June 19, 2018

Space Force: Trump calls for new U.S. military branch

Amanda HeadRebel Contributor

It sounds like a movie plot, but it's true. During a speech to the National Space Council, President Trump called on the Pentagon to create a sixth branch of the U.S. military called "Space Force."

Not everyone is on board, even people close to Trump who you'd think would approve.

I have my qualms about it, too...

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commented 2018-06-20 10:35:28 -0400
Good for President Trump. Gone are the days when we could pretend that space security could be left to the under funded and overly politicized NASA. Now the actual job of developing heavy lift vehicles to take us to the moon and elsewhere will be borne by the military. NASA will handle the ‘science of space’ and the manned exploration (not the development of the hardware) which is about all they can support with their ever shrinking budget. Anyone who believes that the Russians, The Chinese and others have not taken similar steps are fooling themselves.
commented 2018-06-20 03:14:02 -0400
No, I think you are referring to Ronald Regan’s “strategic defence initiative” often derided as "Star Wars’ and Ronald “Ray Gun”… After all these years reality prevails that given current technology and weapons systems “space wars” are where ballistic systems and laser weapons are going to take it out on each other… Orbiting satellites are already the leading edge of both detecting missile launches and directing surface based launches by any manner of weapons… Trump is simply acknowledging current reality and unlike the mistakes of previous generations, “preparing for the next war instead of the last”…
commented 2018-06-19 21:38:22 -0400
Wasn’t this tried by George W. Bush as the Star Wars Program?
commented 2018-06-19 21:27:25 -0400
Definitely a far out idea.
commented 2018-06-19 21:22:34 -0400
Mom always said said “if you don’t have anything nice to say about someone”…………….. just shoot him in to space!
commented 2018-06-19 15:24:42 -0400
I nominate Trudeau be placed on the next Voyager and shot into deep space. Sorry if that will offend any non terrestrial civilizations……!
commented 2018-06-19 14:39:35 -0400
President Trump, If you should be looking for new recruits for your Space Force, why not take Justin Trudeau, he would fit in well with your new branch of the Armed Forces, He’s a Fu-king Space Cadet.