May 31, 2019

(WATCH) Spiked Online meets Maj Toure: Black Guns Matter

Rebel Staff

Spiked Online caught up with Maj Toure, co-founder of Black Guns Matter, which is a firearms safety and training organization in several urban communities in the US.

Toure is running for city council in his hometown of Philadelphia, and in this video he discusses the racist roots of gun control.

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commented 2019-05-31 19:21:39 -0400
Love this guy – lucid and right on point. Also liked the T-shirt, thinking of getting my own, except changing it to “All Gun Control is Fascist” :-)
commented 2019-05-31 11:38:59 -0400
Gun control = exhaling to the point of neutral body pressure before squeezing off the shot . Lol