November 29, 2015

Barbie Dolls in burqas: These futuristic novels depict Islamic theocracies in the West

David MenziesMission Specialist

I’m a big fan of speculative fiction, a highly imaginative genre that brings possible futures to life.

It might be something like the flying car in The Jetsons that still hasn’t become reality yet, or it can be something that isn’t quite so far-fetched, as is the case with novels that visualize the rise of an Islamist theocracy in the West.

One novel on that theme is Prayers for the Assassin, set in 2040. America is split into a new Bible Belt and an Islamic theocracy, where Barbie Dolls wear burqas. Lots of people converted to Islam out of fear or even trendiness, looking at Islam as no different than Scientology.

And then there's Michael Houellebecq's new novel Submission, about a near-future France with a radical Muslim president.

Again, craven "enlightened" leftists are quick to convert to Islam in this novel, all the better to get ahead in their careers (and get four pretty wives in the bargain.)

Considering the French reaction to the Paris terror attacks, is this really so far-fetched?

We’ve already seen elements of sharia creeping into our real world so I’d suggest that these novels should be looked at as warnings of what can happen if we don’t heed the wise words of Edmund Burke who famously said, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."


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commented 2015-11-30 19:10:39 -0500
But then again a full face covering for Kathleen Wynne would be better for the rest of us who are sighted.
commented 2015-11-30 15:47:59 -0500
On sharia creep, it is already here. If you define it as two standards – one for Islamics and one for the rest of us. How many Islamists were hauled before human rights commissions for hate speech? (cue the cricket).

As for the Assassin series, book one is the best. It seems almost like the author became more and more sympathetic to Islam by the third novel, so it sort of loses its relevance. Empire of Lies by Andrew Klavan is better.
commented 2015-11-30 10:01:15 -0500
What a bunch of nuts!
commented 2015-11-30 10:01:14 -0500
David, you describe the denial of the established elites, Daniel Pipes’ 4 P’s, as the “ostrich strategy”. No, David, they are not denying this madness, but, rather, they are promoting it. Their mindset is more aligned with another bird, a phoenix, as in phoenix rising.
commented 2015-11-30 10:00:57 -0500
What a bunch of nuts!
commented 2015-11-30 07:16:04 -0500
Multiculturalism presents a kind friendly face but it is just a thin veneer. Underneath is the true and unavoidable reality called Balcanization. Muslims will never integrate into our culture ( as fools like Trudeau believe) because it is anathema to their entire belief system, their doctrine. Islam is a political system more than it is a religion. And don’t be fooled by the term “moderate” as it applies to Muslims. Moderate Muslims will be plowed over by the stronger and violent radicals within what they call The Nation of Islam.
commented 2015-11-29 13:41:25 -0500
Bravo Zulu..I lived in the Persian Gulf for 15yrs and 3 yrs in Indonesia…it’s futile to try and explain to an untravelled Canadian the realities of the muslim culture..
I learned very quickly, while in KSA, that "the Clash of Cultures " is very real and is taking place right now…
commented 2015-11-29 12:47:17 -0500
Once a North American country falls the Sun will never set on the Islamic Empire.
commented 2015-11-29 11:57:21 -0500
The book ‘Submission’ is a good description of what Canada is turning in to. As long as we have the Imam Trudeau misguiding us, we are doomed to the dogma of Islam and Sharia law.
Welcome to Canadistan.

Allah Akbar.

PS, We need to start fighting back, using all legal means, of course.
commented 2015-11-29 10:29:49 -0500
True, islam is a very strange religion.
Women are a thing to keep at home, but don’t dare look at another man’s woman.
Little boys are to be used as sexual play things to curb their desires, but they know it’s a sin.
I guess the only thing we can hope for, is that after coming to Canada, they will see this is not accepted here and maybe enter in to more acceptable Canadian practices such as masturbation and prostitution……..
And our leaders are worried about a little warming of our planet?
commented 2015-11-29 10:21:56 -0500
Bravo Zulu – it’s not that people don’t believe, it’s that the truth is being withheld by our governments, and is being covered up by those who lack morals, those in the MSM, who are paid to lie to the public for their own gain. We now have fiction writers, where we should have unbiased coverage. We also have a legal system undermining the rights and freedoms that our ancestors died for, and police forces who are just as corrupt and could care less, as long as they get their needs met, and have their backs scratched, they will continue to look the other way. This deception will be the destruction of mankind, it is inevitable, and is why God will destroy planet earth.
commented 2015-11-29 10:08:47 -0500
Or if you are jammed for time you can watch this short video:

I lived in islamic countries – I saw this and yet no one believes it – so we keep bringing them in.
commented 2015-11-29 10:05:19 -0500
Barbie in burqa? Probably better to do Ken in a burqa.

It will become the sex toy for the islamic men who to this day believe in women for children and boys for pleasure.

All through the islamic world chai boys, bacha boys and more.

They always marry into their own families which has led to serious inbreeding but truly like boys for pleasure.

Watch this series of short videos – parts one through four for an education on sex, islamic men and how they love to do little boys.

Yeah, and we are letting them in – record numbers

People do not want to hear the truth.
commented 2015-11-29 09:53:08 -0500
Sadly, I have come to the inescapable conclusion that we in Canada are going to feel the full effects of brutal conflict on our soil and it will be played out in our communities and backyards.
We have been incrementally marching toward self-destruction as a nation for nearly a generation and that march, toward open conflict, is getting faster. Fueled ever onward by our own apathy and appeasement. In much the same fashion that Chamberlain naïvely declared there was no reason to fear the threat of Hitler and the Nazi’s, we in the western world have become willfully numb to the reality of the threat at our own door. We as a society have once again naively accepted the notion that we can simply ‘dialogue’ away the obvious threat to humanity and our own Canadian freedom and peace.
Canada now has a government that is actively denying the reality of threat from ISIS madmen. We have all seen the destruction only a few determined ISIS killers can inflict. And yet, this trudeau government has set itself on a path of illogically racing to bring thousands of virtually un-vetted “refugee’s” into Canada. Even though ISIS has openly told the world they will insert their extremist Islamic killers into the ranks of those fleeing for their lives for the sole purpose of fulfilling, what ISIS has openly declared, they want to destroy Canada and kill Canadians.
George Santayana: “those who cannot remember history are condemned to repeat it”
It is safe to say that we in Canada have forgotten history. We look upon the sacrifices of 10’s of thousands of Canadians before us as little more than some distant memory that had something to do with grandpa and grandma. Oh we make our token indulgence once a year on Remembrance Day, but rarely do we take the time to understand the reason WHY those thousands entered into the hell of open war. Instead we content ourselves with our lives of freedom and peaceful comfort never giving thought to the cost paid for our freedom, let alone the cost of maintaining that freedom, we take for granted.
commented 2015-11-29 09:49:22 -0500
Sharia creep…….remember hitter only had 7 at the first meeting.