, before they are murdered or a civil war breaks out. If there is another Zimbabwe then we should all be ashamed.
commented 2018-03-05 15:56:00 -0500
You can kiss all the wildlife in Kruger Park and surrounds, if they have no ides how to provide other than kill kill kill!
commented 2018-03-05 15:55:48 -0500
You can kiss all the wildlife in Kruger Park and surrounds, if they have no ides how to provide other than kill kill kill!
commented 2018-03-05 15:55:20 -0500
I presume if you kill people one at a time it isn’t called genocide. But of course we have a United Nations that ignores any genocide that is in the interests of destroying ever semblance of the nation state as we knew it.
commented 2018-03-05 15:42:57 -0500
Once the whites are murdered or pushed off the land, the whole country will fall into starvation and utter chaos.
I would welcome these farmers into Canada. I don’t think that Trudeau wants them. He would prefer to have us suffer under sharia law.
commented 2018-03-05 15:26:01 -0500
All part of the world wide war on the white race.
commented 2018-03-05 15:26:01 -0500
All part of the world wide war on the white race.
commented 2018-03-05 15:25:57 -0500
“Their land”..?? Who did the blacks buy it from.??
Well the blacks can’t wait until all the white farmers have been driven off their land so that disease and starvation will be the result… Personally I can’t wait for it either. The white man has always brought stability and prosperity to the lands and countries that he works. Africa will seriously miss the food that they take for granted and don’t have the skills to raise for themselves.. they will rely heavily on bushmeat and when that is too scarce to be found they will deny eating each other and their children…
They have done it that way in the past and they will have no problem doing it into the future… And the leftists try to convince everybody that we are all created equal.