Apartheid ended more than 25 years ago, and that’s a good thing. 

But today's extreme, anti-white racism and sadistic violence against these farmers is just as evil. 

The mainstream media won’t tell you about it, it doesn't fit their narrative, so Katie Hopkins is going to South Africa to report on what is happening. 

She will be talking to the victims – and the perpetrators – to find the facts – and report them back to you – through columns, video reports, and a documentary on the subject. 

But South Africa is dangerous – nearly 20,000 murders were committed last year, and nearly as many attempted murders too. And the farms are even more dangerous - the attacks on white farmers have a military-style to them – it's like a civil war. 

Security on the ground is extremely important. In addition to a cameraman, we are sending a former police officer with extensive experience in hostile environments as head of security. Plus the team will have an additional local South African security expert two vehicles, and one of the drivers is a paramedic.  

That kind of security is expensive, so we’re saving money where we can —  flying economy from London to Johannesburg, finding inexpensive hotels, and keeping on-ground costs low, but we can't skimp on security. But without it, I don’t know if we’d get out alive. 

Our total cost for the trip — the three plane tickets; the two vehicles, meals, hotels, security — it totals more than $30,000. CNN probably spends that much just on Wolf Blitzer’s makeup budget. It’s a rounding error for the CBC — they get $1 billion a year from the government. But for us, $30,000 is a lot of money. 

Not one dollar is for me — it’s all to cover the costs. And if we raise any extra, we’ll put it towards future trips and documentaries like this one. 


  • Flights: $1000 (x3)
  • Hotel: $100/night - 11 nights
  • Security: $23,000
  • Incidentals: $1400 

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